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What should happen to Arthas? {WoW}

Aug 6th 2007 3:26PM Best way to do this is that at 40%, Arthas moves away from the raid and release a shade, which we can call, Shade of Arthas, we will kill the shade and have the loot, meanwhile the real Arthas escapes.

Since we have Kiljaeden the head of the Burning Legion, and Arthas the head of the scourge. Killing a head master, will end of a hole ''faction'' legion army of the scourge, doing that, will power the burning legion even more, since kiljaeden can just build or get new tool to fight for him, since his last tool,Illidan got raped.

Totem Talk: Onnix's Ultimate Casual Hardcore Guide to Shaman Resto Talents {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2007 11:31AM Start posting news like mmo-champion do, instead of this fakking crapy shaman who the fakk cares

More drakes! OK, stop drakes. {WoW}

Jun 20th 2007 6:56PM I wonder what UI the guy is using in above Pictures? Anyone knows pls?