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Sunday Morning Funnies: Better than gold

WoW, eh?
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Sailor Moon (sort of)! Linola tries out a new companion. Tax season is afoot. Plus, there's a lucky worgen.

The comic news this week is light, as is typical of a week leading up to a holiday, let alone a week that included tax deadlines. There are a few notable absences, including Experience Boost and The Trolling of Azeroth. Contested Territory is scheduled to return to this list next week, however.

In the meantime, Gratz has posted an Easter comic. WoW, eh? is back with a new, not depressing, even kind of sparkly update! It's nice to see Cadi happy again. And although our list is a bit short this week, Trigonometry came through with two installments of the Trigonometry interview (on Gnomeregan Forever).

As always, we are accepting suggestions for inclusions on this list, as well as tips relating to WoW comics. If you have a tip, drop it into the comments section.

And of course, enjoy your holidays!

This week's WoW-related comics from around the web:

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Fuzzy again

Dark Legacy Comics
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A pattern of revenge is brought to light. A bribe is offered. Some bad advice is dished out. A newfound appreciation for game content is earned. Finally, the hunt for the sorcerer continues (because, fuzzy!).

In comic news from the past week, the Looking for Group site has been redesigned. Plus, the kraken is still around! And he has a name (Scooter).

The creator of Chat Channeling has answered a questionnaire (as part of a blogging game), so if you're interested in getting to know Witty Warlock, you should check it out.

The interview with Trigonometry continues this week. You know, our favorite undead gnome? Who may be our only undead gnome, but that hardly accounts for the love. (I, personally, think it's the cheeks. Anyone?) (Rug is also apparently trying to recruit me to prank Trig more often. I, for one, would be smart enough not to deny Rug something she wants!)

In sadder news, Gnomeregan Forever features a comic to commemorate the life of a recently departed in-game friend, Xiaolong. I am sure that even though many of us have not suffered a loss in quite this manner, we all know what it is to make real friends in this game, who are there for us when we are sick or down or out, as well as when we really need a new piece of gear or a partner to take on the world (of Azeroth). Our condolences.

As a reminder, in case you missed us last week, Contested Territory is on an unexpected (but brief) hiatus. It will return April 18, and show up here again on April 27.

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Wowcraft episode 2

Not too long ago, CarBot animations released the first episode of their WoW-themed shorts, Wowcraft. CarBot's an old hand at adorable tongue-in-cheek takes on Blizzard games, having done a parody trailer for Reaper of Souls, Heroes of the Storm, and a whole series on StarCraft. The videos are sweet and often hilarious, deftly poking fun at experiences I'm sure most of us can relate to. In Wowcraft's second episode, "Quest for Tooth," our (still) nameless hero is assigned the task of collecting teeth from Durotar's strangely cute coyotes. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

I love CarBot's videos, but one thing I particularly admire is the way he juxtaposes the visuals and the sound. A lot of the sound effects in "Quest for Tooth" come straight from WoW itself. Their use and timing along with the original animations provide a good bit of the humor in the video. There's one specific sound-based joke here that absolutely cracked me up, but I won't name it because doing so would spoil it. Take a guess at which one it was in the comments, though!

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WoW Moviewatch: Hump Day

It's not often you see a commercial parody in a WoW machinima--well, maybe parody isn't the right word. This Brad Bergman video isn't so much making fun of the commercial as it is recasting it using WoW as footage, instead of the original.

The manipulations around the characters mouths and the clever use of idle animations are what really sell this clip. Unusual as the genre may be, it's worth a shot. Give it a watch if you get a kick out of WoW-ified film audio, and I hope it brings a smile to your face, as it did mine!
Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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Sunday Morning Funnies: LF scriber

Teh Gladiators
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week in comics: Someone is really lazy (and pays for it). A deal, and a neck, are struck. A kraken plays with his food, and it's adorable. What else? Oh, yeah! The end is nigh!

Also on the list this week, Away From Reality has a comparison of some of Blizzard's plans and attitudes "then" and "now". And if you're a fan of Richard's antics, you won't want to skip this week's Looking for Group, either. Everyone's favorite undead gnome is giving an interview. Finally, there's one leftover April Fools prank on the list. Can you spot it?

In comic news, The Trolling of Azeroth is back, and so is Kibble & Bit! However, Contested Territory is on a brief hiatus due to scheduling conflicts. It is set to resume updating on April 18, which means it will reappear on SMF by April 27.

