Utgarde Keep

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Utgarde Keep is the first dungeon that most players will do upon reaching Northrend's shores, and is the first of two dungeons that take place in the vrykul fortress of Utgarde in the Howling Fjord. It's a simple, linear dungeon that will do a pretty good job teaching newer players the ropes. The boss encounts, while simple, are still varied enough to keep the attention of veteran players.

While reading through this guide, keep in mind that this is its current state in the Wrath beta. It's mostly finished, but little tweaks will likely happen before retail. For those of you in the beta, I hope this guide will be useful to you on your adventures in Utgarde!

You might notice that some of the models in Utgarde look a little rough. Don't worry, they're not finished! Beta push 8771 introduced many new hairstyles for the vrykul, but seems to have reverted to an older model of the vrykul, which was likely an error. To see their newer model, check out the picture of them in our Howling Fjord gallery. 12/08/08

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