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Alterac Valley Weekend

Honor and faction are increased during a Call To Arms: Alterac Valley weekend. Make sure to talk to the Call To Arms quest NPCs in the major cities.
  • Battleground Changes in Patch 2.4
    One of the biggest news in the Battlegrounds is the return of the option to queue as a group for Alterac Valley. This should promise more coordination in the newly revised map which sees the Horde starting point moved further down South.
  • PvP all day, everyday: Concerted Efforts (A) or For Great Honor (H)
    Perhaps of all the new daily quests that have arrived with the goodness-filled Patch 2.4, arguably the most confusing and mysterious one is the repeatable quest called For Great Honor for the Horde and Concerted Efforts for the Alliance.
  • The Art of War(craft): Alterac Valley, Part I - Evolution
    Of all the Battlegrounds, AV has gone through the most changes, having received fixes and modifications with most of the patches subsequent to its release. Alterac Valley was an extremely ambitious project for the folks at Blizzard, and it was clear from the beginning that they had very high hopes for it. Did they succeed?
  • The Art of War(craft): Alterac Valley, Part II - A Ronin's Guide to the Ice and Snow
    Unfortunately, there are no armies in Alterac Valley. There are, however, drifters. Ronin, if you wish. Ronin were the masterless samurai of feudal Japan. In a game of AV, what you will have, essentially, is a band of about forty ronin doing their own thing.
The latest Alterac Valley news here.

The Darkmoon Faire

The Faire travels between Elwynn Forest, Mulgore and Shattrath spending two week at one of those locations, then moving on to the next the following month. Various quests can be turned in for tickets which can be redeemed for various prizes.
  • Tickets, Please: A look at Darkmoon Faire's ticket reward system
    WoW Insider shows you how to get all you can out of Silas and his merry band before they head out for another month. We explore the ticket system, that lovely process whereby Gelvas Grimegate turns Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets into loot.
  • Darkmoon Faire Decks: An overview
    WoW Insider looks at both the old and new decks, listing pros and cons of each deck so you can figure out if you want to spend the next month tracking down cards before the Faire shows up again or just blow your epic flying mount fund on getting a deck before it leaves for the month.
  • A pet collector's guide to the Darkmoon Faire
    Even if you haven't been a long-time collector of non-combat pets such the Azure Whelpling, the Spirit of Competition, or the Phoenix, now is the perfect time to begin. On October 14th, when patch 3.0.2 descends, so does the achievement system, and with it, "Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart," the achievement for collecting 50 non-combat pets.
  • Phat Loot Phriday: Last Year's Mutton
    Pulverize your foes into mincemeat with this leg o' lamb. Whether you're biting down yourself, or flanking your foes until they're well-done, this club o' grub will let you tenderize even the toughest turkey. I'd steak my reputation on it!

Official Blizzard Cinematic of the Faire

The latest Darkmoon Faire news can be found here.

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganze

Every Sunday aspiring anglers of Azeroth convene in Stranglethorn Vale to be the first to catch 40 tastyfish and claim their prize.
  • Overview of Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
    Every Sunday, from 2 to 4pm, the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza occurs in STV. That is not always a convenient time for those of us with families, but if you can arrange the playtime, it's a fun way to make some cash and get some cool gear.
  • Tips for the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
    I can't say that I've ever seriously tried to do the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza -- I've seen it happen a few times, and I love the idea, but I've never committed to fishing long enough to be competitive in it. But I'm reconsidering that after reading these extremely fun tips from Resto4Life.
  • Using the Cartographer AddOn to track fishing nodes
    The experienced gatherers among us know something we don't know – they know where to find stuff. The real old hands know where the nodes are based on years (yeah, literally) of experience. They've collected so much for so long that they've developed time-tested, favorite routes for every zone. And then there are the tech-savvy gatherers who let technology map things out for them.
  • Fishing your way to profit
    Any angler worth her salt knows that fishing can be profitable through selling fish cooked or raw through the Auction House, or even as junk through the vendor. Anglers who are also cooks could profit nicely from raid buff foods such as Golden Fish Sticks or Skullfish Soup, or simply sell the raw ingredients. Even low-level fish sell rather well to those who would like to level their cooking.
  • Finding the fun in fishing
    I will freely admit it: I like the CONCEPT of fishing. The Idea of lazing away the day in a rowboat or on a riverbank, pole in hand, chatting with friends and sharing a brew or two is actually pretty appetizing at first glance. But the question becomes, how to get over the boredom and get to fishing?
More information about the fishing tournament can be found on WoW's official site and on the WoW Wiki page.

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