If you missed us last week, you might want to check out Gnomeregan Forever. There was an April Fools special, featuring a very amusing prank. And me! I made a guest appearance, and got to have some holiday fun. I was a bit vague about it last week because I didn't want to ruin the surprise, but if you skipped it, you should check it out.

Finally, if you're in the market for a gaming PC (or you simply enjoy ogling themed merchandise), there's one available with everyone's favorite cats decorating its side.

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Dark Shaman pull from anywhere

My Horde guild recently discovered something interesting about the Dark Shaman encounter, as you can see detailed in the video above. This interesting something is the fact that the Dark Shaman will, in fact, teleport to wherever you pull them from--including the roof of the Orgrimmar auction house. This could be a little challenging in a fight where positioning is actually quite important. Oops!

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April Fools: Patch 6.0 notes revealed

In what can only be a completely serious and legitimate forum post, Community Manager Bashiok has shared the first set of patch notes for Warlords of Draenor. As ever with patch notes, we've pulled some of the most notable ones here, and the full list is after the break.
  • Warlock -- All spells and abilities have been significantly revamped. Again. You'll figure it out.
  • Warriors have been nerfed because reasons.
  • Due to recent acquisitions, The Oculus is temporarily inaccessible.
  • Despite concerns over workers' rights violations due to unreasonable weather conditions, Arthas has stated that people should let it go, and that he will indeed remain the final boss of Icecrown Citadel. The cold never bothered him anyway.
  • We give up. Shaman is now spelled "Shawmun."
  • Monk -- The amount healed by Healing Sphere has been increased by 1000%, because RUN OVER THE HEALING SPHERES.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Revisionists

Surviving Azeroth
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Baking with vanilla is never as boring as it might sound. An assault is launched from a garrison. A negotiation devolves to threats. Finally: Afraid to sleep outside in the dark? No living reason you should be!

Well, folks, it's almost April Fool's Day, and this week, we have an extra special Gnomeregan Forever just for the holiday. It even features a guest appearance!

There's also a special edition of Away From Reality up this week, and I wouldn't miss it if I were you. It's excellent.

Fans of Gigz' Kitchen will want to make sure not to skip DLC this week, as well.

In sadder news, Surviving Azeroth Chapter 1 concludes this week! It will go on hiatus and we will be notified when Chapter 2 is afoot. Plus, Shields and Sheep was discontinued, sadly. Zuulzilla (the artist of both): Enjoy your break!

Finally, although there is no WoW-related NPC this week, I thought I would do a shout-out to Mary's Patreon page, in case anyone has missed it. The perks are great for even $1 monthly donors (sketches and behind-the-scenes content) and, you know, cats that play WoW.

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A new Blizzard parody from CarBot Animation

CarBot Animation has done some fun and adorable Blizzard parodies in the past, and today their up to their usual tricks with a new parody of the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls trailer. Diablo isn't generally an IP we see a lot of blatant funny stuff about, considering the source material is easily the darkest of Blizzard's franchises.

This adorable animation hits all the right comedic notes, from Tyrael casually eating a sandwich while the Horadrim handle the Black Soulstone to Malthael's owl-like head twist before he sends the guards to their humiliating end. The ending is easily the best bit, but I won't spoil that for you, you'll have to watch it for yourself!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: I found it

Experience Boost
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A kitty is trapped and only Narya can, uh, save Whiskers? Cadi is drowning the world's sorrows. A dwarf bursts into song, though maybe not the song you'd expect. A brother is slain. A moat makes someone very happy.

Last week, Gratz uncharacteristically only posted two comics, when typically there are three. Obviously, this could not stand. To make up for it, we have four this week, plus a new drawing in the Extras section. (It is worth noting that few comics on our list typically post more than once or twice a week, so three most weeks is excellent, and four is a nice treat!)

Surviving Azeroth was missing last week, but is back this week with a new comic. Next week, Chapter One is scheduled to conclude, at which point, the comic will go on hiatus. We will all have to wait for Chapter Two, it seems!

Rug popped into the comments section last week to hint at a "certain calendar idea." Why do I feel like the theme might be something along the lines of "sexy ripped male dwarves with beards that waft wonderfully in the various breezes of 2014"?

Here are this week's WoW-related comics:

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Sometimes a rocket ship

Teh Gladiators
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: Fans of Donald will not want to miss Dark Legacy Comics, as he struggles to make sense of his world. Guilded Age features a guest comic. NPC has two strips up about friendship and being social. Plus, Thizzible has had a garrison all along! (Gasp in envy!)

