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Keyloggers 2, Blizzard employees 0 {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 6:21AM yeh but if you get a mail where you are asked if you change your pasword. and you didnt i think the hacker already have you login en already cleaned out your account?
maybe an option so you can choose for an ip check if you want or an mac code or whatever its savest way and easiest .

or maybe an electronic fingerprint file on your pc so that when you login and you dont have the fingerprint file you cant login. (in case you lose the file you can ask for new one and it wil be send to your email adress.) so hackers just dont get to log on your account just an idea .

btw a tip would be remembering your login name on login screen (option in lowerleft corner) and only type pasword so when they even log your keys they only have the pass but they dont know wich acount it belongs to so they cant login either.

Keyloggers 2, Blizzard employees 0 {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 2:19AM there is one simple solution for this.

i mean most peeps play from the same adress all the time.
if not they just login on the site request another ip added from where they want to play.
blizz send them a message to the regged email adress to confirm.
if they now want to hack your account they have to hack your whole pc.