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Breakfast Topic: Hacked off by hackers

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Hacked! It is not fun, and it happens more than anyone would like to admit. Gear, gold and pride, all pilfered by some stranger.

It starts with a simple email from Blizzard. Hmmm, it's my first-ever email from Blizzard that causes immediate concern. It says that my account has been "banned and deleted" for buying or selling in-game gold for profit. I am stare at it in shock for a minute ... Is this a joke? My heart starts racing. I run back to my office computer to figure out what to do, and my head starts spinning in confusion. My immediate emotional response catches me off guard ... My head starts to pound. All that work, all that time, all the friends ... just gone ...

And then the high-level anger sets in, as logic begins to prevail. Wait, I never bought gold. I never even considered it! What is going on? I jump online and write an appeal with blazing speed, fueled by my troll rage. In retrospect, this was not exactly the smartest move and probably served to delay my account restoration. I recall that it read something like this ...

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