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Review: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway {Big Download}

Oct 21st 2008 3:27PM I, like your friend, was really looking forward for this for months. I played through Hill 30 at least 3 times. BiA: HH, on the other hand, I almost had to force myself to play through once. Shame because the multi-player is so poor, why did they even include it? If you can wait until it's $19.... i would. Really loved the 1st one.

World in Conflict console delay extends to Fall '08 {Joystiq}

Feb 14th 2008 2:44PM How is game going to work with a noob stick?

Oh god let there be cross platform play. The pwnage will be unreal.

Beware of spellcloth {WoW}

Jun 1st 2007 9:03AM I just make the stuff at the graveyard.

Fishing: What lurks beneath? [Updated] {WoW}

May 29th 2007 3:37PM Fishing is great! Cook+Fishing in the Outland will land you some pretty sweet buffs and maybe a mote or two.