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WoW Moviewatch: Summon U a Drank

I don't know what made me think of Yumfries's masterful Summon U a Drank, but it somehow got stuck in my head overnight. I may have made a joke to my beloved wife that I wanted to summon her a drank or something, I don't know. It doesn't matter.

What does matter is that this music by Yumfries is still hilarious. If you find yourself thinking, "I don't like it," remember that it's a parody. He poking fun at T-Pain and the infinite Auto-Tune, even while having a little fun with his fellow WoW players. I think the mix of machinima and live action really lends something to this effort, underscoring the surrealism and absurdity of the whole production.

Just kick back and let the smooth tunes of the mage's Auto-Tune wash over you. If you get thirsty, just summon uself a drank.

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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The Queue: There is a ret column coming, I promise

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

How you know a random heroic is going to go well: The tank asks the warlock to fear a mob, the warlock stands in place, casts Howl of Terror, then proceeds to type out a near-endless string of question marks.

I Sapped the mob instead.

andy__taylor asked:

With Bioware seemingly not prepared to allow gay companionship in SW:TOR and the lack of gay couples in WoW lore, is this homophobia, will Blizzard ever introduce different sexualities into the game, or in this universe is it simply something that doesn't occur?

Oh dear, I'm opening a real can o' worms answering this one, but here it goes.

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Around Azeroth: It was all colors and heat

I consider the entrance to the Caverns of Time one of the prettiest zones in the game, with maybe Crystalsong Forest as its only real competition. Kurt of The Incredibles on Boulderfist (US-A) thinks so, too, and posed in front of this asteroid belt after apparently suffering the much-documented matte black character bug. I miss the Caverns of Time, if not the Opening of the Dark Portal, possibly the most annoying instance ever created.

Want to see your own screenshot here? Send it to We strongly prefer full-sized pictures with no UI or names showing. Please include "Azeroth" in the subject line so your email doesn't get marked as spam, and include your name, guild and server if you want to be credited.

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About the Bloggers: Michael Gray

Mike and his dog
About the Bloggers introduces you to the people behind WoW Insider. You can find articles on more of our staffers in earlier About the Bloggers profiles.

Do you remember Michael Gray, in the mountains? Half itinerant freelance writer, half Appalachian hipster, this blogger goes by "Gray" at WoW Insider as well as other gigs. There's worse options for a handle, he figures.

What do you do for WoW Insider?

I do a handful of things, and those responsibilities change over time. Mostly, I'm the Moviewatch guy and Phat Loot Phriday narrator. I also write WoW Rookie; in the past, I've done Ready Check and various other columns. Like the game itself, WoW Insider is a living, changing entity, and my role tends to change with it over time.

My biggest contribution might be the logistics and planning for our yearly BlizzCon meetup. I handle the negotiations with the site and other vendors for that effort. When you're at the party, drink one for me.

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Breakfast Topic: What starting zone do you love?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Lure me in with a beautiful location and great storyline, and I'm yours. I've been sucked in by the Blood Elf and Draenei starting zones and was loathe to leave. I also loved my time in the Goblin and Worgen starting zones, although being plopped out into the world with no real skills was a tad frustrating. I've also enjoyed starting Night Elves and Tauren. Despite this, my favorite zone is the Undead zone. That's right, Tirisfal Glades. Although it doesn't meet my "beautiful" requirement, the story more than makes up for it. And actually, on second thought, it is beautiful, in its own special way.

There's just something about Tirisfal Glades that feels so ... good. Maybe it's the slightly gothic feel. Maybe it's the tragedy that permeates the zone, the loss that is evidenced everywhere. And Sylvanas is one of my favorite characters, so having the opportunity to play next to her feels like an honor. I liked the undead starting zone from the beginning, but the changes in Cataclysm really added to the atmosphere. Being evil is so fun.

What about you? What starting zone really gets your juices flowing? Do you find yourself constantly making the same race over and over again just so you can watch the cinematics or do the same quest? What is it about that zone that makes it so very awesome for you?

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Know Your Lore: Brotherhood of the Horse

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You're playing the game, you're fighting the bosses, you know the how -- but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney make sure you Know Your Lore by covering the history of the story behind World of Warcraft.

