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Fun with the Armory: Everyone's a little bit racist {WoW}

Jun 4th 2007 1:25PM Welcome to reality. People are idiots and morons, and you're going to hear a lot of things from them you won't agree with. If you want to avoid dealing with them, maybe an MMO isn't the right kind of game for you. It's certainly easier to escape into a dreamworld when you play alone.

I don't like many of these names either, but if you start policing words, then you will end up with the lowest common denominator. Something nobody is offended by (if such a thing exists). Something really boring. And I feel offended by boring things.

In fact I feel offended by people who want to decree what can be said or written.

I understand that you want to protect your child from disturbing influences. But you won't succeed in shutting the world out for very long. If he's old enough to play world of worldcraft, he is old enough to learn to deal with the fact that the world is full of idiots and morons.

I defend everyone's right to say stupid things, and have racist team names.
If only so I can identify them and don't accidentely end up in a PUG with them. ;-)