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Arena Season 2 rewards from the Public Test Realms {WoW}

Jun 18th 2007 2:12PM i'm tired of blizzard pressing the easy button for mounts, I find having a unique mount is nice to have, rather then everyone riding thier same class mount.

So when the game first came out, I grinded Runecloth into Stormwind and got my horse (LEGITLY) as I am a Night Elf. Then the AV rewards came out. Get Any mount you want for some shitty tokens, so every noob and thier grandmother rode around on horses/rams.

Well sad to say BC came out and I grinded Exodar rep recently to get myself an elephant. It's even still early in the game that only a select few have done the work to get the new mount. Even when I mount up in instances/towns I get tells like "Omfg, an elekk, wtf"

But yet again blizzard has decided that every 8 year old in the game would love an elekk, and those of us who actually grinded for it, can go off and QQ, becuase blizzard once again makes the game easier.

I'm glad they actually look different, just like the horses from rep/AV rep (blue eyes on rep, pink on the AV rep) But still, your gonna end up with like 80% of alliance riding elekks.

I have an idea, why don't you hit the fucking easy button on flying mounts, so I can ride a dragon FFS