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Patch 6.1 build headed to the PTR

According to a tweet by Blizzard QAZorbrix, Patch 6.1 is in the process of being released to the PTR servers for testing. In addition, PTR forums will be making a return next week. While we haven't seen patch notes for 6.1 just yet, datamining website MMO-Champion has been busy at work digging through the new build and pulling out interesting material. Among the highlights of what we may be seeing in 6.1:
  • New Battle Pets from Sunwell Plateau, Hyjal Summit and Black Temple
  • Harrison Jones as a new Garrison follower
  • Platinum level for Garrison invasions
  • New game for the Darkmoon Faire: The Real Big Race
  • Collectible music
  • Possible Heirloom Tab
Please note that all information is currently being datamined, which means that none of it has been finalized by Blizzard, and it may or may not actually make it to live realms with 6.1. To get the PTR for yourself, simply install it via the launcher by selecting PTR: World of Warcraft from the Region/Account dropdown bar.

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Haunted Memento nerfed for server stability

Back in patch 6.0, the plague event drop Haunted Memento was nerfed to provide a random, 15-second haunting, rather than provide a constant ghastly companion. Many who owned the item didn't notice the change ... but those who did notice weren't too happy. The item, no longer able to be acquired, was something special. Why the change? Community managed Bashiok shed some light on the subject:

Patch 6.0 and the change to Haunted Memento
It was the #1 source of creature spawns within the game, which was causing server performance degradation, and during launch we changed its behavior as one of many tweaks to help recoup some server headroom. Due to the ongoing demand on the game service (and likelihood of similar demands in future expansion launches) we're not currently planning to revert it to its old behavior.

The Haunted Memento being the #1 source of creature spawns is somewhat fascinating -- given the (perceived?) rarity of the item, we were surprised by that spawnrate. Even with the creature respawning every time a player zoned or took a flight point, we wouldn't have expected it to be so significant. The nerf to the item is unfortunate -- especially given reports that the ghost's spawn buff can break players out of stealth -- but it seems necessary given this information. However, if the item does break stealth, hopefully that's a bug that can be fixed.

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Don't forget your garrison tannery's tents

In my adventures throughout Draenor, I've discovered many are unaware of the tents provided by a garrison's Tannery -- even players with Leatherworking as their primary profession. If you assign a follower to your Tannery, they can craft a myriad of single use tents for the low price of 5 Raw Beast Hides. When the tent is placed, players can stand inside of it for 10 seconds to receive a 10% buff to all stats for 1 hour.

While these tents cannot be used in instances such as dungeons and raids, they can be used anywhere in the open world: garrison invasions, trapping elite beasts, the group Apexis quests, or any other non-instanced activity. You can only carry 5 of each type of tent at a time, but they're Account Bound and there are 21 different types of tents available. That means you can carry a potential 105 tents per character ... which makes their Unique limitations somewhat pointless.

These tents aren't the most powerful thing in the world, but they're neat items and might provide the boost your group needs to achieve Gold in a garrison invasion. If you have a Barn producing leather, you might as well use some of it for a solid questing buff.

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New garrison NPC in patch 6.1 will sell you missed followers

Community Manager Crithto teased a new garrison NPC coming in patch 6.1 that will sell followers you may have missed because of quests, missions, buildings, or outpost choices. Remember that quest in Shadowmoon Valley that had you choose 1 of 3 followers? It looks like you'll now be able to get the other 2 -- for a price. This may address one of the concerns I posted yesterday (#5) regarding how easy it is to skip past potential followers on alts. Keep an eye out for more details once the 6.1 PTR launches.

All of this feedback is great so thank you!

We have some really cool changes coming to Garrisons in the future and a lot of them are based on what you've shared with us in recent weeks. Also, I've relayed many of the ideas you've posted here, too.

One specific change I can share is in the next patch we're planning to add a new NPC to tier 3 Garrisons who will sell followers you might not have access to based upon which buildings and Outposts you've chosen. Definitely keep an eye out for that on the next PTR, test it out, and let us know what you think.
Ohhh, what about for followers that came from quests that give you a choice of three but you can only choose 1. Gotta catch'em all you know =P.

Yup! You'll be able to browse for followers you did not choose from quests and any you might have missed from failed missions.

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The Queue: Emergency Rossi Edition

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

There's been a slight calamity, and so the glass has been broken and the emergency Rossi has been brought forth to write this edition of The Queue for you. Think of me as a helpful, somewhat hairy, denizen of the frozen north. A helper sasquatch, if you will. Since I have a cat named Sasquatch, here's a picture of him being helpful.

At least he thought so, anyway.

Morte asks:
Q4TQ: Can you do the Tanaan Jungle intro quests with a friend or is it a solo experience?

