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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Exploring the PTR {WoW}

Nov 7th 2007 4:09AM @Abolition seems like it might do the trick.

I've stopped playing for personal reasons, but even before that I was verging on it because Bears out-tanked, out-dpsed and were viable 5-man non-heroic healers; all in a single build... I re-specced pure Arms/DPS (31/30/0) but even that gave no joy when the same Bear went Cat... :-)

After 2.3 I might consider re-activating my account to play with a build similar to the one I linked.

You know you are too old to play WoW when... {WoW}

Jul 18th 2007 2:50AM I don't mind abbreviations, but 1337-speak really aggravates me. I consider it rude and inconsiderate and quite likely to get the perpetrator a free invite to my "/ignore" list. Being polite and articulate will, at the very least, earn you a measure of my time.

Case in point: I had someone come up to me in Orgrimmar asking for gold. Now this is not at all unusual once you have a character that has reached a certain level, but this one actually got some money out of me.

The difference was in how I got asked. Instead of the usual "1g Plzz!!!11!!ONE!", I got a polite "Would you mind helping me with some money, please. I would really like to buy a sword off the Auction House, but can not afford it. It's the #### (I can't recall the name) and it's priced quite reasonably..."

I "/inspect"ed the character, saw that he was a level 22 Warrior with some decent level 15-17 gear, and gave hime 10 gold (as a former Guild-Tank and currently re-specced Arms/Fury Warrior my normal repair bill after an instance is much higher than that!), telling him to use it and enjoy the game.

I got a "Thank you very much!" from him and saw him ten minutes later when he came to find me to proudly show me his new sword.

As to the "They're/Their/There" and "You're/Your" mix-ups, I seem to see it a lot less on the EU servers. I think it's because the words are pronounced markedly differently in Enlish, as opposed to being near homophones in American-Enlish.

When I do, though, I have a favourite phrase I send out:

"They're having their picnic over there. You're welcome to take your basket and go join them..."

It might be subtle, but the incongruity of it in Party/Guild chat normally makes the point fairly well.

A whole herd of Tauren, fighting an instance of bosses {WoW}

Jun 28th 2007 1:32AM I'd settle for "Abomination of Alliance" and "Honour of Horde" myself...

We all *know* that the Alliance are the evil ones in WoW... :-)

Hybrid Theory: What's a hybrid? {WoW}

Jun 8th 2007 3:13AM @Jason Lotito

My definition of Hybrid is any class that has viability (not necessarily optimum, though) in more than one role when they are specced to primarily fulfil a single role.

As an example, my wife has a 70 Druid-healer; she sometimes joins us in instances in Cat-form as additional DPS. Why she would never out-DPS a Rogue, she certainly has nothing to be ashamed of when looking ar her DPS numbers...

In other words, if you are viable in a role when specialising in another, you're a Hybrid...

Hybrid Theory: What's a hybrid? {WoW}

Jun 8th 2007 2:58AM @Mainstay

"And Fury and Arms warriors? I hate to say it guys, you're not better melee DPS then a Rogue, you can't throw aggro, you're a damage sponge."

Oh, I fully agree. I'm an Arms/Prot warrior and, while I do fairly decent DPS, that is mostly attributable to my kit, and not any inherent class-strength.

Like most warriors called to function in more than one role, I carry a complete set of armour with me to fulfil the other role. And by "complete" I mean complete! Everything but the Guild Tabard and my shirt...

Unfortunately most questing Warriors have no choice but to cross-spec, due to pure Prot being nearly useless outside the instance...