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Why we should expect an expansion announcement at Blizzcon {WoW}

Apr 10th 2009 3:24PM Well...I normally do not make posts like this but your post really does seem pretty laughable mate. I am very confident that the new expansion will be *announced* but not released. You said that you expect a new hero class or race....but the only thing you base that off of is precedent. Yet then you go and expect them to break precedent by releasing a new major content patch without a new raid, and rush through this expansion in 1/2 the time the original and BC were going on (roughly 2 years each)?

I agree that the expansion will be announced, I agree that 3.2 will very likely contain a Battleground, and I agree that the expansion will use old world zones, though 3.2 may possibly use them as well.

The new class/race I think is likely, but not set in stone.

Breakfast Topic: What it's like to have a Spectral Tiger {WoW}

Apr 10th 2009 8:54AM @Usdom
Not having an epic flyer on all of your characters? Sure, I can understand that. On one character is anothe story though. I got most the gold for my epic flyer on my DK just leveling. I hit 80 real early into Icecrown, I got my epic flyer maybe 1/2 into Icecrown. I had about 200g from old chars, most of the rest was quests, drops, vendors, and skinning (maybe I jsut made alot more then I realized from skinning?). I made enough money from doing the rest of icecrown and storm peaks for my titansteel gear, flasks, repairs, chants, ext. By the time I finished my reputation grinds, I finished up the last few quests in northrend (i missed a few groups quests here and there, and alot of instance quests, but got the northrend loremaster), then got Outlands loremaster. That gave me enough money to level blacksmithing up for the socket enchants.

Am I personally obsesed? Yes, however not counting my farming, old world instanceing, AH playing, ext. I still made money for my flyer and my basic raid gear within 2-3 weeks of 80 (with minimal dailies), and I got my profession up a month or so later with money from things that a casual player can do no problem (I did alot more daileis each day then most, but I only got a few days a week). All the money I have from being obsessed is funneled into reputations, achievements, helping a friend gear enhance, respecs, regemming, pets, mounts, some BoE stuff, vanity items, pvp gear, betting who dies first, betting on /rolls with the guld, ext. And i have a few thousand right now for duel-spec and shineing up my future ulduar gear.

ALright then in summary, getting a chopper or a tundra mammoth is only for people with a large amount of time for the game generally, getting epic flyers on multiple high level chars takes a bit of work but is hardly soemthing only the elite do, getting ONE epic flyer is rediculously easy, even with spending large amounts of gold to maximize pve performance. Also haveing ONE epic flyer will enable you to do quests/farm much easier, thus very likely make you money in the long run.

What we know and don't know about the dungeon after Ulduar {WoW}

Apr 9th 2009 5:47AM Sorry for the issues with my formatting at the start, I had copied it into notepad and saved it, which messed up my organization when i copied out of notepad. Looks like i messed up a little bit of stuff while fixing it.

What we know and don't know about the dungeon after Ulduar {WoW}

Apr 9th 2009 5:42AM First off, @Alros87
5 Old gods originally. C'thun, Yogg-Saron, Darkshore thing, and 2 unknowns. There are many suggestions of where the Old Gods could be located (Grim Batol, The Maelstrom, BFD, Tirisfal, ext) and most of the info is contradictory/open ended enough that there could be many more, but most of the info seems to lead to 5.

Originally they said 5, they said 4 were imprisioned (likely counting C'thun, the Titans may have suspected he lived and trapped him but he broke free), and 3 plotted in War of the Ancients (the 3 still trapped, includeing Yogg-Saron)Sargeras - His body is pretty much no actual threat as far as we know. It may be a small part of him or something, but his remains were trapped in the Maelstrom, in the islands that Guldan raised (the remains of the Night Elf city Suramar). Illiden tried to use the Eye of Sargeras to destroy the Litch King, but was interupted. So there is still power in it perhaps, but it has no will of its own. If he is implemented the common theory is a 5th expansion (vanilla - BC - Wrath - Emerald Dream/Maelstrom - showdown with the Legion ) That would tie up all the Burning Legion loose ends.

Scarlet Crusade - They might still have some kick in them, but the vast majority were wiped out in the DK starting zone. The troops that formed the Scarlet Onslaught were the left over top dogs, and they are all in Northrend wailing on jsut about everything they can reach. I doubt they will ever play more then a token appearence again (a ship lost at sea, help attack Icecrown, ext), not an entire isntance/raid.

Gnome/Dwarf Origins - Dwarves its pretty much set already, gnomes there are a few more questions (everythign else went to sleep, where did they go? Gnomergan?) but overall I seriously doubt theres enough of a story left for a raid. Ulduar (and its 5 mans) pretty much has them covered.

Now for the possibilities:

---Grim Batol---
The redflight does NOT have their santum there, and neither would any sane creatures anymore. The place is tainted. The reds are guarding it because of the evil there. Check Night of the Dragon.Personally I'm thinking another expansion, but...

