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Critapalooza {WoW}

Aug 15th 2007 11:43AM Pre-BC I had a Multishot crit for 39,500ish damage.

That got ss'd and confirmed by several guildies combat logs.

I toss that screenshot out anytime someone's really e-peening.

A cookie to anyone that knows what ate that arrow.

Blue Notes: Windfury and voice chat {WoW}

Aug 10th 2007 10:51AM We're sorry, you seem to be misreading the patch notes.

The 'error' with the orc shoulders is that they were shrunk too soon. As of next content patch, the orc race will be reduced in size comparable to the gnomes to provide more size balance between the factions.

Blizz just screwed up and made the orc shoulders small too soon - but take heart, orcs, when you shrink to one-third size next patch, your shoulders will match again.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Please don't do that. {WoW}

Jul 21st 2007 7:42AM "Mr. Tank: Pyroblast has a 6 second cast time. Please get a move on."

Mr Mage: I'm glad you learned to set yourself on fire.

But until I'm happy that my healers have mana, the CC is in place, and that pat isn't 5 seconds from doubling my pull size? My furry bear butt is staying right here until I'm darn well ready to pull. See above: Don't rush the tank.

I will admit, though, with Feral Charge + Taunt, bears have a luxury over warriors there. If my DPS peels one of my mobs off by front-loading damage on the wrong mob, they can have it for a bit, I can catch it before it gets over to my healer. Some people only learn by getting beat on, I guess. I may not start yelling at my DPS, but you can be sure I'm whispering my healer.

Around Azeroth: Death to the Aldor! {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 10:44AM Note the name of that Guard? Vind. Aeus? There's alot of the forum/Blizz CM screen-names running around in Shatt and Exodar.

Guess one of the Devs decided to make Aeus killable as a last minute joke.

Very amusing, someone asked about it on the forums awhile back.

I do wish I could heal him sometimes, though. But I'd also much rather have the guys beating the crap outta Aeus in-game, than making more useless posts on the forums.

Blizzcon ticket giveaway! [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 29th 2007 3:35PM /respec Doomkin
/dance for tickets

Reminder: WoW Insider comes to the Xfire Debate Club tonight {WoW}

Jun 19th 2007 10:23AM Actually, all the Pallys I run with are quite happy. With their class - not spec. They go Prot for levelling, Prot or Holy as needed for raiding, and Holy for PvP. Of course, we PvP as a group, and they find being unkillable healers much more fun then being ignored as they try to whack things. =p

Again, though, as for class, they are happy. I'll leave spec discussions up to the CMs.


@5 Why change what ain't broke?

Pallys will never be warriors. I'm a feral Druid tank, I'm not a warrior. When it comes to even 25% magic bosses, let the warrior step up. He's a better tank. When it comes to 100% physical bosses, gimme. I'm a better tank. And run a heroic with a properly geared Prot-spec Pally, and I'll go kitty with glee.

Prot pallys with the right gear and spec blow away warriors and druids on multi-mob aggro. Bar none.

You wanna tank just like a warrior, go be a warrior. But for Heroic and raid trash AoE tanking? I'll happily go with a Pally tank. And we do.

So adjust, yes. Pallys could use a slight tweak, downwards on aggro gen on multiple mobs. But they don't need to be warriors, there's already a class for that.

Reminder: WoW Insider comes to the Xfire Debate Club tonight {WoW}

Jun 19th 2007 9:13AM Yeah, would like to see transcripts posted. Everyone I talk to is fairly happy with their class as well. Again, except shamans.

But hey, they were totally OP from 1-60 pre-TBC, so karma's a b*tch, no?

Around Azeroth: Ca-caw. {WoW}

Jun 14th 2007 12:27PM Aww... slow day?

Cause that's really splitting hairs to troll your (least) favorite blogger.

She didn't say it was the epic flight form, and unless you're a druid 68+ you might not be absolutely sure if getting the form is a quest (like bear and seal) or a simple train (like cat and bird)... and at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter in the slightest to her post... it's total fluff.

But hey. Nothing like a good troll comment to keep the post count up right? Keep her popular!

Around Azeroth: Ca-caw. {WoW}

Jun 14th 2007 11:29AM Hehe... very good idea.

I'll admit, first thing I did when I got my bird, and then my epic bird, was go perch on things and say "Caw!". Meeting stones, banks, anything and everything that looked cool.

Maybe that big rock in Hellfire? That make a neat picture, covered in birds.

Forum Post of the Day: Are Tanks A Dying Breed? {WoW}

Jun 14th 2007 9:40AM Another thing alot of people miss is that Druids are trained from day one to build multiple gear sets. Comes with the class. If I tried going grinding in my bear-tank gear, I'd be hating life, same as alot of warriors. I keep two complete sets of gear (three full swap sets if you count healing, and two more half sets of resistance gear) and my DPS gear is only slightly less quality than my tanking gear. Maybe a few less blue or epic gems.

Then I ask some prot or hybrid prot warriors to throw on DPS gear, and they swap to a 2-hander and maybe two pieces of blue/green armor... and are ready to go.

I won't argue that Feral druids get a better DPS/tanking hybrid tree. But alot of the non-MT tanks that go Fury-Prot or Arms-Prot might be a little better off if they kept a dps set of gear that was at least close to their tank set in quality. Sucks for bags, though.

And who knows, my warrior is 62 now. Maybe I'll bite my tongue at 70, but I'm liking my arms-prot hybrid right now, and I'm carrying two full gear sets.