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European weekly maintenance: 23rd & 24th September 2009

Many of our characters may be lying face down in the snow, beer mug still in hand, at 3am on a Wednesday morning -- but that's not going to stop the weekly maintenance. Normal scheduled maintenance for most realms means an outage between 3am and 11am, Paris time (CEST).

As well as this regular maintenance two English Battlegroups (Reckoning and Ruin) will be receiving optimizations to their instance capacity. This will mean an extended outage on Wednesday until 5pm CEST and also a further outage between 3am and 7am on Thursday. I'm sure players on these servers will be glad to finally join those who have already received this optimisation to help resolve the Door Boss issue. Full list of realms impacted after the break.

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No downtime for Tuesday, September 15th

Here's some good news for all of you who play during the early morning hours pacific coast time: There's no downtime this week. Blue poster Wymdar has announced that there will be no rolling restarts and no downtime for the majority of servers, with one exception: the Uther server will experience a quick restart in order to fix an issue with a boat.

So enjoy your uninterrupted playtime. Or, if you're at work or school during that time, be jealous that there's other people playing while you slave away. Then read to take some of the pain away. But hey, look on the bright side. This means you have at least another week to get that Onyxia achievement or try to farm up a Foror's Compendium before Patch 3.2.2 hits.

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Widespread "Logging in to game server" errors - Updated (again)

We've had tips of a problem some players are having logging in to WoW tonight, but I can attest to it since it's happening to me as well. I can log into any US or Oceanic server except the one I usually raid on. I was on, and about to pull the first encounter in 25 man Trial of the Crusader when I was suddenly disconnected and unable to log back into the server. Several attempts to log back in later, I found that yes, I could log on to other servers, just not Norgannon, my usual home. Attempts to flush my DNS, restart my computer, my router and my modem provided no relief. I could play anywhere, save where I have characters to play. As of 9:40 pm the problem persists. So if it's happening to you, take heart in that you're not alone.

Blizzard is aware of the issue, but currently has no ETA as to when it will be fixed.

Update: Blizzard poster Claudiog says that the issue seems to have been resolved. For my part, I am finally back online and raiding as of 11:12 PM EST.

Update #2: seems that problems persist and Blizzard is asking affected players to help them lock it down. If you can post your ISP and a traceroute to that forum thread you should probably do so. We're also getting widespread reports from EU players that there are several kinds of problems with their login servers as well. We have an image of the European client's Breaking News box after the jump.

Update #3: There's now a list of affected servers. We'll include the entire list after the jump: still no ETA on when the issue will be resolved.

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Emberstorm and Whirlwind battlegroups down

We're receiving reports that servers on the Whirlwind and Emberstorm battlegroups, located in the Seattle datacenter, are currently experiencing downtime. These were the same battlegroups that were scheduled to recieve their local power supply upgrade today, so there may have been some unanticipated issue in the process.

Don't panic! It's likely only temporary and they should be back up soon.

We'll update you guys with more info when we get it. The full list of affected realms is under the cut -- feel free to hit us up on Twitter @wowinsider if yours comes back up and we haven't reported on it yet.


Blizzard has posted a thread regarding the issues on the Battlegroup forums.

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Power upgrade may affect select realms

Blizzard has just announced that a facility where some WoW realms' servers are located will be undergoing a power system upgrade tomorrow, September 4th, from 8 AM Pacific to approximately 6 PM Pacific.

They do not expect the upgrade to have any effect on the realms in question, and they say that they will be working to make sure everything goes smoothly. Of course, the unspoken follow-up here is that there just might be some issues. If you play on any of the realms listed after the break, you might want keep in mind that you may encounter some choppy waters tomorrow, and possibly a full shutdown.

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"For the Horde" gets world-first A Tribute to Insanity-10

With the heroic versions of Trial of the Crusader going live yesterday, raiding guilds are already venturing into the more challenging versions of Tier 9. As of evening Tuesday EST, the European guild For the Horde has claimed a world-first A Tribute to Insanity-10 (a no-wipe full clear of the instance) on 10-man heroic Trial. Unfortunately, I don't speak German so I might be missing some of the finer points related on their website (anyone who can shed more light on this, please drop a comment!) but it looks like they weren't deliberately aiming for the achievement until they reached Anub'arak with all 50 attempts remaining, and then decided to go for it. Next in achievement progression? A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity -- repeating it without any gear from 25-man ToC, which is broadly equivalent to the Herald of the Titans achievement. Ouch.