More black dragons - Deathwing himself was hidden deep within it so that he could steal the twilight dragon eggs from Sinestra, he may still be there. Also there were a strange form of dwarf there, they looked very reptilian and servered Sinestra. They could have actually been under Deathwings command and simply makeing sure Sinestra succeded with the Twilight dragons. As far as I know there is nothign else like them (they were specificly mentiond as seperate from the humanoid ones with the pole-arms and the centar-ish ones (4 legs on lower body and armed torso)).

Old Gods - This was the black dragonflights original home (around war of the ancients). Deathwing was corrupted by them, and Malfurion could feel the evil there. Its quite possible another old god could reside there. That would make 1 in Northrend, 1 in northern Kalimdor, 1 in southern Kalimdor, 1 in Eastern Kingdoms, and 1 unknown (my guess around the Maelstrom).

Again, my guess is another expansion, however Worgen/A new plot by the Litch King would make it possible for 3.2)

Worgen - Evil, intelligent, badass. However, there really isn't much that I know of to support Gilneas bing overrun by worgen, other then the fact that Shadowfang Keep and such are nearby.

Scourge - Gilneas is cut off by land, however the fact that Jaina managed to enlist a Gilneas Brigade from a ship for her trip to Kalimdor suggests that they may still have some sea acess, if so the Scourge can certainly get in (not counting gargoyles and frostwyrms). It would fit with the Wrath main plot if the Litch King Decided that he needed a new "recruiting grounds" and turned to Gilneas for it. Also it would make an excelent stageing grounds for an invasion of northen Eastern Kingdoms (spreading up from Gilneas and down from Plaguelands at the same time). It could be totaly scourged, or the inhabitants could still be fending off the attack when we arrive.

Naga - Brann Bronzebeard supposedly heard from Kul'Tiras that Gilneas had fallen to the Naga. This would seem more appropriate in a Maelstrom themed expansion, however going back to Naga would be a nice change of pace for all the people tired of Troll, Undead, and Titan themes. I think it would probably be the most likely use of Gilneas., and in the Maelstrom.

Note that for all of these it is quite possible they could combine the themes, but this one would make the most sense combined.

Old-Gods - Possible, expecially after Arthas's merry adventures down there. Personally however, while there can be remnants down there (leftover Faceless and such), I rather doubt the Old Gods would play the leading role, Since old Yoggy is getting put in Ulduar. The only way I see them makeing a major appearence is if Yogg-Saron isnt actually killed in Ulduar, just defeated, then you do the final showdown with him here.

Scourge - Pretty obvious here. The Litch King could be trying to use the depths for just about anything...a stageing ground, "recruitment" post for new crypt fiends, super powerful evil experiments, some ancient weapons hidden within, a new path to invade from, ext.

True Nerubians - Could be allies against the Scourge invadeing their sanctum, but most likely enemies like the majority of them. They could have some super ancient queen tucked away somewhere that the Litch King missed, or perhaps they want to bring back ole Soggy, or summon in another Old God, to drive the Undead out. Im sure Blizz could flesh out a nice new boss from them.

Commonly discredited because who wants two insances of the same theme in a row? However Titan ruins look rather different then Ulduar, so there could be variation.

Experiments - Sholzar is where they stuck a lot of the more succesful ones, but it is quite possible that some of their experiments didnt turn out how they planned. It could be filled with all sorts of creatures that didnt turn out how they wanted, but were either too strong to just be put down, or they simply considered it inhumane to exterminate them simply becasue they don't fit in, so they sealed them up. This fits in well with the broken door. It could also help explain why they have a titan weapon all the way out in Un'goro, though that may be covered by C'thun. Or it coud be the place where they originally designed and created life. The original place where all life on azeroth was created would be a very big attraction to evil forces. Also Uldum is suppose to be a sort of research station, so this would fit in with that. Since this one is so long and varied I will cap it a bit: failed superstrong experiments, "original" copies of life forms (thus superstrong/big and agressive for some reason); just about anything trying to steal the data on how to create/destroy life (old god servents, burning legion, Litch King followers, black dragons, ext). I would expand more but this post is already getting waaay to long.

A True Titan - While fighting against C'thun one Titan was rumored to have died. If so, they may have decided to bury him. Im sure the body of a Titan could have all sorts of potential for super evil to want, not to mention the safeguards they would place to protect it. Or one of them may have simply been horribly wounded and so had to wait here to recover, and is still here.Titan Weapon - Algalon was sent back to check on things, but the titans could have a safeguard here. Instead of having to get the Titans to come all the way back here to clean the place up, they could have a single guard left on duty (this fits in the one above too I suppose...) or some super construct/creature that can cleanse the world if the signal is sent.

