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Breakfast Topic: Gankster Poll {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 12:42PM Druid don't attack druids because we know it will be a long fight. We have too many survival tricks and no high damage quick killing methods.

Breakfast Topic: Should there be honor in PvP? {WoW}

Mar 25th 2008 9:09AM All is fair in war. I gank when I'm reasonably sure I will win. No quarter was ever given to me so now I expect none and give none to others.

Village Voice talks with WoW adult film producer Dez {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2008 5:43PM Where be the tauren women!

WoW Moviewatch: I feel fantastic! {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 12:40PM First post!

The odd couple, playing together {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 7:48AM I played WoW first, got my brother to join and we leveled our (pve) human pally, human warrior team up to lvl 50. Then we got my brother-in-law to start and re-rolled horde (pvp) so we could play together. We made characters that complemented each other, all taurens, one warrior, one shaman and one druid (ftw). Leveled together all the way to 70. Can't see having so much fun if I'd been solo'ing all this time.

Caption This! [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 12th 2007 7:37AM Come on guys, it wont be that hard. The Engineering recipe says I just need to mate her with a Fel Reaver and I create a Goblin Photon Cannon!