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It Came from the Blog: Official guild rules

We're all out here to have fun and enjoy ourselves -- but in order to keep things fun, we need to be sure we all have the same expectations of the guild.

Guild Purpose
ICftB is the very definition of a casual or social guild.  We don't have plans to level fast, raid, or even PvP.  Instead, ICftB is a place for readers and writers of WoW Insider to get together about once a week to chat and play. (Of course, you're welcome to log on and play whenever you want -- but you're only likely to find us when you've seen scheduled announcements on the site.) Some days we'll have organized plans and some days we won't -- but don't join the guild with the hopes of rushing to end-game content or PvP domination.  We've all got established characters on our home realms -- this is a just-for-fun side project for all of us.

The Rules

  • You should respect your fellow members and all players outside of the guild. (Read: be nice!) Remember that we're all here to chat and have fun, and no single member should prevent others from enjoying themselves.
  • We all enjoy a bit of fun, but insults, name calling, racial jokes, and other such behavior won't be tolerated.
  • Ninja looting in or out of guild will not be tolerated.
  • Guild chat is not a place for begging. We're all just starting out on this realm, and none of us have a lot in the way of resources to give out.  You're welcome to ask nicely for any sort of help you require, but do not beg or spam guild chat with requests.
  • We will not tolerate cheats, hacks, kill-stealing, or any similar actions outside of the fair play promoted in World of Warcraft.

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