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Patch 5.2: Transmog restriction changes possible

WoW's friendly skull, Zarhym, took to Twitter last night with a hint about potential upcoming changes to the transmogrification system in patch 5.2. Essentially the main-hand vs off-hand transmog distinction may possibly be getting cut, along with adding some exceptions to the absolute restriction of similar weapon types (ie: axes vs. swords). Expect any changes make sense -- so no shields as main-hand weapons.

We need to emphasis here that these changes are only possible, and are by no means set in stone. Don't get upset if you don't see in them in patch 5.2; or ever. You haven't been promised anything.

That said, it's neat to see what Blizzard is thinking for the next patch. Zarhym's tweet as follows:

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What's the perfect transmog?

What's the perfect transmog

When Mists of Pandaria was first released, my boyfriend asked me if I'd put together a transmog outfit for his pandaren monk. He didn't give me any guidelines on what he wanted to look like though, so I settled on gathering him all the appropriate pieces for an Orgrimmar Grunt's outfit. I figured since he's an officer in an Alliance guild, he'd find it funny.

Unfortunately, he didn't even recognize what the outfit was supposed to be when he put it on (/cough Alliance noob) and as such, didn't really like it all that much. He opted to just wear the chest piece (he enjoyed how the male pandaren's belly stuck out the front) and left the rest in his bank. Sigh, silly boys.

Though mildly annoyed, I wasn't especially bothered by my boyfriend's rejection of the outfit I sent him... At least, I wasn't initially. A few weeks later he sent me a link with the proclamation that this was, "the best transmog ever."

I curiously brought up the link, wondering what would make him respond in such a way. Would it be a recreation of a recognizable character he liked? Maybe it would be something he thought looked cool? Unfortunately, it was nothing like that and honestly, what I saw made my heart sink. The "best transmog ever" was just a mismatched outfit. Yellow leaf shoulders, silly red hat, there might have even been a piece of Wrath-era frost resist in there. Was this all it took to impress him? Sigh, stupid, silly boys!

So the question is, what kind of transmog do you like? What kind of transmog outfits do you want help putting together? Answer the poll below, or give us some ideas in the comments so we can make them for you!

What kind of transmogrification outfit do want?
I want to look pretty.930 (12.6%)
I want to look awesome.4194 (56.7%)
I want to look as ridiculous as possible459 (6.2%)
I want to look like a recognizable character.453 (6.1%)
I want to look like something else not listed.586 (7.9%)
I don't transmog.779 (10.5%)

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Patch 5.1: Transmogrify your cloak with your guild reputation cloaks

Patch 51 Transmogrify your cloak with your guild tabard
Many people think their cloaks are ugly. Blizzard acknowledges this by allowing players to turn the display of their cloaks off. Now in patch 5.1, cloaks can be mogged to look like the cloaks awarded via guild reputation. This change is not included in the patch notes, but game designer Dave Maldonado tweeted the news.
Patch 51 Transmogrify your cloak with your guild tabard
Do you have a cloak you're going to mog into your guild tabard? If so, which cloak?

Editor's Note: Post contents updated for accuracy. This new feature uses guild reputation rewards in transmogrification.

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Patch 5.1: Razorgore, other old world bosses made easier

Blackwing Lair has long been my one of my favorite raids of all time. Not only did it have some fun, interesting, and even emotional boss fights back in its day, the weapon and tier gear graphics are still some of the best to this day. Unfortunately, going back in there for transmogrification gear has been a bit of a pain. This is because Razorgore, the first boss, must be done by at least two players: One to mind control him, one to kill the adds.

Patch 5.1 ends that. Not only can Razorgore be soloed (in theory), but a couple of other older dungeon bosses have been tweaked just a little.

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Transmogrifying a Maiev lookalike set

Transmogrifying a Maiev lookalike set THUR
One of the most frequently requested sets for transmogrification has to be the unique look of Maiev Shadowsong. Unfortunately, it's also one that is impossible to duplicate. Although Maiev's armor and weapons are utterly stunning, there are no player equivalents anywhere in game. The only place you can find the armor is on NPCs, and they aren't going to share their wardrobe.

That hasn't stopped players from trying to recreate it, however. And this week we got an email submission from reader Krainz, who managed to put together a surprisingly reminiscent version of Maiev's unique look, using in game armor with the same color palette. Although it's not an exact match by any means, it's close enough that it definitely looks like a Warden outfit. And it was honestly too cool not to share with you all.

