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Ultrasafe: The prestige, perils, and prestidigitization of Gnomish dimensional travel

And lesser related fields


"I Can See My Hearth From Here, and It's Getting Closer."

The Ultrasafe brand of dimensional transporter incorporates two versions thus far discovered by M.E.G.A. Research & Development. The first version Gnomish Engineers are able to learn is the Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan. The second learned is the Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station. Here we will discuss the various risks and rewards of the use of the Ultrasafe brand of transport, and briefly touch upon similar transport methods associated with the Goblin Experimental Explosive Korporation.

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Playing chicken: A frank discussion of poultrification

With Minor Allusion to Related Sciences
"Now You're Really Clucked!"

The Gnomish Poultryizer, among the more technically advanced devices produced by the Mechanical Engineering Guild, Associated, which we shall hereafter refer to as M.E.G.A., is a device of some controversy among Engineers Gnomish and Goblin alike. In this lecture we shall examine the Poultryizer and discuss its flaws and its merits, and how one might indeed become the other.

The creation of a Gnomish Poultryizer requires a pair of Hardened Adamantite Tubes, two Khorium Power Cores, ten Arcane Dust, and two Large Prismatic Shards. Breaking this down further, we see that the pair of tubes will require a total of six hardened adamantite bars, themselves requiring ten adamantite bars per, for a total of sixty adamantite bars for the tubes. The Khorium Power Cores will require a total of six bars of khorium and two Primal Fire. As for the Dust and Shards, none of you present here need be instructed on obtaining such. The device, once produced, is worn as a trinket, and when used will require a cooling down period of five minutes before it can be used again.

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Filed under: Engineering, Odds and ends, Humor, RP, (Engineering) Hoof and Horn R & D

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