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Forum Post of the Day: Are Tanks A Dying Breed? {WoW}

Jun 15th 2007 12:21AM I play a paladin tank, and am a server xfer (so have to pug a lot) was a struggle for a little while trying to get it into peoples heads that i am there to tank not heal and that paladins aren't useless at tanking (far from it).

now i get constant msgs from people i grouped with in the past to tank for them, thankfully i believe i am saved from a lot of the general pug tank requests because of being a paladin.

I think you'll see a growing trend of paladin tanks, they are so fun to play, you can quite easily top the damage done in instances, have the "wow factor" from mass multi mob soloing, and absolutely lay waste to rogues/fury warrior in pvp, not to mention they are on par with any tanking class and superior in a lot of circumstances.

Shifting Perspectives: How to group with a druid part 1 {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 12:30AM nice article

most people think Tank and lump them all together, paladin tanks, druid tanks and warrior tanks all work very differently.

i play a paladin tank and it is very very painful tanking, so much so that i prefer healing in pugs and do not mention that im prot spec (just change gear to healing gear). people are so very clueless as to what is helping you and hindering you.

id imagine druids tanks would have similar but less difficulties, as they are closer to a warrior tank.

Build Shop: Hunter 5/13/43 {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 12:12AM yeah sorry i am all for playing however the hell you want, but I believe this build stretches you too thin.

as someone else said imp CS has very limited uses in pve.

youve taken aimed shot and IAOTH, what shot rotation / speed weapon are you really planning with that. one or the other dude... and if your taking IAOTH id be backing it up with improved arcane and mana efficiency.

take this build if you want.. just remember doing the whole mass CC (which this build has been specced to do, although non-cc points have been spent questionably) thing takes a very skilled hunter and there is very rare opportunities where this is actually beneficial/necessary.

Unfortunately most hunters fall in the barely adequate basket. This spec would lower their DPS and cause them to try to mass cc things which would be a major hindrance to most groups. (it would royally annoy tanks and healers).

Officers' Quarters: When guilds fracture {WoW}

Jun 12th 2007 1:00AM I think it all depends on what kind of player you are, if you take more enjoyment from mucking around with mates... base your decision on that.

If you really want the loot and end game progression join a guild that will provide that.

It doesn't mean you have to give up either, thats what a friends list and alliance chat channels are for, like others mentioned... but it does determine what you give more influence to.

Whichever you choose, you gotta be true to yourself, or you wont be happy.

Ive been in a few guild merges, its not pretty and takes a lot to make work.

If your an active officer trying to smooth over a merge... its a real eye-opener to exactly how diverse the players are in wow... age, timezones, language, culture, intelligence, values, sex, priorities.

To me this is the part of WoW ive learnt the most from, its like real world management of a lot of different people, wrapped in cotton wool.