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Breakfast Topic: Is it time for a change? {WoW}

Apr 12th 2010 8:10AM It's not so much the journey or the reward.

The thing that keeps me coming back for more is my friends, I've always played WoW with friends, whether they be the group of us who first started and formed our first guild, or the handful of friends I've made from different parts of the world from within the game.

If all of them stopped, I would too, I only enjoy the game when I'm with someone else.

If you cannot enjoy every part of the game, than it cannot be worth it. You are afterall spending money to play, if you cannot grind and enjoy the grind then it's not for you.

That being said, the game is nothing like it was 5 years ago, Blizzard has all but erradicated grinding. it's easier than ever to get groups, and get into the end game content.

In conclusion, my advice to you, is play the game. You said you enjoyed questing and running instances - you'll hit 80 in no time and then the world (of warcraft) is your oyster!

The Light and How to Swing It: Healing Valithria Dreamwalker {WoW}

Mar 15th 2010 11:35AM I think my warlock friend might laugh if I suggest using demon armor.

The Light and How to Swing It: The truth about Lightsworn Garb {WoW}

Mar 8th 2010 5:18AM I was just wondering, Were blizzard trying to get Holy Light spamming palas using Holy shock more?

Seems that they have tried to tie 4pc bonus to the new libram.

And I have to say. the prospect of 1.1 sec HL is intresting... Has anyone tried it?

Cataclysm: Stat and system changes for holy paladins {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2010 9:40AM If the blizzard q&a earlier this week is anything to go by, we'll also have a new healing spell.

This intrests me as I'm rather bored of stacking Int and spamming HL - but I can't really change to FoL and SP overnight, and I'm reluctant that I will have enough throughput to keep the tanks alive.

So I'm rather looking forward this, and to see what benefits the new Path of the Titans brings to Holy Palas

Solution sought for Heroic Strike/Maul {WoW}

Jul 24th 2009 9:11AM And, just to note, I'm not the same Tom as in post #1 :D

Solution sought for Heroic Strike/Maul {WoW}

Jul 24th 2009 9:09AM I would prefer it to just be removed from the game.

Replacing it with an passive ability that triggers when you reach 100 rage.

Basically, you are so full of rage, you get furious and increase the damage of your next X attacks by Y amount (to an equal-ish amount as HS)

Patch 3.2 brings two more heirloom weapons {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 12:21PM Wintergrasp you say? I don't remember that.

Exorcism can no longer be used on players {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 7:02PM I'd only just started to enjoy pvp again thanks to exo.

Boo, Blizzard, Boo.

The Light and How to Swing It: Judgements 101 {WoW}

Apr 6th 2009 9:53AM @Angus

It's not the case of he is judging X because he thinks his spec should.

He, and I, were just suggesting that common sense should dictate the healing paladin would cast a healing judgment - and those who don't know better would assume this.

By altering the judgments to be beneficial from a different talent tree would end any of this confusion - such as ending any confusion as to who blesses wisdom, might or kings depending on who has the improvement talents.

The Light and How to Swing It: Judgements 101 {WoW}

Apr 4th 2009 3:36PM I think this comes down to some subliminal misconception that the healing paladin would have the best healing judgments.

Maybe blizzard should change Light to be more beneficial from the Holy paladins, and Wisdom from the Ret paladins (after all, they now provide Replenishment)