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Transmogrify your monk (or leather wearer) into a member of the Shado-Pan

Transmogrify your monk or leather wearer into a member of the ShadoPan
Any monk who's taken a look at the goods sold by the Shado-Pan quartermaster has probably already seen the Replica Shado-Pan Helmet. Upon seeing it, many of those monks undoubtedly thought to themselves "I should make a Shado-Pan transmog outfit." Well, my good monks, let's get to it, shall we? Oh, druids and rogues, you can come too.

So the bad news is that aside from the helmet, most of the armor models worn by members of the Shado-Pan aren't yet available to players. I have hopes that as the expansion goes on we'll see more of those armor models used for player armor, but for now we'll have to use substitutes with similar colors and shape to the gear worn by the Shado-Pan.

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Blend in with the Tillers with your own farmer outfit

Blend in with the Tillers with your own farmer outfit
For as long as I've played World of Warcraft, players have been making farmer outfits. Who knows why? Maybe it's because Blizzard made it so easy, or maybe it's because every gamer subconsciously yearns to live an agrarian lifestyle -- Eh, on second thought, I'm going to go with it's because Blizzard made it so easy. I mean, look at the types of items we can get. There are overalls, a pitchfork, and lets not forget all those ugly brimmed hats. Wrath of the Lich King even gave us the chance to wear plaid flannel shirts. Flannel shirts! What fantasy world application truly requires the abomination that is flannel!?

Well, whatever it is, Mists of Pandaria has finally given us a place to live out our agrarian dreams, and thus a good reason to make a farmer outfit.

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Style for a price: Transmogrifying pandaren fashion

Leveling through an expansion usually means a jaunt into the worst that fashion has to offer. Mixed and matched greens and dungeon blues, pieces of sets and gear that just don't go together at all. With Mists of Pandaria, we finally have the opportunity to avoid the leveling clown suit altogether, thanks to the transmogrification feature introduced in Cataclysm. For the first time, we're in control of our own destiny as we level ... or at the very least our own fashion sense.

While you could easily just transmogrify your gear to any of your favorite sets, let's face it -- you're in a strange new land, one full of mystery and untold adventure. And it's also full of some of the nicest fashions a diehard transmogrification fan could ask for, too! In a twist of utter convenience, Blizzard has placed a vendor in Dawn's Blossom over in the Jade Forest who will sell players that don't have the best of gear some green sets for leveling purposes.

But they aren't just for leveling, they're actually pretty nice looking examples of pandaren fashion. And for a small chunk of change, they can be in your bags and ready for transmogrification, too.

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Recreate Jaina Proudmoore with transmogrification

I haven't played the pre-expansion event yet, but I heard Jaina Proudmoore is having a really bad week in it. Apparently someone threw a surprise party at her house and left the place trashed, then when she went to the salon later they completely botched her dye job. I feel so bad for her! The poor girl just hasn't been able to catch a break since that awful mess with Arthas. Still, trying to go three shades lighter all in one go ... She brought that one on herself.

Anyway, in honor of the Mists of Pandaria pre-expansion event, I thought it fitting to feature Lady Jaina Proudmoore for this week's transmog outfit. Sadly, Jaina's new, unique model can't be replicated by players, but you can get pretty close to making her old one.

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Transmog and the amazing Journeyman's Vest

Transmog and the amazing Journeyman's Vest THURS
I became aware of the existence of the Journeyman's Vest a few weeks ago while working my way through the hundreds of entries for WoW Insider's first transmogrification contest. Two contest participants, Malkil (Ysera-US) and Natalie (Borean Tundra-US), used the cloth chest piece in their entries and spoke similarly of the item's unique model.

To quote Natalie (AKA Classy of Classy Plays WoW), "HOLY MOLEY this thing has a micro-skirt!"

As you can see, the Journeyman's Vest doesn't follow the conventions of other chest pieces and robes in the game -- Journeyman's Vest don't care. It extends below the belt, and flares out in a way that makes it look like a skirt or tunic. The vest displays similarly on both male and female models, so how it looks will come down to what you pair it with in the end. Interesting ... Very interesting!

