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AddOn Spotlight: WoW UI Updater

Here's something I've been looking for for a long time! It's not an addon itself, but it does make the management and upkeep of your addons a lot simpler.

Cairnehoof of Dethecus (US) sent this in to Mike, who kindly sent it my way:

I read your article on wowinsider (big fan btw) about the addon issue in the upcoming patch. I have come across an great application for windows that updates your addons from all the popular sites. Maybe you could share it on the site. I know many people would love it. It's alot better than the one offered on because it not just download from one site. It is maintained on and does not contain any malicious code. (I scanned with 3 different anti-virus programs and a anti-spyware one) heres the link if you want to take a look:

So, armed with that information, I set off to explore WUU.

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Reader UI: Sewell

While I was hoping to see a submission from Chronnick, based on last week's comments, that has yet to come. Instead, we get a very nice treat indeed. You want video? You want pictures? You want to be able to download the UI you see here? Then look no further than Sewell's UI, kindly submitted here for your enjoyment:

My UI has been tweaked to perfection over the course of a couple months. I love the clean design and functional layout.

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Reader WoWspace: Skyghene

Maybe it's just me, but I read Skyghene as rhyming with Hygene, and so I get a little extra chuckle when checking out this week's Reader WoWspace. I mean, it's totally cool and all to take some snapshots of your space as it exists in its regular state, unlike the cleaned and polished spaces we sometimes see here, and I'm so digging the microwave, but.. well.. maybe it's the paper towel roll that just sends me over the top and makes me laugh. I love it, and now I really want a mini fridge and a microwave in my home office.

Hi, my name is Skyghene im a 65 undead rogue on Magtheridon and this is my WoWspace:

- Desk
- Custom built computer
- Fridge under the desk for those endurance sessions
- Microwave beside computer for really intense endurance sessions
- brown sugar cinnamon poptarts to keep me going
- Logitech g15 keyboard
- My desk as it slowly bends downward from all the weight on it
- Razer copperhead mouse
- alot of empty cups
- old plates
- my cell phone
- an old video camera
- old packs of guitar strings
- some old usb cables

Short and sweet from Skyghene, but the photos really make up for the lack of long monologue, don't they? What's the coolest non-computer item in your WoWspace? Do you have something better than a microwave or a bar fridge? Let us know here, and send in YOUR space, including photos, a list of elements, and what about it makes it special to you, and we'll feature it here in the upcoming weeks. Submit yours to "readerwowspace at gmail dot com" today!

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BBC reports on upcoming WoW competition

Slashdot is linking this morning to an article that BBC has posted today which gathers views from several game developers as they talk about what comes next when you have a behemoth such as the World of Warcraft dominating the MMO-verse. While somewhat light on new perspectives, it's just further showing that developers really do have to account for WoW when considering their existing and future software offerings.

Though the article talks with people behind Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online, and the upcoming Age of Conan, I find that Slashdot commenter JanusFury sums it up best with, "Instead of complaining about the lack of a strong competitor to WoW, how about making one?"

What's on your MMO horizon as a WoW-killer? Does anything coming up, or existing on the market now, have a powerful enough hook to pull you away from the World of Warcraft? Obviously, if you look at the included image, you know what I'm waiting for.

[via Slashdot]

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Breakfast Topic: How big is your guild?

I've seen guilds with 1 member, I've been in guilds with 500 members, and yet I've never found a guild that can be everything to everybody. I'm sure even those guys with their 1-man guilds get a bit lonely from time to time. So what is it that makes a guild too big, too small, or just right for your average player?

Would you prefer to be a member of a small, tightly-knit guild or a sprawling mass of people so huge that everyone on your server knows your guild, if not you? What does the size of a guild's membership say to you as a member or prospective member? Does size matter, and if it does, which is better - erring on the smaller side of numbers, or a population enough to start a small city?

How big is your guild, and is it the right size for you? Why? If not, then what are you looking for from a guild, and how does the size of the guild play into your perception and comfort-level with that guild?

Lots of questions, let's hear your answers!

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Breakfast topic: Can I have your stuff?

Let's face it, one day we're all going to stop playing World of Warcraft. Sure, maybe that day is later for some of us than others (the phrase "pry it out of my cold, dead hands" comes to mind), but whether it's to a new game, a new relationship, or any of a multitude of reasons, our time with WoW will come to a close.

What I'm curious about is what you all plan on doing when you go. Will you give away all your hard earned loot, or maybe even your account? Will you make a video of removing all your gear and deleting your toon? Will you just let it expire and sit on a shelf somewhere?

