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Class-action lawsuit filed against IGE {WoW}

May 31st 2007 10:15PM paul, it doesn't really affect others, you just have this weird moral high ground that you need to justify logically, but it's a silly issue and outside the scope of good and bad. look, WoW is a stupid game that we play because it's better than TV, so who cares, turn off your computer and it all goes away. second, i doubt the time you spend farming is substantially higher than it would be in a world free of gold buying. shit takes time in wow. if you're gonna grind, you're gonna grind.

anyway Gs are easy to come by in outland ... so that's probably fukin up the economy too. you act like buyin gold is the only influence on the market.

let's say, for the sake of argument, that i buy some gold and you have to play for an extra hour to farm up the Gs that you need for i dunno, some epic pattern. is farming somehow less fun if you do more of it? i mean, just buy some gold dog, if you don't enjoy farming. if you do, then all i'm doing is making your game more fun!

Class-action lawsuit filed against IGE {WoW}

May 31st 2007 9:47PM hey paul

so this comes down to you vs. me?

wow i'm having a tough time deciding who is more important ... me, or random internet guy? haha

i get the point you're making. the problem is, i don't care at all about a virtual economy or the time you have to spend farming.

if i've only got an hour or two to play at night, then i'm not gonna spend that time doing something that sucks.

Class-action lawsuit filed against IGE {WoW}

May 31st 2007 9:31PM hey sindral, it's your time, spend it how you like. i don't think you're dumb. i used to enjoy grinding/farming, the time i spent in the plaguelands aoe farming Gs for my epic mount was a peaceful, mindless enjoyment, kinda the same as watching TV. repetetive and soothing. i just don't have the hours or inclination these days.

i still enjoy the game, it has great mechanics. i mean, i obviously enjoy it, i spent a few actual bucks to get a few virutal Gs, because i was getting to a point where the drag aspects of this game were getting in the way of the fun. i'd rather give blizzard my cash for their Gs so they can put it to good use, but they don't offer that service so i'm off to the grey market.

you can say "grinding/farming is what mmos are all about," but really, are they? the game is so sandboxy that the game is whatever the player chooses it to be. make your own adventure, all that. i mean, you never have to PvP. you can level up without ever setting foot in a dungeon. there's a ton of content most players will never see. is this game "not for them" either?

bottom line, i gladly circumvent features built into the game that i do not enjoy ... haha GG farming i am teh winnar

having fun > virtual economics

Class-action lawsuit filed against IGE {WoW}

May 31st 2007 8:37PM @BALUKI

lol dude ... so ... wait. let me get this straight -

"There's absolutely NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, in this game that requires lots of gold. There are some neat things that cost a lot of gold, like epic flying mounts, but you don't NEED an epic flying mount."

okay, let's see - nothing requires lots of gold, except the things that DO, but people don't NEED them, so those items are unneccesary. got it. but wait! later that post -

"To keep up, non-goldbuyers have to work harder and harder to earn the gold they need to buy the overpriced stuff they need from the AH."

WAITAMINUTE! no one NEEDS expensive items ... but there are expensive items on the AH that players NEED? dude you wasted your whole argument with the first paragraph.

you can't come up with a legit reason against it can you? just call people assholes! vent your anger! maybe you should yell at your mom instead? she didn't bring you those hot pockets? hahaha GG QQ BBQ ROFLS

wtb 500g + sword pst

Rerolling or alt-itis? {WoW}

May 31st 2007 8:07PM i've been re-rolling since i started, but i am not an altaholic, nor do i suffer from alt-itis, or any other permutation of the concept.

i have just been trying to find the class that hits all the sweet spots. my first character was a warrior that i leveled to 60. he was a great tank but horrible in pvp, which i enjoy more than those insufferable dungeon crawls, so i rolled a mage alt that became my new main.

I had a lot more fun with the mage - but the low hp, low armor and long cast times eventually forced his retirement at 67.

now i've found myself in the middle ground, with a hunter that i'm running in the 20-29 wsg bracket. it's been a blast! she's got survivability like a warrior, agility like a rogue, and range/snares/dmg of a mage, plus a pet! omg i'm in love ... if i'm gonna run any character up to 70, it's gonna be this one.

seriously though, your friend deleted his character? lol what a dummy! /shrug indeed.

Class-action lawsuit filed against IGE {WoW}

May 31st 2007 7:53PM @9

i'm done with playing into the timesink aspects of the mmo genre. it's part of their business plan, and in that respect, i am defeating the purpose of the game.

that's how you "beat" warcraft. you spend your time having fun instead of doing crap that you don't enjoy so you can buy new spells or some pants. whatever. play it how you like. you know?

i don't have to find a way to earn gold. a chinaman already earned it for me. he has that gold, i have dollars. we exchange. bam. what takes WEEKS in-game is done in mere MINUTES sir! i defy you to find fault in such a transaction.

honestly, it's a virtual game world. it's not serious. it's a neon purple and pink playground. who cares about the ethics of gold buying? those who do really takes this technicolor dreamland tooooo seriously.

wtb 2000g pst

Class-action lawsuit filed against IGE {WoW}

May 31st 2007 7:09PM man that's dumb, leave em be. the world (of warcraft) needs reputable gold vendors because, let's be honest here, some of us can't be bothered to farm gold for hours. the hell with farming, it sucks. i farm 8 hours a day for actual currency. at the office. where i WORK.

wtb 1000g pst