They saved the people of Stormwind, and not only did it cost them their lives, but then their bodies were taken by the invaders and desecrated into Undead, used as unliving weapons possessed by Orc necrolytes. In life, these heroes fought the Orcs to a standstill and even drove them back at times. In death, their debased frames were the first death knights created by Gul'dan the warlock.

They earned heaven and were instead given hell. They were the Brotherhood of the Horse, the finest knights and warriors the Kingdom of Stormwind had to offer. Their greatest leader and last member died on Blackrock Mountain, and since his death, no one has raised their banner. They gave everything to save their world and received only a mockery of death in return.

Before this fate, however, they served their kingdom as its most elite -- the best soldiers it had, the most feared military force humanity could then muster, and they proved it time and again. During the First War, the Orcs learned fear when they heard their horses approach and died battling against their lances and greatswords. It was this prowess that made them the targets of Gul'dan's ire.

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Today in WoW: Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011

demon circle
Join us every weekday evening as we run down all the WoW news that you could possibly want. From comments from Blizzard's blues to the latest datamining info -- we've got you covered.

Don't forget to check out The Daily Quest and our Weekly Podcast Roundup to find out what else is going on in the WoW community. And if you have a news tip, feel free to drop us a line and let us know.

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Blizzard remains optimistic about WoW subscriber numbers

This past May, Blizzard announced its World of Warcraft playerbase had declined to 11.4 million, a 5% drop from its post-Cataclysm high of 12 million. Predictably, the game's detractors pounced on the news, citing it as evidence of WoW's impending demise.

The company isn't worried that it's all downhill from here, however, according to The Market for Computer & Video Games interview with Blizzard Entertainment's VP and executive MD of internal operations Michael Ryder. Citing the game's impending launch in Brazil, growth in China, and the new free-to-play aspect of WoW (at least, free-to-play up to level 20), Ryder insists that the world's most successful MMORPG has room to become even more successful.

Spin? Perhaps. But still, even if subscriber numbers continue a slow decline, there's no question that WoW will be profitable -- and thus, still around -- for a long time to come.
Brace yourselves for what could be some of most exciting updates to the game recently with patch 4.3. Look at what's ahead: new item storage options, cross-realm raiding, cosmetic armor skinning and your chance to battle the mighty Deathwing -- from astride his back!

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Blood Sport: Developing successful arena strategies

Want to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women? C. Christian Moore, multiple Rank 1 Gladiator, examines the latest arena strategy, trends, compositions and more in Blood Sport.

It has not been a good month of WoW in the Moore household. Starting four weeks ago, my internet went down for a good three weeks. Last week, I got in a motorcycle accident. The crash wasn't that bad, but I am now very wary of puddles. Very wary.

This week, we'll be discussing how to create and develop successful arena strategies. Quick aside: I see many players confusing the terms strategy and tactics. Strategies are overarching game plans for how to defeat specific enemy teams. Tactics are specific skills used to accomplish strategies. If strategy is the blueprint to a skyscraper, tactics are the best way to weld steel beams together.

  • Strategy We can rotate crowd control on the enemy mage and rogue while DPSing the priest after he trinkets.
  • Tactic The rogue is on Fear diminishing returns, start using Polymorph on him.

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It came from the Blog: Join us for a fashion show

I'm not exactly known for my in-game fashion sense, but with all the talk about transmogrification and the collecting of fun clothes, I think it's time for It came from the Blog's first fashion show.
  • When: Wednesday, Aug. 31, 10:30 p.m. EDT (7:30 p.m. PDT, 8:30 p.m. server time)
  • Where: Meet at the Court of the Sun in Silvermoon City on Zangarmarsh (US-PVE-H)
  • Who: Any level Horde character
  • How: Ask any member of It came from the Blog for an invite, if you are not already in our family of guilds. If you are on a trial account, just whisper /flex at Robiness to join the show.
We will make use of that lovely ramp that those show-off Blood Elves have in their capital city to display our best outfits/costumes/atrocities. If you are just creating a character or have a low-level character with nothing but greys and whites, please join us anyway. We'll have sections of the show just for you.

As usual, I will be streaming the event. Join us!

Please join us on Zangarmarsh (US-PVE-H) in It came from the Blog. All Guild ranks can invite, so /whisper any online member. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules -- basically, don't be a funsucker! Visit the guild FAQ for more details.

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