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Read the original post: Retirement home "We did get some new players in our ranks as a result of the article," reports Sharaya of US Blackwater Raider's Vanguard of Norrath, a guild of "retired" hardcore gamers. "So far, they are fitting in nicely and seem to be of similar mentality. Moving forward, to be frank, we don’t have any plans other than to continue to grow our ranks and enjoy WoW for the game it is. Right now, we are getting our collective butts kicked learning the new ICC runs and getting new members into the swing of things. Still, a number of us I think look forward to Cataclysm. The rumored re-making of an existing continent appeals to the old-school gamer in some of us, as it reminds us the changing worlds we played in long ago with paper and pencil." Sharaya 05/01/10

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