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Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: Raid preparation {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2010 12:36PM There goes Mike, fan-stealing with his, "I wrote this, Rafe was too busy getting hurt playing softball, neener neener neener."


Besides, this was _way_ too polite for me to have written it. ;-)

World of Tanks roars in with new screenshots {Massively}

Jun 24th 2010 10:55PM I loved Battlezone.
Modern graphics are gorgeous.
Tanks for the mem'ries.

Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: Progress check {WoW}

Jun 19th 2010 9:21AM @glar: Thanks for sharing!

A good bit of why that routine works is because of the isometric intra-abdominal contractions (we tend to be weak through the core because we spend so much time sitting), combined with the isometric holds of our various radial parts (arms, legs, head). A lot of the positions you describe also make leverage work against you, so that just the weight of the arm or leg being held is enough to challenge the muscles.

Good stuff, for sure. I can see this being an excellent companion session to some of my more traditional workouts. :-)

Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: Progress check {WoW}

Jun 18th 2010 4:43PM @zub: I will shamelessly encourage you to link-chase for extra information, if not any extra loot (or calories burned), because, yeah, there's plenty of good stuff out there. I can't say I miss my summer college job of tree-trimming, but it was a hell of a workout, plenty of fresh air, and all the pine sap you could eat.

Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: Progress check {WoW}

Jun 18th 2010 4:25PM Ack, reply-threading fail on my part. This was for you, Sevin. :-)

Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: Progress check {WoW}

Jun 18th 2010 4:24PM @glar: That's FANTASTIC! *mad cheering*

Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: Progress check {WoW}

Jun 18th 2010 4:23PM @quasar: You're far from alone in that. I played soccer for years as a kid/teen (and was even a FIFA-certified referee for a couple of summers, though I stuck to officiating under-10 games), but I've been a desk jockey for the last fifteen.

We remember how awesome we *used to be* and see how much we've backpedaled, and it can be disheartening... or it can be inspiring and motivating. "Hey, I used to be able to do a five minute mile. I should be able to do a six minute one even though I'm older!"

Buff(ing) for BlizzCon: Progress check {WoW}

Jun 18th 2010 4:20PM Well, thanks! That's heartening to hear, and I hope that you're getting the ball rolling for your own health pursuits.

I find that, because I am a fiend for snacking, and also have a relativeley fierce sodium jones, that a handful of roasted almonds or some beef jerky is just the thing to take the edge off while still providing some good protein (and in the case of various nuts, healthy fats as well).

Buff(ing) For BlizzCon: Carving out Caverns of Time and unarmed combat {WoW}

May 20th 2010 3:27PM @GoLeafs: I un-sarcastically applaud your pedantry (because I am both a pedant, and aspiring personal trainer).

Just so everyone's clear: One pound of *anything* weighs one pound. However, a pound of muscle takes up less volume than a pound of fat.

Also, calorically speaking, they differ rather substantially - fat, at 9 calories per gram, is about 3500 calories to the pound, and protein, at 4 calories per gram, is about 1600.

Thus, you can burn an extra 2000 calories a week and *not lose any weight whatsoever* if you're replacing the pound of fat you've melted off with a pound of muscle.

As for my God-awful French, you've all done pretty well - "Water from the underside of a bridge" is what any self-respecting Troll wears to impress. :-)