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Shadowrun developer gets honest (or scary) {Joystiq}

Jun 26th 2007 1:21PM Before we get another round of "You SR people and your RPG BS", lets get one thing straight.

All Shadowrun was for a load of people was a RPG. RPG on paper, RPG in their earlier games (loose but still RPG's in the overall), RPG's in the Japanese Game, and still an RPG through 4 company transfers and the 4th edition guidebook.

It's a deep, deep, DEEP fanbase who have loved it for its scale and the depth of the storylines (ask any fan about things like Dunk's will or the Renraku arcology takeover or who the hell the Harlequin is and sit down for some interesting storylines).

The point is that this FPS could have been the greatest crap to be put on a slice of toast and it still would have the naysayers...because it was not what the people wanted.

Gitelman knows this, Gitelman has said he knows this is what we were not expecting, yet he clearly can't see how we do not want to give it a chance. Furthermore, the collective head up asses suits are going to see the low sales on the name and assume "no one wants Shadowrun Games"...WE WANT AN RPG, NOT A FPS WHICH IS JUST A REVISION OF SOME CS MODS.

Taking a product that has been based in a certain element for 25 years then saying "Ferget all that stuff, lets make a pew pew ROFL shooter" is taint amount to suicide in game development. Look at the Fallout license when they brought out those detestable "BOS" knockoffs..the gameworld howled for the blood of the developers and the the idiots who gave the nod to use the license in such a stupid way.

Here is an idea - Replace the word 'Shadowrun' with the words 'Dungeons and Dragons' and try to explain why the world needs an D&D FPS? Sounds slightly silly.

You know what they should have done....done the RPG first and THEN do your FPS. Simply put, give the fans what they want, then give em the dessert of being able to play in the world if they want.

But no, someone suit up there looked at some paper and said that the world needed yet another FPS in a crowded market based on market studies probably made back in the early 90's. The world gets another fart in the wind and the fans of the genre suffer to such diatribe of 'why do you like SR? That 360 game suuuuuuccckkkss'

Azeroth Interrupted: Save the drama for yo mama {WoW}

Jun 25th 2007 4:14PM All that post and not one mention of the uber drama queen, EliteMaiden? Scourged 3 servers with enough drama to kill most guilds, lambasted people up and down the general boards so much it actually got the blues out to notice her and to tell her to shut her hole, apparently 'wanted by all men and hated by all others who can't handle how gorgeous she is?'

Check WoW drama if you have not heard of her....she could in fact be the one person to make you quit WoW out of sheer ridiculousness.

Totem Talk: What's wrong with Shamans? {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 7:02PM I play a resto as my main currently and have nothing but good to say about it personally.

It's a class that requires a little more strat and a little more reaction than the normal toon, IMHO. You have to know what totems work well in certain groups, in raids, against this mob and that and be able to head potential wipes off at the pass with a fire or rock pet and other totems.

Of course, our healing we can keep up with the clothies if you are structured right +healing wise and use consumables and be a affable mana battery to the clothies. Of course, Nihilium hit it on the nose with the chain heal, a underused spell that can spread the healing enough to keep them up.

I will admit we are terrible for PVP but for PVE, people need to recognize that shammies are good secondary anchors and hell, main heals for 5 mans most of the time if you know how to play it right.

Still though, elemental and enhance are WOEFULLY lacking in comparison to usefulness. Blizz really needs to look over their planning of those particular trees with a good eye, because they lack both punch and involvement to make them useful in anything nowadays.

Attunements removed from SSC and TK {WoW}

Jun 19th 2007 2:07PM Man, the hardcores are going batshit over this news because of the 'wasted hours on progression' over on the Dark Iron Server.

While I had only got one half of my SSC attunement, I can see where Tigole is coming from with a big chokepoint on The Eye for a lot of the smaller guilds.

Still better than EQ's "Eat It and Like It" attitude, IMHO

Officers' Quarters: When guilds fracture {WoW}

Jun 11th 2007 4:03PM I have been down the road a couple of times and experienced the amicable and the meltdown. Both, I believe, were totally warranted. Whatever the case, its a natural part of life and your belief should be who do you side with. Make the decision and stay with it.

