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WoW Insider's Field Guide to Blizzard Forum Posters

Blue posts! We read 'em every day, and you probably do, too. But sometimes it's hard to keep track of who's who when it comes to Blizzard employees who post on the official forums. That's why we've compiled this field guide!

There are a few different types of employees who post on the forums, and we've categorized them for you below.


These guys work in the day-to-day development and design of World of Warcraft.


Real Name: Greg Street
Title: Lead Systems Designer
Posting Frequency: Frequent
What he does at Blizzard: Greg leads the team that designs nearly all of WoW's game systems. This includes (but isn't limited to) class balance, combat, and professions. He began posting during the Wrath of the Lich King alpha testing phase and apparently couldn't tear himself away from the forums after that. You'll find him posting frequently in the Role forums, though he posts elsewhere as well.


Real Name: Scott Mercer
Title: Lead Encounter Designer
Posting Frequency: Infrequent
What he does at Blizzard: Scott is in charge of the team that handles raids and dungeon design. You'll often see him popping up during PTR testing periods for new dungeons, as well as in the Raid and Dungeon forums during alpha tests.


Real Name: Alex Afrasiabi
Title: Lead World Designer
Posting Frequency: Rare
What he does at Blizzard: Designs the world! Plans out zones, landmarks, quest hubs, and more. Will sometimes post in threads related to the game world, especially on the alpha/beta forums.


Real Name: Tom Chilton
Title: Lead Game Designer
Posting Frequency: Rare
What he does at Blizzard: Leads the entire game design team for World of Warcraft. Acts, along with WoW's Game Director J. Allen Brack, as the public face of the game for interviews and news. Doesn't post as much as he used to.

Community Representatives

Community representatives relay information from the developers to and interact with the WoW community on the official forums, as well as run contests and real-life events. Most of their work is done behind-the-scenes, but players know them from their regular forum posts.

Why don't we have titles listed for the Community reps? Well, because we're not exactly sure what their titles are. There's a hierarchy to the Community department, but it's not been made public. In the meantime, here are the US Community reps who post most frequently.

And their European counterparts:

Support Representatives

Support representatives post on the Customer Service and Service Status Forums as extensions of the In-Game Support department. While not part of the Community department proper, they still act as a public face for the company, resolving in-game issues for players.

When hanging around the Customer Service forums, you might run into:

Quality Assurance

Found a bug in the game? It's Quality Assurance's job to locate it and exterminate it! While there's normally no Bug Report subforum on the official forums, Ujumqin of the QA department hangs out on the PTR forums during testing phases to respond to bug reports for upcoming content.

We hope this guide has turned you into a professional blue-watcher. If we've missed some blues that post regularly, please let us know via the tip line!

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