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Bring another game's items into WoW {WoW}

Jan 13th 2012 6:23AM TIltowait - Wizardry series. The ultimate spell of all time.

Around Azeroth: To let the punishment fit the crime {WoW}

May 21st 2011 10:16AM You could first off learn how to spell your class before you posted anything.

Arcane Brilliance: Frost mage Cataclysm talent analysis {WoW}

Nov 15th 2010 7:38AM How come you haven't noticed we superior warlocks get to evocate? we get health and shards, u gurls just get mana!!

The OverAchiever: The 25 most entertaining achievements finale {WoW}

Aug 20th 2010 4:43AM As a confirmed casual, I saved and saved my 10K and bought the hilt on the AH and had a brilliant time doing the quests. On my first alt run in IC the hilt dropped, pressed need, won, sold on AH. Randomshmandom I say.

Tuesday Morning Post: Never tear us apart edition {WoW}

Jul 20th 2010 10:24AM It never ceases to amaze me how Oceanic people like me just put up with this downtime. US server people can't play between 1am and 9am, sad but true, they must not sleep. That translates to 6PM to 2am on my time in Australia or an entire night after work, or weekday play night. Please let me start to rant.......EVERY weekly shutdown, no matter what time it starts, generally means Tuesdays are no play nights (casual player, kids, wife, dinner, normal life stuff, then play WOW after they have all gone to bed etc etc etc..) I have a six day WOW week.....end of rant. My time zone +/- 2 hrs includes all of SE Asia. Why can't we all get together and ask Blizz to consider us. An plz, forget the token Pacific shutdowns that used to happen a year or so ago. rant rant rant....

Around Azeroth: It puts the lotion on its skin {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2010 10:26AM I didn't find the title funny at all, nor the pic. It made me sick, just like the movie. Just because we can kill stuff, die, then run back.....please discuss.

Voice-chat and women who play WoW {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 9:03PM I am sure the hot red head was from an old Mac software company ad in the mid nineties :)

Undocumented 2.2 patch notes {WoW}

Sep 26th 2007 8:25AM New music on the boat between Menethil and Theramore

Incoming nether drake fix {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 8:33AM This just is seriously stupid. Its Friday night 10pm - I am NOT A RAIDER - I am a normal casual player - its the time I have been waiting for all week to play and peacefully farm fire motes. I am sitting here after a hard weeks work and there is a server shutdown. No wonder people get upset.