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Totem Talk: Onnix's Ultimate Casual Hardcore Guide to Shaman Resto Talents {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2007 12:51PM Wow, I thought this would be an interesting read since my alt is a 70 resto shaman I use to help when our raids are short heals. But some of the advice is way off. You don't even really know what Healing Way does, and it is a huge boost when main healing a tank. Also Nature's Blessing is a nice boost to +healing as well as damage. You need to rethink some of those talents.

Breakfast Topic: Gambling with prospecting? {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 10:50AM I tried gambling on Ore. My first few days I did very well. I would wait until I saw a cheap stack for around 20g. I even got 3 blues out of one stack. However, the next day I bought 5 stacks of ore and did not get a single blue. Kind of wiped out the previous couple of days. Not worth it overall it seems.