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Addon Spotlight: SharedMedia (and other addon updates) {WoW}

Jul 9th 2007 7:10PM Hi,

I just wanted to know the font on the picture above - the one that's used in the player's ui frame ("Otheleo" as well as the health/mana numbers)? does anyone know or what addon this could be?
Thx in advance


Totem Talk: What's wrong with Shamans? {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 5:49PM 2nd part:

with TBC almost every class have their cc - except shamans (but that's because it's supposed to be like that - shamans should be an anticc class, but i'd like to know what anticc we do have - tremor totem is such a joke: in most cases i don't even notice it if it's up - so which other anticc do we have? erm, the only one i can think of is grounding totem, though it's not exactly anticc, but more of an absorb totem which is probably the best totem for pvp we have (besides maybe earthbind), but it's only one absorb and on a 15sec CD - still better than nothing, right?)
another aspect is itemization - shamans have ridiculously little stamina - thats a big issue for melee shamans - mostly cause of the hunter gear (which is supposed to be little on stamina)
The fact that totems are stationary aint a problem (for me) - with this variety of buffs and flexibility u have to have some sort of disadvantage to it - also compared to a paladin u can use 4 (or let's say effective 3) buffs at the same time, whereas only one blessing can be active at a time; BUT they should maybe increase the range to 40yds by default and 50 by talent as well as for the whole raid (though that could be easily too overpowered) - 2mins for totems is ok imho (3mins would be ok too though^^)

I don't see too much trouble any more with mana efficiency as many stated above - that was more of a topic before TBC - still i wish we could maybe get sth out of spirit as well, but that's only wishful thinking
last but not least the "aggro-problem", to be honest this only really affects enhancement shamans, while elemental shamans have the range going for them as well es restoration (plus they have very low aggro in healing in the first place unlike druids), but as melee shaman u really have nothing, it's either u hold back or u get aggro and die - that's just frustrating (as well as the wf-nerf, but that's another story)

yeah shamans were seen overpowered in the past (i say they were the only balanced class at that time) and were gradually and constantly nerfed down to where we are now - no wonder many shaman players rerolled or quit

just my 2 cents...

Totem Talk: What's wrong with Shamans? {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 5:27PM First of all I'm a longtime shaman player. (btw i prefer shamans as plural)

@1 nihilum is right with saying shamans are good at healing - imho shamans are the best crosshealers ingame: chainheal is one of the most underestimated spell in the game - and one of the most powerful (scales insanely well)
so i can only recommend a restoration shaman to any raid: mana tide; u can outlast priests/druids in long fights - not as good as paladins, but u can come close to it; totembuffs, awesome earthshield and quite some survivability (our pala and me were often one of the last ones standing in many bossfights)
as for pvp, restoration is great (despite some aweful bad talents in that tree, e.g. restorative totems)

overall restoration is by far the best tree endgame for a shaman imho (similar to the holy tree of a paladin)

however in pve, melee and ele specced shamans contribute a lot to a raid (would be too long to go into detail here)

all in all, shaman is a very powerful class in pve as well as pvp, though it needs a lot of redesigning - all the issues mentioned by onnix are so damn true (which is also why i froze my acc last week)

to be continued...