I know that a guildmate of mine did it grouped with his wife and they both completed it together.

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Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixes for January 7th

Hotfixes, piping hot. And what's in those hotfixes, you may ask? Well, I'm glad you did. Because if you hadn't, rhetorical reader, I wouldn't be able to inform you that, in addition to the trap stealing hotfix we mentioned earlier:
  • Spawn rates for Direfang Alpha, Ironhide Bull, and Wetland Trampler has increased slightly. This change requires a realm restart.
  • Alliance and Horde PvP vendors in Ashran now have collision boxes, so it should be easier for players to buy stuff.
  • Hand of Protection should now interrupt players that are in the process of capturing a point in the Battlegrounds.
  • A whole host of class fixes and changes.
Come with us under the shadow of this small jump to see what's going on.

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Flight path improvements coming in patch 6.1

Tired of taking the scenic route because you missed a flight path between you and your destination? In 6.1, the flight master will be able to send you on the most optimal route regardless of what flight paths you've discovered. EU Community Manager Takralus has the details.

We are making some huge improvements to the way flight paths work in 6.1.

There are hundreds of flight paths in Draenor. The way it works right now, if you don't know a flight point, the flight master won't use it as a connecting node when you're travelling from point A to point B. If you've missed a few flight points (which is very easy to do), this means certain flight paths are be much less efficient than they could be.

In 6.1, flight masters will use flight points you haven't discovered as connecting points. This will make things much more efficient.

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Garrisons and Alts: How can it be improved?

I sometimes find myself wishing that garrisons were designed to be account-wide from the beginning. It may sound silly, but I'd love to see my alts hanging out in my single account-wide garrison when I'm logged on another character. This is obviously not in the cards, but maybe there could be some changes to make managing multiple garrisons a little bit easier. You can tell yourself that they are "optional" as much as you want, but you'd be missing out a large portion of this expansion if you simply ignored them, even on alts. Thankfully, Blizzard is listening to feedback and plans on making adjustments in the future.
We're looking into ways to make Garrisons a bit more friendly in future patches for those of you who enjoy alts. We see that Garrisons are a bit too much for you guys right now.

Good to hear. I have a few ideas on how things might be improved, some more realistic than others.

1. BoA follower armor and weapon upgrades

As it stands, having a Dwarven Bunker/War Mill and Salvage Yard are essentially requirements if you want to partake in the most worthwhile follower missions. Wouldn't it be nice if after your first or second garrison this was no longer the case? I've put a significant amount of time and resources into my main's followers, and I'm at the point where most of them are maxed out in item level. However, I still have a ton of items like War Ravaged Weaponry which I can no longer use on this character. My alts could put them to good use.

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Know Your Lore: The History of the Burning Legion

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You're playing the game, you're fighting the bosses, you know the how -- but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney make sure you Know Your Lore by covering the history of the story behind World of Warcraft.

They exist to destroy. The entire cosmos and everything in it is a means to an end, and that end is the extinction of existence itself -- all worlds stripped bare, or shattered. All that lives dead. All that can support life corrupted and befouled. Within the ranks of the Burning Legion are fiends who enjoy the corruption of mortal hearts, who savor the slow degradation of those who willingly sign the pact -- but in the end, the purpose of the Legion is the purpose of its master, Sargeras -- and that purpose is the unmaking of all things.

Feared and reviled on a host of worlds, the Legion has brought devastation everywhere it has alighted. Only one world ever survived a direct assault by the Legion, the poor, beleaguered, wartorn world of Azeroth. Twice now, the shadow of the Legion has fallen over this world of mortals, and yet, while far greater beings, god and demigods stood and fell against their might the world of Azeroth managed to find a way to balk the coming of the Burning Legion not once, but twice. For that singular distinction, Azeroth has earned the Legion's undying enmity. It's not a question of if the Legion will return. It's a question of when.

How did this nearly infinite host of nihilistic hatred and fel-touched fury arise? What are the hosts of the Legion and why do they march on this crusade to destroy all that exists?

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Hotfixes for January 5

After a long holiday break, we have a brand new round of hotfixes for Warlords of Draenor. Tonight's hotfixes are primarily class balance and quality-of-life changes, along with an extension to the 10th Anniversary event. Some highlights:
  • Dwarven Bunker/War Mill: Players can now accrue as many Iron Horde Scraps as they want.
  • Lumber Mill: Players can now accrue as much Timber as they want.
  • Various Nitrogg Thundertower nerfs in Grimrail Depot
  • Various rogue buffs
Those are the ones that interest me most, anyway. It will be nice to spend a night stockpiling Timber rather than needing to venture out every few days to replenish my stack of 250. Nitrogg Thundertower was also leaps and bounds more difficult than anything else found in dungeons if you're in a random group.

