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It Came from the Blog FAQ

Why doesn't WoW Insider have a guild?

We do! It came from the Blog is on Zangarmarsh US., which is a low to medium populated PvE realm.  We are a Horde guild and many of our writers have characters there in order to participate in scheduled events.

Do you have any plans for an EU or Oceanic guild?

Not at this time, sorry, but we'll let you know if that happens!

Does It came from the Blog have a tabard and a guild bank?

Yes we have a tabard, but we only have small change in the guild bank.  We had a contest to design our Tabard and Hellbena's design was chosen.

What kind of guild is it? Casual, raiding, RP?

We are an event driven guild.  The writers of WoW Insider have mains on other realms and only appear on Zangarmarsh for scheduled events.  But if you wish to hang out and do things together, that's great -- we won't stop you.

Will you please have events on my realm, so that I can play my main?

We aren't playing our mains during guild events either.  Make a character on Zangarmarsh that you only play for WoW Insider events. We'd love to have you.

Why did you choose Horde?  Do you have something against Alliance?

When the time came to decide on the faction of the guild, the powers that be used a time honored method of making important decisions: they flipped a coin.  Thus, It came from the Blog became a Horde guild.  No Horde bias was intended and many of our contributors play Alliance or both sides.

Hey! Why did I get gkicked?

We have to periodically clean out the guildies who haven't been on in a while in order to make room for new characters for the events.  Or, you may have broken one of the rules, which are listed here.  We don't have many of them and they are easy to follow.  So if you break a rule, we'll just gkick you and go back to having fun.  Happily, that is a rare occurrence and it is more likely that you were kicked for lack of room.

When is the next event?

We post a couple times before there are events on WoW Insider and we put it in the guild message in-game.  This is a link to all It came from the Blog posts, but if you want to find it later, it is listed under Features in the top menu.

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