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Guardian talks to Chinese goldsellers and UK buyers {WoW}

Mar 5th 2009 2:42PM "Farming" is not against the rules. That is the most idiotic thing i've heard. ZOMG look he is grinding mobs for moneys, report. If you have no evidence that they are selling the gold, you are just harassing a player which they could report you for.

EQ2 learned their lesson from EQ1 and now offers a service for cash trades. Hopefully more MMOs will follow this model and put to rest these gold selling companies.

"Even if (emphasis on the if) these companies are making millions of dollars a year, they're stealing accounts and cheating in-game to do it."
Mike, the way you wrote this makes it sound like you hate all gold selling companies and farmers. Sure the companies are doing something against the ToS, but certainly some of these people are just trying to make a living for their family and are not hacking/cheating to accomplish this. It is an opportunity for people who are struggling to find a job in this global economy, and looks like they are at least making a decent wage.

Anyway I just wanted to give an argument for the other side, because this post reads like a rant against anyone who has every done something against ToS, which we are all guilty of one thing or another

Now Playing: February 15-21, 2009 {Joystiq}

Feb 16th 2009 11:58AM Sorry about SF4 should have been pictured this week, not some DLC for a game already out.

Fanswag Weekly: Fable II Knothole Island DLC {Joystiq Xbox}

Jan 15th 2009 8:10AM I was in this town once, and there was this girl. yep bring on the DLC!

Street Fighter II HD surpasses 250K sold {Joystiq}

Dec 18th 2008 4:19PM Very well deserved too, but i'm an old school street fighter pro =p. Gotta burn some more money to get a decent joystick and mod it with non-suck buttons/joystick/square plate

Club Nintendo back up, accepting NA members [update] {Joystiq}

Dec 16th 2008 9:18AM same with all you guys. Had tons of games (almost ALL qualified for coins) and systems registered on the old MyNintendo. They all transferred over, but there is nothing on my To-Do List, and I got ZERO coins from it -_-. Thanks Nintendo for rewarding the people who register your products late than those who do it early.

Fanswag: Win Gears of War 2 and a pile of swag! {Joystiq Xbox}

Nov 7th 2008 11:10AM easy, puppy launcher

Joyswag: Fallout 3 + game guide {Joystiq}

Nov 4th 2008 8:14AM Just goign to stick with in-game weapons and say Hunting Rifle. Really wish i knew where to find the unique one =(

Zombies!!! confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 23rd 2008 11:32AM one of the most fun board games to play! definitely going to get this

Fanswag: Mega Fable 2 giveaway [update] {Joystiq Xbox}

Oct 22nd 2008 1:22PM I would be the classic anti-hero =D