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The Daily Grind: PAX or Dragon*Con? {Massively}

Aug 21st 2008 10:10AM Dragon*Con

Breakfast Topic: Professions and Leveling {WoW}

Aug 20th 2008 10:22AM I always level First Aid while I level. It's the only profession that I stick to. Once I hit the level cap I go back and work on my other tradeskills. Gathering with an Epic Ground Mount isn't an issue. I always make sure I gather enough to move on to the next item. For the crafting side anything extra that I need that I didn't get from leveling up my gathering I usually buy off the AH. Now I know it's not efficient, but I find it much faster getting to the 300-375 tier.

The Light and How to Swing It: Gearing up your Retadin for Karazhan part IV {WoW}

Jul 31st 2008 6:31PM What about Retadin Specs? Which build should start with and graduate to once hit capped?

Screenshot confirms that Diablo III is "Hydra" {WoW}

Jun 30th 2008 1:47PM Hydra now makes sense. At the end of the cinematic trailer you saw a 3 headed firey demon.

Wanted: Buffy/Angel episode(s) to watch {AOL TV}

Jun 26th 2008 10:46AM let's not forget about the best episode evar:

The Zeppo

Breakfast Topic: Convention chaos {WoW}

May 14th 2008 9:31AM ill be at dragoncon and blizzcon this year. our dragoncon crew is now grown to 16, its gonna be a blast. this is going to be our third year, next year we might have 20 lol. we always seem to get 5 more every year. plus the drive from NJ is always hilarious.

Moonlight done, say CBS sources {AOL TV}

May 13th 2008 4:36PM I'm glad this got canceled. No offense to those who did enjoy the series. I know how it feels to have your favorite shows get canceled. Buffy/Angel/Firefly.

New 'Wanted' Teaser Poster -- Angelina Makes Guns Look Good. {Cinematical}

Apr 28th 2008 1:28PM yes yes and yes. the whole poster is thrown off by her ridiculously skinny arm. just ugh.

Hugh Jackman Talks 'Wolverine', Two Castmembers Added {Cinematical}

Apr 25th 2008 11:51AM Beak became human during the House of M series where a large majority of muntans lost their powers.

'Iron Man' Expected to Blast Into Box Office {Cinematical}

Apr 22nd 2008 11:22AM lets not forget about two of his best movies ever:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Less Than Zero