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Win more TCG loot with WoW Insider {WoW}

May 5th 2009 1:21PM Here's hoping.

120 hours of World of Warcraft {WoW}

Jul 24th 2007 10:27PM @4 it depends on the state you're in for that time. If she's doing a lot of high concentration active content (which odds are she isn't since there isn't too much of that in WoW) then not sleeping for 5 days to play WoW is as unhealthy as not sleeping for 5 days. The Korean story in all odds the guy had his body producing adrenaline non stop and was unhealthy in 1st place = heart attack and dead. Do we honestly know what shape she's in or how playing the game affects her body. You also need to consider how it affects you when you can't concentrate being so tired (I'm sure a brain dead run of something when you're awake and alert isn't quite the same as when you haven't slept in days). Yes a person could die staying awake for 5 days straight and engaging in certain activities. If you were able to sit around not think not do anything and manage to stay awake for 5 days yeah you'd be ok, but that's not the case here. In this case neither you nor I know at what point health risks will become an issue for her and if you try to claim that you know then you're a fool who may as well go spam nothing but QQ and L2P on the forums.

In any case I honestly don't think it's possible to keep yourself awake for 5 straight days playing WoW and posting on the forums. It's just not that involved and the lack of concentration will put you to sleep. I think the longest I ever pushed myself was about 50 straight hours of writing code and that was pushing it. I honestly couldn't keep myself awake playing WoW if I wanted to.

Auction House manipulation: how far is too far? {WoW}

Jul 18th 2007 6:30PM mmm I love MMO economics. The truth is it's basic economic theory and the behaviour coming from the everything for 2g sales or the undercut everyone on gems is hardly anything Blizzard needs to deal with.

On the everything for 2g in some cases it may be right to buy and list them at a higher price in some cases it'll be the wrong move. Sure a lvl 70 with extra gold probably won't care 1.5g or 2g (it's still in an area where marginal benefit > marginal cost to them). To a low level though yeah I see why they'd be upset however in wow there's no monopoly on production (aka you can kill the mob that drops an item yourself or get from someone not going through the ah) so it isn't really a problem. The greater truth from the perspective of a low level is that all it's really doing is causing inflation and while relative money drops off mobs aren't increasing so aren't the things they're spending money on (skills, repairs, etc). If anything it's giving them an opportunity to be rolling in cash by listing the item for 1.9g on stuff that should normally sell for say .5g and selling to either Mr. 2g or to the next level 70 who comes along and needs it. From the 2g seller's perspective the behaviour will last on items where it's worth it for the guy to re-sell at 2g (aka equilibrium based on supply and demand is closer to being reached), but when the market really needs it to be sold for less then he's just wasting his money and odds are he's going to figure this out eventually.

For the JC undercutting everyone no one practises predatory pricing period not even Walmart as much as people dislike it (they practise cost cutting in every way shape and form, but not predatory pricing). You don't sell below cost and lose money on the hopes that you'll get rid of all competition and be able to act like a monopoly and capture consumer surplus. It doesn't work in the real world and it sure won't work in a fictional world where there's low barriers to entry into the industry (especially since most of his competition would just stop selling for awhile let him list his stuff higher and undercut him). Just reading the linked thread now all the guy is doing is selling gems for a lower price which is either being stupid or just seeing a new equilibrium develop. There's no way he's losing money on the sales since if he was he'd be out of money eventually and no one would have reason to complain so again it's just a balancing equilibrium between supply and demand. If you can't sell your gems for the price you list it's simply because your price exceeds the equilibrium price. The mechanic is working the way it is right now because everyone has ignored the actual market. In this case seriously someone please go read up on perfect competition and what economic profit is in that situation. Obviously we're not in 'perfect' competition because there are some barriers to entry, but we're pretty close seeing as there are probably a lot of JCs who can do exactly the same work he does in exactly the same manner if they wanted to.

Oh and please don't tell me about, but people do take losses and sell stuff for less than mats (thus predatory pricing). An obvious example in my mind would be engineers selling khorium scopes, but it's not really predatory pricing because there's a utility attributed to skilling the prof up which if it didn't exceed the utility of the monetary loss the item would never get crafted.

Aventures in Azeroth: Lizzy's first instance {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 10:09AM Wait till you get to higher level instances and cc becomes even more important. Pet tanking was nice in lower level stuff but won't work so well later on.

To the level 70 hunters without confidence in running instances I'd suggest running ramps a bit. It's high enough that you have mostly to play it properly even though you're 70 (assigned targets, focused dps, chaining cc) and low enough that you can dps your way out of most problems that arise when things go badly. Groups will be happy to have you too simply because you're 70 so you've just got great dps for the run. Should give you some confidence to move forward with level 70 stuff. The best idea is to get in with a hunter who knows what they're doing and ask for some pointers as you go. Don't just try to watch because as has been stated hunters have to think about a lot of things which translate into only a few actions. In my experience I want other hunters (especially ones in my guild) to play better so that we get a better rep overall.

The comments about NE hunters give me a break. I know there's a ton of LOTR fans who do it just to be cool, but I run as a NE hunter too because I love shadowmeld and use it fairly frequently on a pvp server. I'm definitely not a huntard and usually get some form of compliments from the group midinstance for the work I'm doing and often get invites back.

Free character transfers for Oceanic realms {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 8:45AM I apologize it's a 30% BE population levels 10-70 that link is 70s only.

Free character transfers for Oceanic realms {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 8:42AM Thaurissian alliance here. As far as I know we'd been the suggested oceanic pvp server for the last 5 months at least. As proof I offer the 30% BE population...

As you can see we've got very few alliance (only 689 listed at level 70) and while there's a lot of horde there's still much less than Jubei'thos. So if you're looking to avoid queues switching servers might be a good idea.