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Loot hoping, and loot whining {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 4:03PM Playing the game to get loot is one way to look at it. I prefer not to look at it the game in this fashion.

I take the perspective of loot like this:
If you want to progress end game, be it in arena or end game content, you need loot upgrades to do so. The loot is a means to the end, not the other way around as described in the article.

Just my opinion, but i feel like the people who play Wow for the sole purpose of "gearing up", instead of for enjoying the content, or trying to compete on a higher level (arenas) to win, are probably very unhappy most of the time when such gear doesn't drop, or when their rating isnt too high b/c they just dont want to put that extra effort to perfect their arena strategy.

I play arena mostly. I'm a very competitive person by nature so my goal is to get the highest rating/ranking i can. Gear just comes along with that.

I'm sure the guild's who have beat the end game content share the same idea.

/end rant

Neglecting kids isn't videogame addiction-- it's bad parenting {WoW}

Jul 16th 2007 5:30PM #16 - Maybe my post was too short, and you read between the lines for things that didn't exist, so I'll try to clear things up.

I didn't come on here to say that everyone who plays wow is addicted. Some people CAN quit when they want, but others cannot as some people have addictive personality traits.

I simply asked the question of how many people would actually quit if asked to ; Nowhere in there do I state that everyone who plays wow is an addict.

You say it yourself in your post: "Anyway, plenty of people drink beer, and a subset of those are alcholics. Plenty of people play WoW, and a subset of those are addicted" I completely agree with that.

My purpose for my first post was to give my belief that video games can be addicting, just like drugs or alcohol. There's still alot of denial about that from society.

Also, I do play Wow, and enjoy the game. Thats why I'm posting on the forums.

Neglecting kids isn't videogame addiction-- it's bad parenting {WoW}

Jul 16th 2007 4:38PM I'd have to agree with number 5. I know I will receive flames for it, but thats my belief.

How many people that are reading this article and pointing fingers at the parenting skills would seriously quit Wow right now if asked? The answer to this question is probably the same answer you get from the alchoholics and smokers in the world - "I can quit whenever I want - I just dont want to."

Keep living in denial.

Blue Notes: DoTs to be affected by resil., no gear swapping in Arena battles {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 1:22PM Quote from: Eyonix

In the next major content patch, the combat rating, resilience, will also reduce the damage dealt by damage over time (DoT) effects. As it currently stands, each new tier of equipment adds to the amount of damage DoT abilities have, yet that damage is not mitigated through combat ratings found on typical equipment. This change will help ensure that DoT effects do not scale too well compared to other damage mechanics.

The amount of damage reduced will be equal to the critical **CHANCE** reduction effect that resilience grants.

This means the reduction of DOTs is half of what the reduction in direct damage crit would be for a said amount of resillience. That means about 10% DOT reduction for people around 400 resilience as opposed to the 20% reduction for direct damage criticals.

It sounds like a fair deal to me, as I didn't think it would be fair for DOTs to be lessened by the same amount as critical strikes from direct damage.

Blue Notes: DoTs to be affected by resil., no gear swapping in Arena battles {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 10:52AM Sorry, I dont know how to edit... Change "PVP" to "PVE" on that second line. Thats what i meant.

Blue Notes: DoTs to be affected by resil., no gear swapping in Arena battles {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 10:50AM #19,

Not to be a noob... but how exactly does resilience affecting DOTS become a nerf to priests and locks in raids and PVP? Last time I remember, raid bosses dont have resilience.

Also, the argument about getting shadow resist gear is null and void at this point. As there is no gear swapping allowed in arenas in the comming patch, there will be no way to swap to shadow resist gear even if you had it on you. Just remember that there are 7 other classes (correct me if i'm wrong) that dont deal shadow based damage in the form of DOTs. I shouldn't have to farm twice as long to have two sets of gear while a lock or priest only has to farm for one. Thats imbalanced.

Get to level 70 on your warlock and you may not have the same feelings. Although rogues are probably going to be your toughest competition, the fights will probably be borderline and balanced.

DoTs and Resilience {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 1:24PM "Killing the player that's DoT-ing you has proven 100% effective in our clinical trials."

Just another lame answer with no backing. Explain how to kill the person dotting you - unless you're a lock or priest yourself- when you can't crit them and/or your crits do next to no damage b/c the "dotter" stacked up on resilience gear? The dots will kill you much faster than any direct damage you can dish out, plain and simple. Make the mage arena set have +1500 spell damage and maybe i'll take you seriously.

"You seem to be overlooking one very basic fact here: _EVERY_ player, regardless of class, is able to be DoT fodder, even those oh-so-evil Priests & 'Locks"

Yes, except for a the little fact that only other priests and locks can deal the same amount of damage back to their equals effectively.

Hunters were not included in my evaluation b/c their main sourse of damage is direct damage with DOTs being a supplement. The Warlock/Priest class is the other way around. Also, Hunters can only have ONE sting at a time. Maybe warlocks and priests should only be able to do ONE DOT at a time.

DoTs and Resilience {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 11:50AM "But dots can be dispelled by multiple classes"

What a general statement. Lets look at the other side of the story. Just as "easily" as you think the dots can be dispelled, cleansed, devoured, whatever can these same dots be re-applied.

Lets say I do clease all the dots off of me. While i'm spending all my time doing it, what's not stopping a lock/priest from casting a nice immolate/sw: pain or just throwing another curse of agony or corruption on me?

Unless you've played both sides, you really dont know the whole picture.

#34 IMO is the only one in here that see's the whole picture.

"Resilience isn't meant to be an addition to armor, just to keep you from getting 1 or 2-shotted"

Whats there to keep me from my slow and inevitable death? Resistance gear is not the answer b/c i lose out on valuable stats that I could be using to try to beat the lock/priest. Why should every other class in the game have to put on shadow resist gear, while locks and shadow priests can prance around in full arena/bg gear w/o any consequences?

"Didn't you bring a healer along?"
Dont forget, not everyone brings a pocket healer along with them in every pvp situation. This game is about being balanced no matter what class you pick.

Here's my solution (I know it wont happen but oh well):

As a target, for example a lock or priest, gains resilience, that target's DOTs should be scaled DOWN with the amount of resilience he has. This would still allow for the lock or priest w/o so much resilience to have enough DOT power to balance the damage on par with what he is receiving (extra damage done to him from not having the gear) while balancing the locks and priests that do not take much damage (due to having high resilience).

Forum Post of the Day: Are PvP weapons balanced? {WoW}

Jun 18th 2007 5:59PM @ 24

Smartest post I've read.

If you're not playing the game to enjoy the content and you're only fixated on gear to enhance your E-go, then you truly are playing for the wrong reason.

Also, I see alot of comments about how many manhours you have to spend to pvp vs. pve. Remember those 10 games a week everyone keeps bringing up? Well let me tell you first hand that 10 games a week wont bring home the points you guys are talking about. Thats assuming you win all 10 games. I dont know about anyone else but my teams never win 10 games in a row. Even if you win 10 games in a row and quit for the week, your rating will not increase enough to really rake in the benifits of high point payouts at the end of the week.

I personally think its all fair and I'm glad blizzard is finally catering to the casual player as well as the players who can't go a day without playing.