Last week was Vidyala's (of From Draenor With Love) birthday week! Happy birthday, Vid! In honor (and to take a break), there are some really cool behind the scenes images up this week instead of a comic. I recommend checking it out, even if you don't normally read the comic, as it's interesting and not dependent on you knowing much about it. (Though you should totally be reading the comic.) Plus, if you are really into before-and-after shots of artist studios (and who isn't?), there are more photos on Vid's tumblr.

You may notice a few other comics taking a break this week, including Surviving Azeroth, as well as a couple comics that are doing fewer updates this week, such as Gratz.

However, all is not lost, for Fox Rain is back, and Chapter 6 of Contested Territory is upon us! On the list this week is the Chapter 6 cover artwork and the first page. Enjoy!

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Wrathion as The Fresh Prince (don't pretend this isn't awesome)

Found on Reddit today was a tip off to The Black Prince faction page on Wowhead. It has this gem:

Wrathion, the Black Prince - or as we call him in my guild...
Fresh Prince of Veiled Stair!

In West Azeroth born and raised...
In Ravenholdt is where I spent most of my days...
Turning in lockboxes for some rep...
Shoulda' known Shen'Dralar wouldn't be kept...
When a couple of drakes, they were up to no good...
Started makin trouble in my own black brood...
And after a coup d'etat Jorach got scared...
He said "you're moving in with Anduin and Tong at Veiled Stair!"

Now we know this is a World of Warcraft site, and the World of Warcraft is pretty serious business. Purple pixels and internet dragons and all that. But we hope that you're able to take a moment out of your day and enjoy the awesomeness that a group of commenters have been able to come up with.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Can't reach them

Guilded Age
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

On last week's list, we were mysteriously missing a few of our regular comics. Well, this week, you will be pleased to hear, two of the missing comics are back! Kibble and Bit even updated with a fun illustrated explanation that I won't spoil for you. Sara & Kleeyo is also back, although that was never terribly mysterious, as it updates a bit sporadically (by design).

Fox Rain is still missing, however, and The Trolling of Azeroth is out again this week. However, Trolling will return to regular updates again soon, we have been recently assured.

As a reminder, Contested Territory is still on hiatus. However, it begins updating tomorrow! Of course, the next chapter won't appear on our list until next week, because I (unfortunately) cannot link from the future. I can't wait though! I'll be here, posting as usual, gobbling up the new content. In the meantime, this week, there are some sketches up to check out, including a really cute holiday-themed one.

And, if you missed us last week, you might want to peruse the list for a couple of new comics! Shields and Sheep is done by the same artist as Surviving Azeroth, while Chat Channeling is by a new artist.

Finally, there was reportedly a glitch with the Teh Gladiators site last week. It seems to be working now, but leave a comment (or remove the www from the address) if it is bugging out for you.

And now, for this week's list of WoW-related comics from around the web:

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Blizzard handed out real hearthstones, may not actually work

via Coffee Bird
Image Credit: Coffee Bird.

Blizzard unveiled their 2013 holiday gifts to their employees yesterday, and they were glowing with satisfaction. Employees walked home with their own hearthstone.

Now the big question is if this is some maniacal plot by the Blizzard executives to get their employees to work more. If the hearthstone does indeed work, then it would cut down on travel time exponentially. Of course, we all know about the chip that Blizzard has implanted in the back of employees skulls during their first week of employment. Former Blizzard CM Mike "Belfair" Sacco once told me that it itches like crazy for about the first month, but after that the "loyalty device" (as it's called in internal HR documents) doesn't really bother them much.

There is no indication if the hearthstone's teleportation actually works. We've reached out for comment and will get back to you when we hear a response.

More pictures, along with some Vines, after the break.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: For all to see

Teh Gladiators
Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

It is March, and every March, I can't help being reminded of the "lamb or lion" exercise we always had to complete in early elementary school years. Like, journal entries and drawings and posters on the wall and everything, because this is super important stuff. March 2014, at least where I am, came in like a lion (the perfect excuse to stay in and read comics, I think).

As for this week's comic list, we have a couple of new additions, thanks to zuulzilla (of Surviving Azeroth). Firstly, because one of them is a new project (to be updated in addition to Surviving Azeroth, not instead of), called Shields and Sheep. Secondly, for pointing us to a friend's project, Chat Channeling. I know I only almost always say it, but tips are always welcome!

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