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Malware, Macs, and crying wolf: Doing the math {}

May 22nd 2011 6:39AM Show me ONE single SYMPTOM from a "virus" or "malware" on OSX *WITHOUT* the user running an installer, and inputting their admin password. You won't be able to find any. Their hasn't been a single SYMPTOM from any of these "threats" EVER on OSX. Anyone can install a program to f**k up their computer - duh! I can also willingly shoot myself in the foot! Should I walk around with bullet proof shoes to prevent myself from shooting myself in the foot? I know, I know ... I'm getting really philosophical here. But isn't philosophy what this issue is really about? People *think* their are threats to Macs, however the only threats have been things that would be considered a comical self inflicting wound. Again, show me ONE symptom that has appeared on OSX without the user going through a full blown installer.

What did the MacDefender program even do to the OS? NOTHING! OOOHHHH NOOO it put a startup item in my startup items list!!!! OMG!?!!?! Ok lemme start this serious virus removal by removing the startup item! OK done...that was friggin hard!!!

If I really gave a rats behind about some self inflicted wound that I did to myself such as MacDefender, all I would have to do is boot off my Leopard disk and run an "Archive and install" which would leave my user folder and applications intact while completely rebuilding the OS. All better, and without any noticeable change! Too bad rebuilding your computer on Windows isn't as easy as that! Poor Windows users =[ . So let it be known that even in the case of the laughable "Macapolipse", all the Mac users will need to do is boot off the OSX Boot DVD and run an "Archive and install". Sounds scary!

Their aren't any current threats to OSX other then the user's stupidity. I don't like to resort to insults, but when people act like these lame-duck attacks are anything Mac users should be worried about - it's insulting to the truth. As I said before, when ONE person can show ONE symptom from an attack without running an installer and entering your admin password - then I'll give two s**ts about what these ignorant fear mongering n00bs say about Macs.

Most Searched 20-11 {Asylum}

Dec 23rd 2009 9:36AM Who?

The Wii Fit will be a huge hit {BloggingStocks}

Feb 21st 2008 12:23PM Go to an EBgames or Gamestop they are already taken preorders for it.. or you can just order it online from them. They call you when the game has been released and sometime before if you have it preordered.

Lesbians Know How To Pick Hot Women: The Top 100 Plus My Fav 5 {Queer Sighted}

Jun 19th 2007 6:48PM I am really glad that you posted this article, and though i haven't checked out the actual list, i'm sure i'm going to be more satisfied with this one, than the maxium one.


Traveling with Infants Made Easier {Gadling}

Mar 6th 2007 5:02PM Yes, This is a great service. I end up stopping immediately at the closest big box store wherever I vacation to pickup the things I need for traveling with tots.

Apple's iTunes-iPod lawsuit {Download Squad}

Jan 5th 2007 11:15AM I've never purchased a single song from iTunes (I own way too many CDs as it is, plenty to rip), but Melanie Tucker needs to get over herself. DRM is stupid, yes, and nobody should be buying anything BUT physical CDs until the labels wise up and stop treating us badly with ridiculous DRM restrictions. In the meantime, quit whining and buy an ipod or DON'T buy an ipod, but stop driving up our costs and distracting companies with lawsuits. Dummy.

How-To: Analog control stick for your Sony PSP {Engadget}

Oct 11th 2006 9:16PM Can you use the the nub and stick at the same time

Bugs, ghosts, and standard responses {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 6:33AM "I tried to log out and back in, but it said a player with the name already exist on the server, etc. I just gave up and came back like a 1/2 hour later."

That's completely normal, the game waits about 2-5 mins before allowing you to lgo back on again if you didn't log out in the 'right' way. No need to wait half an hour :)

On topic, have met a few invisible mobs, but that was because they had got stuck underground/in something. I've always been able to run out of aggro range so far!

International co-operation {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 6:29AM Another Dragonblight EU player here ... it's a PvE server, and it's true there are a fair few northern europeans, but it has never become a problem since it doesn't split the players (they speak very good english). Perhaps we're just lucky!

Success and Motivation, Part 1 {Blog Maverick}

Apr 24th 2004 1:13PM capitalism make strange bedfellows.