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問科技:最適合大學新生的三萬元筆電? {Engadget Chinese}

Jun 29th 2009 1:25AM 買了MacBook的話,又不能玩楓之谷或是卡丁車,完全不符合大學生的知識水準,怎麼看都應該買Wintel

World Wide WoW: East vs West, which WoW sites are better? {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2007 11:55PM Taiwan's Armory was released around June.

As the imagery thing....that's not about taste nor anything else.

It's all about font.

I'm a web designer who lives in Taiwan, I do know the pain.

Windows XP comes with LOTS of Western fonts with only few fonts for Asians, let's say, three for Japan, two for China/Taiwan....while all other western countries got around 20 fonts installed with your operation system.

Does this matters? Yes, this could affect they way you design a web page, we got only TWO ugly systems fonts to use, if you wana use some fancy fonts, you got two way to do: 1) Embed it in the page, and let the user download them, each Asian fonts costs around 3MB, no body going to wait for the download; 2) Create a image with the designed text, so you can express the text in a better way rather than the ugly system fonts.

The good new is Vista expanded the font into THREE, aye, bloodly 1 more since Windows 95...

The9 changes WoW in China to appease censors {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 2:43AM For people don't believe this shit and said couldn't find any evidence on the internet, read this:

And that's the reason u couldn't get too much thing bout China on the internet.

Chins IS a communist country, they set the policy, put a slogan on, and trying to control people in the way they want as usual.

The 'Harmony Society' is just another new policy, which affects lots entertainment products, the fact is The9 has to follow the policy to pass the censorship check, which delayed the release date of Burning Crusade about 5 months.

World Wide WoW: The "Blood Bar" {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 10:50AM @11 It's all about nanny. =P

The "nanny" before China become a modern country got to take care of other's children and -- in some wealthy family, they got to feed babies with their own milk since those high-ranked mom refuse to do such a low-ranked job, so the word "nanny"'s Chinese translation is very literature, the "milk mom", since those babies got a "real" mom and another mom who feed milk to them, so the nanny is called "milk mom" in the old time.

After few centuries, it got an extended meaning: The one who is in charge to taking care others, which could be extended to the "healer" in most games.

As for the daddy...well, who said that males can't be a nanny? =P

Reader UI: Chronnick {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 12:21AM I'd love to see that in a package download. +1

World Wide WoW: The "Blood Bar" {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 12:16AM @5 Nope, only some people believe that we Chinese going to put Qi and ninja(since it's japs stuff) in all of our daily life =P

Mana is usually called "Fa Li" which stands for spell power, or "Mo" which stands for magic.