The full hotfixes can be found below.

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WoW 10th anniversary ending early, Blizzard working on a fix [Updated]

WoW's 10th anniversary event was scheduled to run from Friday, November 21 to Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 10 a.m. PST. Unfortunately, it is currently set to end 1 day earlier than originally announced. Molten Core or Southshore vs. Tarren Mill cannot be queued for on most realms at this time. Blizzard is aware of the problem and working on a fix. We'll update this post when we hear anything new. Hopefully you'll still get a chance to run these later today if you haven't yet (or wanted one last shot at the pet or enchanting illusion).

Update: Blizzard is extending the event for an additional week starting tomorrow. Molten Core LFR and the Southshore vs. Tarren Mill battleground will be available again from January 6 at 10:00 a.m. PST until January 13 at 10:00 a.m. PST.

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Pick up Peckers the Majestic for your garrison

Sure, collecting followers for your garrison is pretty fun -- after all, they head out on missions and can potentially bring you back all kinds of valuable rewards. But what about your garrison while everyone is away? Oddly enough, there are a few different potential garrison denizens that aren't followers. You'll never send them on a single mission. But they'll come hang out at your garrison anyway, if you go out of your way and rescue them from whatever unfortunate situation they've accidentally stumbled into.

That's where Peckers the Majestic comes in. This fearsome looking raptor will gladly follow you back to your garrison if you take the time to help him out. Don't expect him to be too terribly friendly, though. While you can pet the raptor, he'll respond by promptly giving you a swift kick and running away. Apparently, he's been taking lessons from Ruthers the bad yak. Yet despite his temperamental disposition, he's a pretty cool addition to any garrison -- so how do you get this ornery raptor? You'll want to head to Gorgrond.

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An ode to old faces

In recent years, I've stated often that Blizzard didn't pull from the established stable of World of Warcraft characters nearly often enough. They focused primarily on characters from the Warcraft RTS games and, beyond that, only on the few new characters they've selected as "faction leaders." I've always felt that players rarely had real attachment to those characters. The faction leaders often played a part in a narrative outside of the player character; they had their own things happen wherein the player often played a small part, if any part at all. Players become more attached to the characters that play a role in gameplay -- memorable faces and personalities that are a part of the leveling process, ranging from questgivers to vendors. Though there are a few notable exceptions, those familiar faces never returned, with each expansion bringing in a whole new cast rather than utilizing the rich pre-existing world.

I have to give credit where it's due: Warlords of Draenor changed that. While yes, it does commit the same sin of reusing RTS characters for the umpteenth time (and in the most egregious way yet), it's also the first expansion that has pulled from the little people of World of Warcraft's history. Familiar faces from all corners of Azeroth make appearances, some in big ways and some in small, and that is what has driven me to invest in the world of Warlords of Draenor, not the return of the orcish warlords. Let's look at some examples, shall we?

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How to send your followers on raid missions

With the right followers, it's possible to get yourself a piece of genuine Highmaul raid loot without ever setting foot inside the raid. Before you endeavor to do this, you should know that the Dwarven Bunker/War Mill and Salvage Yard are basically required to do this in any sane amount of time. You need both buildings to get enough follower armor and weapon upgrades, as these missions require a roster of ilvl 645+ followers to complete.

Raid mission basics
  • Your first raid mission will unlock when you have 3 followers at 645 or higher item level.
  • The mission should stick around for at least a couple days if you want to spend some time getting other followers ready.
  • After completing a raid mission, your next one will unlock 2 weeks later.
  • Any piece of loot from the raid appropriate to your loot specialization can drop, with the exception of weapons. Just like normal drops, these can be warforged, socketed, or have tertiary stats.
  • The quality of loot is based on your current progression in the raid itself:
    • Normal caches (ilvl 655 loot) are rewarded if you've killed 0-14 bosses in normal mode.
    • Heroic caches (ilvl 670 loot) are rewarded if you've killed 15+ bosses in normal mode.
    • Mythic caches (ilvl 685 loot) are rewarded if you've killed 15+ bosses in heroic mode.
    • Mythic caches plus a bonus of 1000 gold are rewarded if you've killed 15+ bosses in mythic mode.

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39 facts about garrisons in Warlords of Draenor

Garrisons evolved to become a central feature of Warlords of Draenor over the course of the expansion's development. Whether you're Alliance of Horde, garrisons are packed full of little details ranging from the gameplay-essential to the just-for-fun. Join Panser of TradeChat in exploring 39 garrison facts -- and even as garrison-obsessed as I am, there were a few in there that even I didn't know.

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