Boubouille at MMO Champion has since confirmed that the Swift Horde Wolf and its Alliance counterpart the Swift Alliance Steed are drops from the tribute chest upon completion of the no-wipe clear, and it's quite possible that the mounts also drop from the 25-man version as well. However, I doubt we'll be seeing A Tribute to Insanity-25 this week, as none of the guilds doing the heroic-25 mode have reported a wipe-free experience thus far.

We'll keep an eye on guild progression for you, and congratulations to For the Horde!

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European weekly maintenance: September 2nd 2009

It's nearly the middle of the week once more as well as the start of September. Can anyone else smell autumn yet? The days are getting cooler (thank you!) and the nights, darker. It will be the Harvest Festival in a couple of weeks with free food outside Ironforge and Ogrimmar and there are only so many days till Hallow's End and Christmas/Winter's Veil (sorry, I couldn't resist). However the onset of autumn, as well as being my favourite time of year, also means more time to play WoW. Just not on Wednesdays.

This week Blizzard will be taking all European realms offline from 1:00am until 11:00am (CEST). However a selection of realms will be down for longer "to address instance capacity." These realms will be offline from 1:00am to 3:00pm on Wednesday and 3:00am to 7:00am (CEST) on Thursday:

Agamaggan, Aggramar, Al'Akir, Arathor, Argent Dawn, Aszune, Azjol-Nerub, Bladefist, Bloodhoof, Bloodscalp, Burning Blade, Burning Legion, Crushridge, Daggerspine (oh boo, that's me), Deathwing, Doomhammer, Draenor, Dragonblight, Dragonmaw, Dunemaul, Emerald Dream, Sunstrider, Twilight's Hammer and Zenedar.

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European weekly maintenance: 26th August 2009

So BlizzCon is over for another year and the road to Cataclysm stretches out in front of us. In Azeroth, things continue as they always do. Wednesday, as every WoW player in Europe knows, is maintenance day and Blizzard have just announced their plans. Tomorrow will see scheduled maintenance, meaning all European realms will be offline from 3:00am until 11:00am (CEST). On top of that, a selection of realms will be getting extended maintenance to hopefully fix that annoying instance-launching problem.

Aerie Peak, Anachronos, Boulderfist, Chamber of Aspects, Eonar, Frostmane, Grim Batol, Jaedenar, Kazzak, Kilrogg, Outland, Ravenholdt, Saurfang, Tarren Mill, Vek'nilash and Wildhammer will all be offline from 1:00am to 3:00pm (CEST) on Wednesday, and also from 3:00am to 7:00am on Thursday 27th August. The sheer length of this maintenance means that hopefully Blizzard might be close to cracking it, so hang on in there, okay?

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Realm maintenance for August 25th, 2009

Wow, so tomorrow (or today) is Tuesday, isn't it? Personally, I've completely lost any sense of time I once had since BlizzCon kicked off Thursday night with the meetup, but my server suddenly going down for maintenance brought me back to reality.

Most realms are having regular scheduled maintenance starting at 3:00am PDT, and they'll be coming back online around 11:00am PDT. However, there is a huge chunk of servers that have already gone down as of 12:01am PDT and will be down until 11:59am PDT. My assumption is that the extended downtime will be equipping these servers with the new instance hardware we've been hearing about. You know, the stuff that will soon allow Cross-realm LFG? Yeah, that.

Click through the break below for the full list of realms that will be down for extended maintenance, but chances are if you play on those realms, you already know about it.

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In an interview over at Slashdot, J. Allen Brack, Lead Producer of WoW, spoke about the conversion that's going on and how it will apply to WoW. One of the more important things he said was:
We have optional conversion right now, but that will be mandatory at some point in the not-too-distant future.
Many people have done the conversion already, and many speculated and inferred from past Blizzard comments that the conversion would eventually become mandatory. But now it looks like it's going to be, and that date is in the "not-too-distant future."

The conversion process is relatively straight forward, and can be started by visiting your account management page. There have been times when enabled accounts were not able to get into the game due to authentication issues, but those seem to be diminishing.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any additional announcements concerning the upcoming mandatory conversion

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European weekly maintenance: 19th August 2009

Greetings folks, the middle of the week beckons once more! Only a few more days until BlizzCon and the Big Reveal. Excited yet? Come on, be honest, we're all friends here. As the rest of Team boards their planes, trains, automobiles and - in Turpster's case - boats to rendezvous in sunny LA, some of us (eg me) has to stay behind and cover things remotely. While it would be nice to be there, I get to watch all the cool stuff from the privacy of my own living room come office, enjoy my Grunty (in six to eight weeks) and work in a brightly lit room on a comfy chair. Oh, and no blisters.

