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WoW Moviewatch: Beyond the Real Life {WoW}

Jan 7th 2008 1:05AM Aaaah! I get so sick of trailers that "blink" for you. Regardless of how entertaining this could be, it's like you're watching it through the eyes of some drunk who can't stay awake.

Makes me want to slap my monitor. 80% of the video is spent fading to black.

Are cross-realm dungeons necessary? {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 12:41AM I personally don't want to see much more retooling of the current LFG system -- I think it went from bad, to worse, to less bad. The only reason the global LFG chat failed was because everyone decided to ruin it by filling it up with idiotic "forum chat." Regardless, I still found most of my groups in LFG channel far quicker than the LFG tool.

I think cross-realm partying would be great -- especially for people who play at odd times or just can't find groups. Take the epic Warlock quest, pugs do NOT run Scholomance or Dire Maul anymore. So getting your epic mount, if you don't have a guild to help you, can take weeks and weeks of just waiting to find a group -- at which point you'll get to 61 and technically can't even queue for those instances anymore.

Up side to X-realm instances -- more groups, more loot, less time going solo. Down side to X-realm instance -- more instance server instability, probably some extra ninja looting -- which I doubt would be much different from regular ninja looting, just post a typical ninja screenshot on the Battlegroup forum (or your's and their realm forums), which would get a lot more use if this were opened up. But I just have more faith -- feeling that people would rather have more chances to get their own loot and quests done than having the chance to steal others' and then disappear. Chances are you WILL see that person again if you're all in the same level range for the next month or so.

Maybe it wouldn't work -- but my problem is I spend too much time waiting for an instance group to materialize. It'd be nice to just have a check box for "xrealm" or "home realm." So if you want to risk the supposed troubles of xrealm, it's your choice.

Azeroth Interrupted: Reader Mail -- Is playing WoW on a school night ok? {WoW}

Sep 4th 2007 4:31AM If 1% of WoW players have ruined lives, that's about 90,000 people. Which would be utterly insane, but also hilarious.

Anyways, ages 15-18 are about the time where you're going to screw everything up for yourself, regardless if you're not 'doing drugs or drinking' (which you will likely start soon anyways). Grades slip, smart kids get easily distracted from school, teachers will tell you the sad tale. Even if what said is true about his/her grades (and considering how often teenagers and toddlers are trying to talk themselves up to get what they want...), 3-4 years from now they will likely be very different -- as a result of your average teenage existence.

In any case, if you're smart enough to keep up with school, you're smart enough to know that you shouldn't be concerned about playing Warcraft. 15 hours a week for a 70 mage will turn into 20, which will turn into 30 and you and your mom will be at odds with each other. Then she'll want to pull the plug on your Warcraft that you, for some reason, can't afford. Then you'll want to get a job, which you should do anyways, which will likely affect your schooling as well.

So in summary, if you're in a position where your parents are lording over your game time still, forget about the game. Play when you can, stay in school, get a job, grow up. Then stop using the family computer, get your own and pay for your own account. And most importantly, don't listen to any of these utter fools on the internet saying "omigod, your mom is dumb cuz your grades is good and ur smrt so you should play more lol." The bloggers are decent, but the WoW forum community is idiotic at best... a few of these comments are a clear case of that. It's no place to come for advice.

Blue Notes: Fear ward for all, and a faster Armory {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2007 8:09AM Horde getting Fear Ward is great -- UD Priest here, no complaints.

To the sad Warlocks, if you're one of those fear spammers (50% of you are), you'll just have to waste 1 fear before it will work. Second, if you are actually still using fear that often these days in PvP, there's something totally wrong with you.

Fear is basically a PvP interrupt now -- people have cried and cried to get it squeezed over the years and now it is. Fear is weak, on top of all the possible ways to get out of it. Occasionally, you can get off a bunch of dots after a successful fear, but any bulk damage will break it. I have a Warlock and a Priest, so I know. Anybody who says otherwise is wildly exaggerating, really unlucky, or hasn't played the game for a year.

Anyways -- as a Priest, you'll get a resounding "woo hoo" from me. As a full affliction Warlock alt, I say fuggetaboutit. If you constantly use fear to solve your PvP problems, you've got big insecurity issues.

And just to reiterate, Fear Ward absorbs 1 fear -- the people worried about it usually blast fear as often as possible, until the target is immune anyways. So what's the problem?

Turn crossrealm BGs back off? {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2007 6:18AM Yes, Horde used to win the occasional AV after a 4-hour match using defense, offense and everything in between.

Doing away with Cross-Realm PVP means you do away with PVP for the most part. You might as well bring back the Ranking and DK systems -- would make as much sense.

As much as I want Realm folk to feel more connected to one another, I don't see a solution.

