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Breakfast Topic: Should all classes get to tank, heal, and dps? {WoW}

Oct 14th 2007 2:41PM The problem with this article is it has ignorance all over it perfect example:

"The idea behind the paladin class is tanking and healing"

If the idea behind pallys is healing and tanking then why do we start the game with a 2h weapon? Why are we the worst baseline healing when other healing hybrids like priest/druids at 0/0/0 have so many healing spells? If we are a tanking hybrid then why are we the worst baseline tank? Why do we have a talent tree devoted to 2h weapons. Why are majority of the pally class rewards 2h weapons? If we are a healing hybrid why are we horrible at healing low lv instances? If we are a healing hybrid why are 7/8 of the item sets in wow ret based? If we are healing hybrid why did it take till 1.10 to get proper healing itemization? If we are tank hybrids then why did it take the expansion to get tank itemization?

The answer is simple we aren't tank healing hybrids we are MELEE HYBRIDS.

Another one bites the dust {WoW}

Jun 28th 2007 1:07PM I got a question. IIRC Paladins sucks was run by two bloggers right? Because I remember around May/June a guy named Val (cant remember the rest) on the pally forums was flaming trolls/blizzard out of frustration the last few day of his account.

So I guess now the second blogger is done.

Also to the shaman QQin. Yes shaman need help but don’t give me that paladins have 3 viable trees BS in terms of spec distribution shaman are much better and that’s a fact.

92% of the paladins who are exalted with kara and have killed Magtheridon are holy. That makes prot the least used tree in raiding and ret the third least used.

97% of top 20 5v5 arena pallys are holy. Ret and prot and again in the bottom 3 least used spec.


56% raiding shaman are resto.

55% of top 20 5v5 arena shman are elemental.

Totem Talk: What's wrong with Shamans? {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 6:50PM I agree with what Onnix said except one thing. He said elemental is weak in pvp. Thats a bold face lie. Elemental is the most common (speciicaly 40 ele / 21 resto)shamy spec in top 20 5v5 teams.

Every week it has consitantly been getting numbers between 55%-60% of top 20 5v5 shamy spec representation. So as far as top players go a elemental shamy is better than a resto in 5v5.

The masterminds of WoW on gaming {WoW}

Jun 14th 2007 12:52AM @Janessriel Its not that confusing UO, was a game like guild wars or DAOC where there were gear gaps and very very small gear gaps between the average gear and the best gear. Majority of the best gear in UO was crafted by players and very common. In wow terms everyone was walking around in white geat with maybe 2 or 3 greens.

The the expansion came that kalgan (tom chlinton) worked on and they decided to introduce unlootable epics. So the first few guilds/players to get the epics ruled pvp, because regardless of skill they were hitting everyone 3x harder than normal. Then UO players started leaving in masses and the game started dieing out.

The Paladin Report: What changes are needed for endgame Paladins? {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 4:13AM Just for clarification some of you might have seen me on the pally forums I post under the names Wudamonkey, vincecarter and teddsta.

One thing that kind of pisses me off about the state of paladins is when holy pallys who have no intention of specing and have never been melee speced (prot or ret) at 70 or for some at all start speaking for the melee community. You get either pure retarded ignorance or people with good intentions but ignorance as to what would actually fix the melee trees.

Then of course there is the “ret and prot are fine noob crowd”. They find a way to place all the faults of prot and ret on everyone but blizzard.

This thread I posted is the perfect example of what im talking about the “ret and prot are fine noob” crowd look retarded.

97% of top 20 5v5 paladins are holy. Prot is the least used pvp spec and ret is the 3rd least used in pvp.

92% of raiding paladins are holy. Prot is the least used raiding spec and ret is the 3rd least used in raiding.

67% of lv 70 pallys in general are holy spec. Ret is the 2nd least used spec and prot is the 6th least used overall.