So, it's maintenance time. Thankfully, it's a brief week with a live maintenance (yes folks it's rolling restart time) for all realms between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. CEST. As per usual every realm will receive the customary fifteen minute notice prior to being restarted. There we go, nice and simple. If my beloved cats let me (ha!), I'm sleeping right through this one but if you happen to be up an about, don't forget there's a lot to catch up on this week from the return of the Broodmother to the appearance of the patch 3.2.2 PTR servers.

See you on the other side!

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European weekly maintenance: 12th August 2009

Happy Tuesday to our European readers! We're nearly halfway through August, BlizzCon is just 10 days away and we already know what races we'll be playing in the next expansion. The sun is shining and the internet is thrumming with promise of something Cataclysmic approaching. It can't get any better than that! I'm already thinking of names for my alts. Any suggestions?

(Note to self: hyperactivity in posts is not a good thing. You might want to start drinking coffee to mask the new-expansion-news-high.)

But back to reality for a minute. As usual, the middle of the week is once more upon us. Fortunately things are starting to calm down. Blizzard have just announced scheduled maintenance for tomorrow with all European realms will be offline from 3:00am until 11:00am (CEST). On top of this, a selection of 'lucky' realms will be undergoing an extended maintenance from 1:00am until 11:00am (CEST):

Alonsus, Anachronos, Bronze Dragonflight, Burning Steppes, Darkmoon Faire, Darkspear, Kor'gall and Lightbringer.

That said, it's not too bad as extended down time goes. But as always there's plenty to do in the meantime, especially as we've told you which faction will be getting which race in Cataclysm. Daniel W. has a great post summing everything up from news to hints about Patch 3.3.

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Weekly Maintenance - August 11th, 2009

This week's routine server maintenance window for US realms has been announced in-game and on the forums. You know the drill! This happens every Tuesday, nothing to see here, certainly nothing to complain about.

Downtime is scheduled to start at 5:00AM PDT/8:00AM EDT and end at approximately 11:00AM PDT/2:00PM EST. This is, of course, assuming no extra maintenance time is tacked on due to issues.

Disclaimer: Patch 3.3 is not coming out today. But, you can certainly read up on the new additions to the game with Patch 3.2 in our Guide to Patch 3.2 if you need to kill some time whilst you wait for your server(s) to come back up.

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Extended server maintenance for Tuesday August 4th

There's a detailed server maintenance announcement for tomorrow, Tuesday August 4th. And off the bat: we still don't know for sure if Patch 3.2 is dropping tomorrow. You can bet that we'll be burning the midnight oil waiting to find out, though. (Note, that would be inadvisable. If you attempt to ignite a petroleum product on this ship at zero hundred hours you will activate the fire suppression system, which would seal off this entire compartment.)

All realms will be down from at least 3:00 a.m. PDT / 6:00 a.m. EDT until 11:00 a.m. PDT / 2:00 p.m. EDT tomorrow. However a large group of special realms will be down from 12:00 a.m. PDT / 3:00 a.m. EDT until 12:00 p.m. PDT / 3:00 p.m. EDT.

Those special realms are those in the battlegroups Emberstorm, and Whirlwind.

Check after the break if you need to see a listing of which realms belong on those battlegroups, and stay tuned to tonight and tomorrow for all the patch 3.2 goodness.

Minor update: The service alert, which is obviously suffering from a typo, now reads in part: "..we expect all realms to be playable by approximately 11:59PM PDT on Tuesday, August 4." Emphasis added. Hey, at least they're honest, right?

Update: Blizzard changed their announcement to indicate that only Emberstorm and Whirlwind would be going offline for an extended period.

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European weekly maintenance: 29th July 2009

It's the middle of the week again and once more unto the breach, my friends. Yes, tomorrow is maintenance Wednesday for European players. Fortunately, we told you this morning how EU Blue Wryxian had spilled the beans on the reason for all the recent rolling restarts and weeks of extended maintenance for a few select realms. I always find it's easier to exercise more patience once someone proffers a reason.

So, this week it's time for some rolling restarts. These will take place on all realms between 5:00am and 7:00am CEST, with the usual fifteen minute warning. The following realms (the same will be undergoing an extended maintenance from 3:00am until 11:00 am CEST.

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