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"Classic" servers for a simpler time {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 12:28PM Hey, WoWinsider!

Many of the regular WoW Community Forum-goers will probably recognize my name, as I am one of the prominent supporters of the "WoW Classic" server idea, and have been so for several months now (even before Bob's post on the forums). I find it to be a novel idea and is truthfully the only thing that could get me to play this game again, personally. And while there are many reasons for wanting this, I'd rather not dive into that, atm, but would like to referr you to the [large] thread series in the Suggestion Forums:

I'd like to note on one additional idea to help back the sales of TBC and future expansions with these servers. Blizzard Entertainment could easily run a "Buy it and try it first" policy, in which it's a requirement that you buy the game and upgrade one's account in order to access these servers. This way, Blizzard will still profit financially and still maintain their stature of that their expansions are still successful in a very innocent, but accepting way.

Despite Blizzard claiming they haven't plans for WoW Classic at the time [only] twice in the past, with each passing day, every new patch, and the addition of future expansions, this idea becomes MORE and MORE relevant. WoW Classic will return the excitement back to us supporters and initiate a new version of the "glory days" in this game.

They WILL come, it's just a matter of time! ^^