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Druid solos Onyxia {WoW}

May 26th 2008 8:56PM Ahem. If you yourself would care to read the entire description, it says exactly this:

"...I brought in a hunter from our guild that would immediately suicide at the start and remain dead unless this bug happened to occur. In the event that the warder would aggro, I would combat rez him so that he would help kill the warder, and then immediately die again without any further assistance in the fight. Most would agree that this is still considered a solo feat despite having to do this to combat Blizzard's design flaw."

The hunter provided no assistance whatsoever, other than to correct an error in design on the part of Blizzard. Even Serennia agrees that this doesn't constitute assistance with Onyxia herself, and that the fight should still be considered a solo achievement.

It's true that many commenters on the WarcraftMovies page believe the same as you, and proclaim that the extra warder is "a part of the encounter." Well, hell then, Shahraz porting all three players to behind the couches isn't a bug, is it? It's part of the encounter, L2P! Prince randomly instagibbing your tank without even hitting him isn't a bug, it's part of the encounter! Void Reaver shooting invisible orbs under the floor isn't a bug, you'll just have to work around it! And yet people opened tickets and complained on the forums. Hmm?

Please. Enough with the trying to diminish something you know you'll never be able to do. Stop and admire it, then move on, instead of getting all pissy and technical. Especially if your technicalities are based on a huge pile of nothing.

BigRedKitty: Basic hunter macros {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 3:35PM @4: Just stop reading this, and you might regain some of those lost brain cells.

Or maybe you just never had them.

BigRedKitty: Proper hunter deportment {WoW}

May 30th 2007 6:20PM @1/22/23/25 (WTF are you doing leaving so many comments if you hate this so much): The fact that you continue commenting on BRK's articles despite the fact that you so vehemently despise them shows that you either a: enjoy causing pain to yourself, b: are just posting random crap without reading the article, or c: are insane, which is what I'm leaning towards.

Don't think people haven't noticed you've been the first to flame BRK in each one of his articles. Just because you're that dumb doesn't mean we all are.

23 was particularly mature. Ouch, that stings. Not.

And about 25: you realize that the post you were responding to was copy/pasted from BRK's blog:

Get off the internets kthx.

On a different note, BRK's articles are a breath of witty and fresh air. Nice to know that well-played hunters can be such a big help.