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Profession guides

  • Hardest tradeskill?
    "Just like in real life, in WoW, some jobs are harder than others. Gathering professions tend to be pretty easy and lucrative -- it doesn't take a lot of effort to wander around and gather stuff, particularly herbs. The crafting professions are much, much harder."
  • Power Leveling Professions
    "Want to go from zero to three-hundred skill in just a few hours?  No problem, provided sufficient preparation - and a little guidance from someone who's done it before wouldn't hurt, either."
  • Gatherers behaving badly
    "Further discussion of two of the finer points of WoW trading etiquette: node/farming etiquette and transmute etiquette."
  • Alchemy, the final stretch
    "While alchemy is certainly not the most flashy or popular profession out there, alchemists are an integral part of the game, and any guild worth its salt has at least one, preferably several, working to supply guildmates and fill the guild bank with stacks of consumables and transmuted items."
  • Discovery Zone
    "Implemented with The Burning Crusade expansion, the discovery system gives alchemists a small (err, very small ... ok, very, very small ... ok, infinitesimally small) chance of discovering a new recipe every time they make a potion, elixir or flask. Players seem split between considering it a creative new mechanic or an annoying contrivance and roadblock, but after several patches and adjustments, the system seems here to stay."
  • Two online tools for jewelcrafting
    "If you're a jewelcrafter (or just want to find some good gems to stick in your armor-- and who doesn't?), you'll probably find these two little online jewelcrafting applications invaluable."
  • A diamond is forever: a consumer's guide to gems
    "A jewelcrafter can cut these gems, which grant your gear additional stat and effect bonuses. What color? What cut? What stats? What about meta gems? You need to figure out what's available, what works best for your gear and how to get your hands on what you need."
  • Leatherworking, the final stretch
    "If however, you chose leatherworking as a companion to skinning in order to make money, you will only need to reach about 325. Once there, you will be able to convert any type of skin into its available higher form in order to maximize your profits."
  • Bang a drum
    "Players who are slaves to eking out that last bit of buffage and leatherworkers who are slaves to eking out those last few skill points turn to banging the drum."
  • Is tailoring necessary for clothies?
    "The BOP crafted tailoring sets -- Primal Mooncloth, Frozen Shadoweave, and Spellfire -- are actually superior for raid DPS and healing to Tier 4 and 5. It makes tailoring nearly mandatory to stay competitive in early end-game DPS."
  • All about mooncloth
    "Primal mooncloth tailoring is where it's at for healers -- and it offers some tasty treats for PvP casters as well as anyone who wants more bag space."
  • A Paladin's guide to engineering
    "The new, revamped engineering has some wonderful tricks, toys, and ways to fill in the gaps in the paladin playstyle."
  • Engineering, the final stretch
    "To scope or not to scope? Most engineers swear by grinding in Netherstorm for the Khorium Scope recipe. But if farming is just not your thing, don't be afraid to stick with Adamantite Rifles."
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Around Azeroth

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