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Remembrance of raids past {WoW}

Jan 11th 2007 7:06PM We were all set up in Garr's room to battle Baron (in FR Gear) and asked the Hunter to pull, whihc he does he comes running back and who is following him SHAZZZ!!!!

We wiped and laughed hard and the hunter will never be able to live it down

Breakfast Topic: DKP Systems {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2007 8:54AM Our entire guild dislikes DKP and so leaders came up with a point based system in which you get 1 class point for every class based item that drops and 1 non class point for every non class item that drops. Whoever has the most points for that specific item (class points for class items, non-class points for non-class items) gets the item (if they want it) and the his/her points are reset to zero, The most you can spend on any item is 50 points. Most items have a priority list in order to prevent a wrong class getting an item. ZG is the only RAID that is free-rolled