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The Light and How to Swing It: Patch 3.2 and the Paladin II {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 5:41PM traptinacivicsi - please tell me you are joking. Just in case you are not, ever hear of Shield of the Templar?

The Light and How to Swing It: Patch 3.2 and the Paladin II {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 5:36PM Angus - My BV set old max value is 3360. On ptr (yes, both of them with trinkets) its 4510. The gain should be closer to 500 bv on normal sets, and you should be switching back to Libram of obstruction if you are a pally. The new durations on it make it the better of the two, because it can keep a 100% up time now.

To the OP/Column writer - You are an idiot. Why are you writing this column and blowing sunshine up people's asses? The only thing the new beacon of light is going to do is encourage more over heal, along with the new flash of light. Go though log after log if you wish, but if you have a competent group of healers in your raid, your average holy light that ACTUALLY HEALS something is in the 5k range. Yes, there are quite a few times when our large heal saves the tank, and quite a few times when several heals land very close together. All this is doing is allowing you to spam a target that does not need it, and create more issues, and more over heal.

Congratulations on actually believing the re re's that tell you that you know what you are doing.

This change for the class is neither good nor bad. It is simply a change. The buff to mp5 is laughable, because even with every single fucking piece of mp5 gear on from uldar, a pally still will not top 300 mp5, and we are getting nerfed more than that. We needed a nerf, yes. To this extent no. Let's just hope that silver lining looking cretins like you don't talk to blizz and get them to keep the severity of this nerf. Look at cold hard numbers, not 'oh i think this will work, and be nice'. 50% off of Illum, 25% off of Repleish, 5% off our Int pool (and the reduction in crit, DP regen, replinish regen) and you have no where near the amount we need.

Yes Beacon is a buff. You're excitement about it seems like the kid that just got a tennis racket shoved up his backside and is happy about the lolly pop the doctor gave him.

BigRedKitty: The Whole Scorpid Thing {WoW}

Aug 8th 2007 4:46PM Also, remember only one scorpid can keep its sting stacked at one time.

While I realize that Wind Serpents got the Nerf bat like all hell, I just have to check this.

Lightning Breath (Nature) &ab=
Hits Total Dmg % of total dmg # of hit's Average hit
132 20425 25 % 132 154

Landed Norm All Miss Miss Resist
Nb 132 132 10.8 % 10 %

Avg 154 154

Max 179 179

this is the WWS for my pets LB attack. he's lvl 70, full loyalty, and trained. Now my RAP is 1980 unbuffed, and 25 man buffed for these fights it was about 2300-2400. So, by this calculation below

LB_Damage = [ ( 99 + 113 ) /2 ] + ( (RAP=1980)) * 0.125 * 0.4286 ) = 212.0785

LB_Damage = [ ( 99 + 113 ) /2 ] + ( (RAP=2300) * 0.125 * 0.4286 ) = 229.2225

he should be hitting for the above numbers. Is my calculation wrong still or am I just missing something?

BigRedKitty: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things {WoW}

Aug 1st 2007 5:21PM HAI, BRK! Hope Hobbes is doing well...think you can do an indepth article on our SV brothers? (yarr, that's me too). I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and impressions on em.

Breakfast Topic: Capturing your character's essence with art {WoW}

Jul 30th 2007 10:06AM My hunter, well, that would have to be in a huge battle ground, and you see him shadowmelded in a tree or gloom, picking out his target, with one of his pets beside him waiting...prolly the Scorpid, all hunkered down trying to hide with him in the shadows...

My nelf priest, prolly mind controling something and making it dance...

and well, for my belf pally...that would be fighting 4-5 mobs at once, giggling all the way to thier doom

A spec guide for classes that aren't yours {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 5:17PM damn're right, this is just a very broad stroke of the pen to give an idea, not a specific on each class...its more like 'you see MS go down, that's prolly not a prot warrior'. Even I got a little over exuberent in my description of an SV hunter.

Meh, still a good job, and a damn fine idea on an article.

BigRedKitty: What Kind of Hunter Are You? {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 3:22PM ohhh...I was the worst...all the way into my 40s just wearing gear that looked good as opposed to really helping me. I didnt even learn to kite until well after I hit 55.

And yes, that happened to me too with my first brother, a lvl 23 dorf pally took me to IF to tame a white cat...and I never finished the training quest to feed him. Its just too bad I got rid of all my pets from when I was a lowbie...Aire (the moonstalker cat for my 20s) Raptor (from wetlands for my 30s-40s) Aire2 from STV (black panther till 60) Bucky, wintersaber stalker (60-65), best pet I ever had...poor cat just couldnt keep up. Fluffy, my first warp hunter(65-70). Modnar, my green one. and now Tard my Scropid, Shocky my Windserpent, and Ghost, my lvl 61 ghostsaber.

A spec guide for classes that aren't yours {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 3:09PM Survival hunters can't 'Do any of the other cool stuff that Hunters can do-- frankly, the Survival tree needs work.' ??? As a full SV hunter i can do almost everything a MM hunter can. Hell, I even have Scattershot.

here is what is should of read imo -


How to Spot: Survival is probably the most unpopular Hunter spec, since it has lots of melee-related abilities (and it's for a class you'd be crazy to melee with). Wyvern Sting, and SV hunter only skill can sleep a target for 12 seconds, and put an almost respectable dot on the target, root you in place after a parry with Counterattack, or tank bosses for 10-20 secs with Deterrance.

They Can: Do crowd control. Nobody does Hunter CC better than Survival Hunters, since their traps all get boosts. Crit. SV hunters have reported as high as 60% crit rates fully buffed. Live for ever. A 'reasonably' geared SV hunter has roughly 13-15k hp fully buffed due to talents. That with Feign Death, makes one shotting those guys pretty hard.

They Can't: Make Big Red Pets, Farm as well as the other two specs, top the damage meters.-- frankly, the Survival tree needs work.

Get your own Ghost Saber {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 10:00AM FFS QUIT TELLING EVERYBODY >.>

i mean...whats rare and cool thats left anymore? i mean, whats left to really hunt?

Breakfast Topic: Three WoW wishes {WoW}

Jun 20th 2007 10:27AM ) Sieges on the actual cities where ur like given orders when defending and stuff like that. I can see it now, hunters on the wall of SW burning down incoming BElfadins. Warriors standing at the gates etc...that would be awesome

I really like the a hunter and that would be pretty sweet.

and the 'town points' and such would be fun...i like the idea of defending sieges and such. (thanks rihahn)