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Breakfast Topic: Do you enjoy leveling?

Low-level priest
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Do you like leveling? Do you get excited when you pick a name, go through the opening cut sequence, and your new level 1 toon is born into world of Azeroth? For most of us, leveling is just something we do to get to the endgame. But for others, the act of leveling itself is the game.

Who are these leveling lovers? To what extremes will they go just to feed their leveling addiction? Well, I am in a guild with a guy -- let's call him J -- who is the epitome of such a person. J has two accounts, and he has used all of his available slots to level characters up to level 85. Yet his craving to level continues. So what is a man to do once he runs out of room to create more characters? He deletes his level 85 toons and starts over. You heard correctly.

My guild members and I have watched J delete numerous level 85 characters just so he can create a new character of the same class and with the same name and level up all over again. It can be slightly disconcerting to say goodnight to a level 85 rogue and the next morning say hello to a rogue with the same name who is a mere level 5. But for the most part, we guild members have gotten used to J's particular form of gameplay. Although we tease him about it relentlessly, I think we secretly all admire J; he is having fun through the simple act of leveling.

Are you a leveling lover, too?

Is leveling your favorite part of the game?
Sure is. Leveling is the best part!1474 (20.1%)
I like to mix leveling characters with endgame-level characters.4355 (59.3%)
No way -- leveling is my least favorite part.1514 (20.6%)

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Breakfast Topic: What is your leveling style?

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Are you a loner or a social butterfly? A turtle or a race car on a demonic speedway? There are as many ways to level as there are races and classes to play. With the release of Cataclysm drawing near, I am beginning to feel that old excitement of leveling up my toons to new heights. You know that feeling, right? The excitement you feel when delving into quests never done before. The rush of seeing your XP bar move up and up. The elation of dinging a new level. I love leveling up through new content. I think we all do -- otherwise, why are we playing this game, right?

But here is the real question: How do you like leveling up? Are you a solo leveler? Do you prefer to take your time and read each quest and then carefully plot your course of action? Or, like me, do you pick up all the quests you see and then later figure out what the heck you are supposed to do? Do you like leveling with a buddy, or in a group?

My own personal style is a mirror of my personality: a bit crazy, more than a little compulsive and headstrong to the finish. I go to a new area and pick up every single quest I can find. Then I read them all and figure out where to go for each one (this last bit having been made much easier with Blizzard's implementation of "Questing for Dummies" and the placement of little markers on your map where each quest can be completed).

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Breakfast Topic: Who knew?

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Did you know that there is a secret room in Dalaran that you can access only if you complete the achievement Higher Learning? I just found out about it myself. And while this piece of information is practically useless, it made me think ... What other things don't I know about? And then I started remembering all the times when I learned something so basic about the game that I said to myself, "How could I not have known that?"

There was the time before The Burning Crusade was released when I was happily making my mooncloth every four days and traveling to Darnassus or Darkshore to do so, when a guildie informed me that there was a moonwell in Stormwind. "Doh!" Then there was the time that I was grouped with a friend, happily traipsing around Eastern Plaguelands (so yes, I was almost level 60), and I would stop running every time I had to respond to an in-game whisper. My friend asked me what I was doing, and I explained that I had to stop running to type a response. He then informed me that I could use the mouse to auto-run and keep my hands free to type. "Doh!" More recently, I was in Dalaran exchanging Emblems of Triumph for Emblems of Conquest for Emblems of Valor for Emblems of Heroism ... (big gulp of air) ... in order to purchase Reins of the Wooly Mammoth. I needed 200 Emblems of Heroism, and I was exchanging all of my emblems one at a time. My guild was waiting for me to do a raid and asked what was taking so long. So I told them. And then they told me I could simply shift-right click on an emblem and pick the amount I wanted to exchange. "Doh!"

Why didn't I know these simple things? How could I have been playing this game for five years and not know these things? I used to laugh when I saw the tips on the loading screen. The one that informs the player that she can eat and drink at the same time always elicits a mental response from me that goes something like, "Who the heck doesn't know that? What a dumb tip." But recently I have begun to realize that there are many people just like me who let the simplest nuances of the game escape them for some reason or another.

So what things are you embarrassed to admit that you didn't know until you were well entrenched in the game? Don't worry, we'll never tell (wink, wink).

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