In retrospect, the meltdown was actually easier considering. The guild leader and his officers were very much into cronyism and we subtlety bleeding dkp off other people while feigning ignorance as to why we were on farm status for things like MC and both the leader and his hunter officer had full BS while most other hunters had 1.
Someone clued us in and said to watch the numbers on the next dkp spread and take SS before. Showed they were nearly doubling DKP for officers while giving the regular attendees a tenth of it. The big factor was a druid piece dropped and they showed the DKP leader (non officer) actually getting his DKP reduced by 10 to be outbid by the officer, then the 10 going back up.
Needless to say, we all posted in a mass quit on the boards (which got deleted) but we hosted ss over on the realm boards and effectively obliterated the guild (and blackballed the leader and 3 of the most apparent cronies). Drama aside, we formed a new guild, took the old DKP to the new and actually came out better.

Amicable on the other hand was harder since a lot of us liked each other but officer drama caused a rift to form that never fully healed. While we got offers to come across to the new guild, I and a friend of mine decided to stay and have not regretted it since....not only have we become mainstays in a lot of the raids, we have become better suited to perform the duties we need in the raids by actually participating more. Add to this that the casual nature of our guild has remained as such and it goes without saying we like where we are.

Ask WoW Insider: How would you design your own battleground? {WoW}

Jun 8th 2007 2:32PM If anything, Blizz should try and pull together some copies of some of the UT maps into WoW. The UT2004 Onslaught maps were some of the best constructed maps and would work phenomenally with capture the flags or base destruction type games.

No I am not saying direct lifts, but check out some of these overheads from the game and tell me if you would not love to see them...

Ex-Nihilum member claims guild exploited {WoW}

Jun 4th 2007 1:50PM First off

For those saying 'who cares', a lot of raiding guilds do. Mainly we learn off tactics employed by others through a variety of ways, so a guild that sploits passes the wrong info to us that will inevitably get fixed and therefore have to take a step back if the shite they have been using is cheats.

Second off, its a cheap kill. Look 'world firsts' are fine and dandy but no one lives off them and its sad if you do but the overall feeling is that if you can't do it right, it ought to be not credited as the first kill. It cheapens the game and the guild when you BS everyone going 'how did you guys do it?' instead of admitting you got past by exploiting the XY axis (another infamous boss kill for any oldschool players out there)

Regardless, the general goofiness overall of this does cast a dim light on Nihilum and their overall advancement in comparison to others. Sure, a lot of people will still go "I don't care cause I am not there" but honestly, if people get all up in arms over wallhacks in CS, what is the real difference between that and what Nihilum (may) be doing here?

Ticks me off, in case you are wondering

Breakfast Topic: WTB guild silliness, PST {WoW}

May 29th 2007 2:58PM I got a reputation really quickly around an old guild thanks to a veritable 'breaking of the ice' in a bad way.

I was invited to a guild by a friend on a server with a large reputation as one of the 'hardcore' variety. Friendly, professional players with a sense to shut up when you needed to shut up and so on. Apparently, I really shook some pillars immediately with a well placed comment...

I was about a week in when I logged on to find the guild getting ready for a Ony run with the raid leader explaining the fight over the TS. My friend was in the guild channel so I was whispering him at the time but was not participating in the run...just listening in.

It was about this time I started to really notice something about the raid leader....mainly how his voice had a certain octave and he kept lisping his 'r' much like a certain favorite online cartoon character.

Me: /w "Does he know he sounds like H.."
Friend: /w "I dunno...but I would not ask him anyway since he is leading the raid"
Me: /w "How the hell can anyone not hear him and think it?"
Friend: /w "Shrug...why don't you ask him in TS?" Apparently he was joking...for which I did not notice.

About that time, raid leader finishes up strategy talk and asks "Ok, any qwestions, comments, reqwests?"

I speak up "Yes, one request please."

"Go ahead then..."

"Can you please say "Welcome to Homestar"?

Silence....only punctuated by a /w WTF are you doing?? from my friend.

Then uproarious laughter over TS along with "Good GOD...he does sound like Homestar! I never noticed!" and much /w LOL from several members.

Raid Leader silenced the channel and said "Any OTHER qwestions not related to who I sound like?"

then a pause and a 'Aw what the hell...Welcome to Homestar are you happy??"

Swear to god, dead perfect match.

He left a few months after but a few old timers will come back with a reminder asking our current guild/raid leader to say 'Welcome to Homestar' and much mirth is had.