Prison - Could have been used to house an old god servant/creation, or something completly different. I would give it alot of cresedence, except for the fact that Ulduar is a prison as well.Resting place of the Giants - one main thing that leads to this is Simply the fact that there are giants all over the place right outside. It is plausable because, while the dwarves and vrykrul and such have resting places where they went to nap, the Giants dont seem to have any place to have gone once their task was done. Also it could have been the place where the Giants were first created.

What would Warcraft be without another troll raid? personally, I dont care, however I think its worth noteing to all the troll haters that the reason trolls get so much attention in raids isntead of the other races is that they are
A. Actually extreamly populous, and with a massive amount of history all the way to before recorded time on Azeroth
B. Very strong and with all sorts of conenctions to powerful forces.
C. They are useually disdainful of every non troll and highly aggessive.
I could go on and in mroe detail but, again, this post is far longer then I planned.

Summoning - After the setback of their plans to steal their gods powers, the Troll Empire has turned to a new source of power to fight the Scourge. Likely an evil spirit/god similar to Hakkar, though possibly some Old God aspect.

Conquering - Perhaps the High Priests that we killed didn't actually absorb the majority of the Loa's power, but instead only a fraction of it while the majority was sent to a Shrine of some sort inside Zul'Drak. This would mean that Blizz can do as they did with all the other Troll raids, have a handful of people who absorbed the brunt of the Loa's power who we have to fight then the top guy himself (who may or may not have the powers). Of corse I doubt blizz would repeat this setup in ANOTHER raid but they could simply implement it differently. As for why we have to fight them, it is because now that the Trolls have a source of immense power they plan to repel the Scourge, and reforge their empire. Unfortunatly, Horde and Alliance have no place in the Troll Empire, so we would be attacked jsut as readily as the Scourge in the Trolls bid for domination.

Well thats about all I am doing. There are still countless other ideas, but most of them belong better in an expansion with a different theme, or are not very well founded in lore. The main reason I went over all of the above is because they are the most common suggestions that I have seen. Though Blizzard could actually come up with soemthing completly new and unseen.

Its worth noteing that I didnt mention Caverns of Time, simply because the possibilities for it are truely immense. Of the other major unused areas I excluded Hyjal, because I personally expect it to tie in with the Emerald Dream, and Kul'Tiras, because it would be appropriate for the Maelstrom. As for the Chamber of the Aspects, I am hopeing that Blizzard continues to use it for quick, almost trashless raids (like Sartharion and Onyxia). It also has vast possibilities though if they decide not too. I really could continue on but I have rambled enough. Hope you enjoy my ideas :)

Arcane Brilliance: Q to the power of Q {WoW}

Mar 14th 2009 5:18PM Umm...maybe it will increase sruvivability somehow? Kinda doubt it though. My guess is that they will likely nerf mages, then make it so that if u are useing spirit u will get buffed back to where you are right now (ex. increase regain while casting, but increase spell cost. Or go ahead and give a spell power talent, but put a nerf on spells generally).

Granted it would take alot of balanceing, and completly screw someone who is avoiding spirit, but I highly doubt that would stop blizz if they wanted to do it.

BlizzPlanet reviews upcoming Arthas novel {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2009 10:44PM So much knaak hate :( I suppose I can understand it, though I honestly liked most of his books (day of the dragon I loved, trilogy i liked, night of the dragon....well it was readable.

Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal...well they filled in the official story but I admitiadlly I would suggest finding a nice summary.

Cycle of Hatred I think is utter garbage. About = to the previous 2, but with far less relevance.

Lord of the Clans was great, even for an alliance lover like myself. Rise of the Horde I think was pretty good but it didnt really appeal to me.

On a different note, none of them hold a candle to (many) of the warhammer 40k books :)

Blood Elf vs. Draenei diorama giveaway {WoW}

Feb 14th 2009 12:31AM epix

Compare gear easily with Pawn {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 5:22PM (not on first page so assuming noone has posted)
One thing worth noteing about agility is that it does not (from what I can tell) increase your crit chance with spells. So to get a value for it you would have to compare its value to crit, then subtract a % from it equal to how often you use spells (ex. 2 agil gives as much crit as 1 crit rating. so agil would be .5, however 20% of your damage is spell damage, so the actual value would be .4).

Just real rough example

Do you care about PvP anymore? {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 1:31PM I feel pretty much the same as the author as a whole. I do like wintergrasp, and strand is ok, but now even the BLUE gear takes arena points? Arena really killed pvp for me. I am perfectly ok with only the top pvpers in the arena getting the top gear, but having to sit through games to get blue gear is rediculous.

Yes, I am not great at the arena, though that isnt the sole reason I hate them, honestly I just cant bring myself to put in the effort required to do well in the arena when I enjoy large scale so much more (old school AV was by FAR my favorite bg). But now there is very little reward in doing the bgs unles you arena as well.

As a note, I did go to warhammer in the hopes of having good, rewarding large scale fights, but I didnt care much for how any of the classes played.