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Prepare for Pandaria: Transmogrify your way into Hellscream's Vanguard

Prepare for Pandaria Transmogrifying your way into Hellscream's Vanguard THUR
It's almost time to hit the seas and head to Pandaria, so why spend these last few weeks pulling together a set to look the part? Last time, we covered the unique look of the Ravenholdt elite, a black and blue leather number with a snazzy sword to boot. This isn't just a Ravenholdt uniform. It's also used by the Blacktalon Watchers that work as the eyes and ears of Wrathion the Black Prince in Mists of Pandaria.

Speaking of Pandaria, in order to head to Pandaria's shores, players must complete quests in their respective capital cities. From there, you hop aboard an airship and make your way to the mysterious, mist-cloaked isle. For the Horde, this means a trip with General Nazgrim and a select force of Hellscream's Vanguard, whose black, brown and gold set makes a pretty distinctive look.

If you're going to head to Pandaria as part of Garrosh's forces, you may as well find a uniform that fits -- if you're a plate wearer, that is. Thankfully, most of this set is quite easy to obtain, with one glaring exception that can be substituted with something similiar, with a little creativity.

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WoW Insider announces Transmogrification Contest winners

Transmogrification Contest Winners
Last week we showcased the runners-up for WoW Insider's first Transmogrification Contest. Today, we've got the winners to show you. As I said on Thursday, there were over 400 outfits submitted to the contest, with entrants aiming to create the best possible outfit using a single piece of gear as the central theme. Picking winners out of that lot was not easy!

Our first winner is Ranjiku from Daughters of the Horde (Bronzebeard-US). Here's what she had to say about her outfit.
Before mogging was even a glimmer, I won a roll for the Robes of Rhonin in an achievement guild run, and the robe was way too gorgeous to ever let go. So when [transmogrification] finally became a reality, I knew I'd use this robe first ... Then I found the [helm] pictured and BOOM, "Evil Queen from Snow White!"

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WoW Insider announces Transmogrification Contest runners-up

Transmogrification Contest Runners up
Two weeks ago, WoW Insider began a contest challenging readers to make a transmogrification outfit centered around a single piece of gear. Since then, we've received an absolutely insane number of entries (over 400 individual outfits in total), but we could only pick three prize winners in the end.

Despite this, we thought it might be fun to show off all the contest entries. In the gallery below, you'll find the contest runners-up. These are some of the most impressive entries that for one reason or another didn't quite make the cut.

And if you'd really like to see all of the entries, we made a separate gallery for them.

Check back tomorrow to see the winners!

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Mists of Pandaria, transmogrification and personal aesthetic

Mists of Pandaria, transmogrification and personal aesthetic
The above image is Starshatter, one of my favorite new models in Mists of Pandaria. I like it for a lot of reasons -- the hollowed-out constellation pattern to the blade, the unique color and look of the sword (even the raid finder version looks very cool and distinctive), and frankly, that it really doesn't look like anything I've seen in the game before. It vaguely reminds me of a dadao, but far more fanciful, as befits a fantasy game. I'm also a big fan of the Amber Flammard of Klaxxi'vess, which also has a sweeping curved blade but is very distict from Starshatter.

As a transmog enthusiast (to the point where my bank is already full), I'm looking forward to Mists of Pandaria in no small part because I want to collect more gear to transmog into. But I'm also finding myself wondering if transmogrification is also giving the game more artistic license to make weapon and armor models that are not necessarily for everyone. How many players are going to stick to their tier 2, or 6, or 10, or 13 instead of embracing Pandaria's aesthetic? And furthermore, is that a bad thing, or does it free up everyone to go hog wild with gear?

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Reminder: Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery prepped to change for good

Everything is about to change -- again. Mists is nowhere near as world-changing as Cataclysm, but there are still going to be a couple of significant changes to the old world. Both Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery are being revamped into far more streamlined, efficient versions in preparation for their heroic iteration. Because of this, some bosses will be removed for good or changed in a significant way.

Although it has not been noted in the official patch notes for 5.0.4, players can access the lower-level version of the new Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery currently on the PTR. We don't know if this means this content will be included in the 5.0.4 patch on Aug. 28, because it's not specifically mentioned in the official patch notes, but both are playable on the PTR realms. In cases like this, it's better to be safe than sorry. Before any world changes happen, you may want to farm for any items you've been craving.

So what does that entail exactly? Here are a few suggestions.

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