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Patch 3.0.2, aka "The Echoes of Doom," is the patch that changes many aspects of World of Warcraft in preparation for the launch of the second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. We won't be seeing Death Knights or Northrend (or at least, we're pretty sure we won't, unless they're planning on a big surprise). In addition to four European servers closing due to Russian player migration.

Full patch notes have been released, and to our surprise, they are not the latest version of the PTR patch notes. Ghostcrawler has announced not everything has made it into the live patch due to balancing reasons and there may be immediate hotfixing to balance out everything.

Read on for a guide to what you can expect, but realize this may change as we dig into the patch and find out what made it and what didn't:

Gallery: Wrath of the Lich King: Inscription

Grand Master Inscription TrainerInitial Inscription TrainingBleached ParchmentMysterious TarotScroll of Recall
  • Stormwind Harbor: if you're Alliance, head over to northwestern Stormwind to see the brand-new harbor built to transport explorers to the Borean Tundra (if you're Horde, you can still go to Stormwind, I guess, as long as you don't expect a warm welcome). We have a full gallery if you'd like to see it but don't have any characters in the beta or on the PTR.

Gallery: Stormwind Docks

Stormwind docks locationHappeningsConstruction crewYikesA worker bee
  • Finally, a guide to Spellpower and why you aren't seeing the stats you're used to on your caster gear anymore.
As an additional note, four European servers are scheduled to close permanently with the launch of patch 3.0, due to the success of the Russian version of World of Warcraft attracting Russian players from EU servers. The realms affected are Shadowmoon, Warsong, Stonemaul, and Molten Core, and players on those realms are offered free transfers even after the realms themselves have been officially closed.

Click here for the latest news on the "Echoes of Doom" patch.

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