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Slash AFK is about Pocket and her partner, Boom, and their adventures as druids in WoW. "Aside from hardcore gaming and e-talk, they enjoy being just crazy goofy" - and it shows!

Creator and artist "Pocket" or m.neils is "actually a real life nerd and gamer ... taking the internet to the RL." She enjoys "doing comic shorts and charcoal/ballpoint pen gallery work." Currently, she's "working on a print comic memoir - publishing in the year 20??" She has also put out comics such as Chat Rouge and Insanity for the Poor, although they're retired now.

The comic is inspired by her relationship with Boom, her husband, whom she met in Westfall. "Aside from having a black belt in awesome, she is a devoted writer and artist. She has been working on Pocket Kitten Comics since 2004."

The comic is Alliance-based, although it will strike a chord with druids and those who love them, regardless of faction.

Published in black, white, and a light blue, the art style reflects the casual, quirky, crazy, and all around lovable vibe of the comic.

Slash AFK comprises 100+ entries and continues to grow. Words of wisdom: "Keep Frosty."

Slash AFK updates (most) Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

M. Neils of Slash AFK 31/07/10

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