I've seen people in my guild leave the game before, but more often than not they come back to it after a few months. I've never actually known anyone to do anything shocking, or give away large sums of gold. Well, there was that one guildie near the end of beta who gave me 20g, but that doesn't count.

Share your personal vision of what you want to happen when you leave WoW, and any stories you may have of people who've left the game and what they did, in the comments below.

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Lord British likes WoW

Well, okay, maybe he doesn't *like* it like it, but Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) certainly appreciates the existence of the World of Warcraft. In an article I came across over at the WoW Vault on IGN, the creator of the Ultima series, and the Ultima Online MMO, discusses his feelings on the juggernaut that is WoW.

The article quotes an interview with, where Garriott states, "We commonly get the question, is World of Warcraft a big competitor that might hurt our sales? It really turns out to be quite the opposite." He then goes on to comment that MMO players typically will only play a game or two at a time, but then move on after a year.

I've been happily playing WoW since February of 2004, so I'm into my third year of the game, and nothing else has caught my eye in the MMO market. There are a couple of games on the horizon, but of the folks I'm playing WoW with, the majority have been around from the get-go. Are we just crotchety old-timers who won't admit that the average player only sticks around for a year?

Is what Lord British says true? Did any of you ditch other MMO's to come to WoW, or have you ditched WoW for other MMO's after playing for a year?

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Reader UI of the Week: Omegi

This week, Omegi, a member of <J E T T> on Kalecgos horde-side sends in his fairly minimal UI. It gets me to thinking, and I hope it'll get you to thinking too. Here's what's on my mind - what's more efficient: well-placed buttons with easy visual clues, or an array of keybindings that you commit to memory? Omegi has a set of keybindings which are great, and I'm digging the large buttons for infrequently used items/skills.

Here is the UI I have grown to love over the career of my mage.

Here is a list of mods and key bindings.

My mod list:
CT Raid Assist: Only for the group bars to show buffs. A raid leader must know his class officers are buffing up their members properly.
Bongos: This allowed me to move buttons around and make them smaller or larger. It also allows me to color the square for range notification and allows easy hover and click key bindings.
Cryolosys Revived: A mage must have. Otherwise you have 2 bars of useless buffs
Natures Enemy Cast bar: Shows enemy and friendly cast and cool down timers. I know when a soulstone is available or when someones polymorph timer is up.
Deadly Boss Mods: Better than CT Boss mods by a long shot.
Easy Combat log: It's color coded crap for idiots like me.
Titan Panel: duh?
Improved Camera2 : extends the range you can zoom out.
EZdismount: click a spell while mounted and you dismount for the fast attack.
Trinket Menu: better trinket management.
Xperl Unit Frames: Better group frames
Smart Debuff: Every debuff class must have it.

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Patrick and Kyle

This week, on a very special episode of Reader WoWspace... Two men, brought together by fate share a destiny they never thought was possible. This summer, from the producer of The Odd Couple, and the director of The Crying Game comes an experience you'll never forget - Patrick and Kyle's WoWspace!

Okay, maybe not earthshaking, but I do find it interesting that it's a shared space. Do any of you share your WoWspace with another? If so, send it in! Here are the details:

Patrick and Kyle's WowSpace from Southern Wisconsin.

Characters from Left to Right
Gorgas - Level 70 Warlock (Skywall PvE)
Rebourn - Level 14 Warlock (Arthas PvP)
Budenhagen - Level 70 Rogue (Arathor PvE)

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Reader UI of the Week: Silph

Another great and simple UI this week, but I still want to see your outlandish (get it?) designs and crazy UI schemes. Do you have something you think no one else has been able to show us yet? Send it to readerui at gmail dot com.

Silph writes:

Function over form. I follow that rule in my design work, and did so with this UI. Basically everything is suited to my needs, all while being simple and as minimal as possible.

To begin with there are two chat frames, the on the left shows guild, part and raid chat while the one on the right shows everything else from trade to a tabbed combat log. Above the each chat frame there are a collection of buttons. The left ones have macros of my Outfitter gear sets (Tanking, DPS, FR, AR etc etc) along with profession buttons (Enchanting, smelting, cooking etc).

The right ones on the other hands are my trade macros. Each button advertises in trade an enchant I can do. The macros will spam something along the lines of: "Enchanting Savagry (70 AP) on 2H weapon I'll wave my rod and make you glow©" but I digress.

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