And I think the fact that the AV map favors Alliance is pretty much academic now. FW vs SP... Hut vs Aid... those are just the more hilariously imbalanced, key points on the map. It's not really up for debate anymore.

Entering the raiding scene (or) How the Elune realm hates me {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2007 6:06AM I had applied to several guilds before ZG came out and the majority of the responses were pretty belligerent if you had less than 200 FR... which for a non-raider, isn't very attainable. I thought the whole application process was effing stupid, but I grudgingly accepted that there was no other way to weed out the uncommitted players.

I finally got into one that I applied for, but a day later I just said screw it and joined a friend's casual guild. So in my 3 WoW years, I've done part of MC once, half of ZG once, none of BWL, and certainly not Naxx or any post-BC stuff.

No matter how good you are, WoW comes down to having gear and having time. If you don't have both, you get to PUG your life away and miss out on the majority of new content.

Breakfast Topic: What one buff would you give your class? {WoW}

Aug 19th 2007 8:51AM As a Warlock -- I'd want an AoE Disease Cloud that isn't channeled. And it would syphon life from anything caught in it.

If it were a talent, I'd make increased points cause a slowing effect.

Azeroth Interrupted: Raiders have real lives too {WoW}

Aug 14th 2007 3:38AM I would say I'm a casual player, but I still play about 3 hours a day. I don't raid anymore because I work nights -- that's really the only reason.

Overall, I would say hardcore players aren't much different in their gameplay and organization skills. They just play more during prime raiding hours. The last guild I was in -- when an item dropped, hardcore raiders would take the item because they "might" use it later if they respec, rather than letting the new guys take it as an honest upgrade. That's a pretty good example of typical "hardcore" behavior.

The casual vs. hardcore player is, in my view, just a case of the Haves and Have-Nots. If you got into a good guild at its beginning, grats. If you want to get in one, you need good gear -- to get good gear, you have to be in a good guild. Before BC, guilds were requiring new recruits to have obscene amounts of fire and nature resistance, the likes of which would be impossible for non-raiders to get. On top of everything, you need to schedule time for them and WoW -- which isn't a problem if it falls during your normal play time.

There are many players like me who are exceptional at WoW, but the timing just doesn't work out -- mostly due to work, family, friends. And the majority of WoW content is and will always be tailored to raiders -- so us dirty casuals get left back a grade no matter what. It's up to us alone to refresh our enjoyment of the game, which isn't getting easier.

PS... I didn't make mention of the hardcore raiders that totally suck at WoW, but have big egos because their in a raid guild -- and I didn't mention the total nooblet casuals who don't know how any encounters work and bail on every other party.

Waiting to reroll {WoW}

Jul 26th 2007 2:39AM "That thrilling race to level 70" -- whoa, what game are you playing? I constantly create new characters because leveling my over-60 alts is less of a race and more of a huge, irritating grind.

But that's my opinion as a casual player. I like the whole leveling once or twice a session thing. Makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

For me, new servers are a lot of fun for awhile, but I usually get tired of fighting 3 newbies for a mineral vein or having 10 people camping a quest kill.

We could have say, realms where you can have 2 PTR-style premade alts. Because the PTR realms are tons of fun -- that is, after you try for a few days to get a character copied, then wait a few days for it to go through, then wait 45 minutes each time you want to log in.

Small Orc shoulders official? {WoW}

Jul 20th 2007 1:57AM I think most of us with half a brain knew this was an intentional graphic change -- and Blizzard tried to pass it off as a bug. The point is, 95% of us hate it, we didn't ask for it and it was completely unwarranted.

And to all those folks that complain about people whining about it -- if you're not an Orc male, just move along, it doesn't affect you. If you see "Orc" and "shoulders" in something, just go away. A lot of us have Orc mains (I have 4 Orcs that I play regularly) who completely despise this graphical blemish. We didn't want this and our Orc shoulder appearance is important to us. Call it nerdy or QQ or whatever lame forum lingo you want.

Blizzard is just washing out the situation -- everyone complained a ton about it originally and now that anger is settling into irritated acceptance which is likely what they were counting on. It was clearly intended and they probably have no intention of going back to the original design. It was a shady, asinine move on their part.

Most of the people telling us to shut up are likely Alliance -- so I say to you: How much of a fuss would you make if they made human girls' breasts were 60% smaller? How mad would you be if they removed the /spit emote? How mad would you be if your shields were 30% smaller (that's how it is for Orcs now)? How mad would you be, essentially, if this crap happened to you? Exactly.

Likely the only reason they said it was a bug was so people would quiet down about it, long enough to forget. But hey, they own the game -- so they could turn every character into a gnome and call it "If you don't like it, go somewhere elsecraft" and we'd just have to deal with it. Or go somewhere else... craft.