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U.S. demand for gasoline sets all-time record for March, trend expected to continue throughout summer {Autoblog Green}

Apr 19th 2010 11:22AM This will be like a Chinese finger trap on the US economy which will drag out the recovery for a long time.

Report: Ford going with LG Chem for lithium ion cells? {Autoblog Green}

Jan 12th 2010 5:33PM I guess you could say the more people use LG Chem the cheaper they can sell their cells. Economies of scale. That is the only reason I can see Ford going with them. But exclusive? I'm not sure why they would do that except for a big discount.

Tesla Saga continues: When is production car #2 not? {Autoblog Green}

May 13th 2008 8:34AM Holy smokes.. It's ashame that guy had to get funding from a total retard. Looks like the original guy was really trying to do something good for the U.S. and then Mr. Screw~Lose comes in with his hundred dollar bills.

$4+ gasoline hits coastal California {Autoblog Green}

Mar 31st 2008 3:07PM Diesel is $4/gal in Florida while regular gas is $3.27. Not really sure why considering diesel was always cheaper for the longest time. Heck, I remember passing a Hess in the late 90's and seeing diesel for $0.899/gal. Man things change. Went out to eat last night to a normally busy restaurant and there was no one even waiting to get seated. I was like wth??

Daimler figures diesels could make up 20 percent of its U.S. sales {Autoblog Green}

Mar 20th 2008 2:27PM I don't know.. In Central Florida diesel is $3.99/gal while gas is $3.27. I know you get more energy from one gal of diesel then one gal of gas but man that price difference sucks.

VIDEO: Shai Agassi's speech on the future of electric cars {Autoblog Green}

Mar 19th 2008 8:07AM Wow meme, I don't have any respect for people who label others as being "antisemitic" for simply criticizing another government. You are not doing any favor to Israel by spewing "antisemitic" "antisemitic" "antisemitic". Personally I'm a fan of technology and that's why I'm here at Autobloggreen. I don't care where it comes from.

Minnesota Governor wants regular gas ethanol blends increased to 20% {Autoblog Green}

Mar 10th 2008 4:58PM Here's an interesting article. Projected 75 billion gallons a year from stuff that we don't eat. Hopefully it pans out.

Minnesota Governor wants regular gas ethanol blends increased to 20% {Autoblog Green}

Mar 10th 2008 2:32PM There is no doubt that ethanol has it's problems but at least we can control it. To me getting off oil is about gaining control. Who cares if it has some problems. If it can help buffer the US economy from going further into the toilet than go go go.

GM offers more insight into their view of hydrogen {Autoblog Green}

Mar 10th 2008 2:25PM Stories like that make me laugh(the one in the comment). There is a snow flakes chance in hell that the world will stop emitting CO2 today. If you're a shareholder in GM and/or Toyota I understand the complaining about a technology you don't believe will come to fruition.

But what good do stories like this do anyway? Raise awareness more than it is? I'm pretty sure most people are treating GW seriously. To me that study is just saying "Ok, stop making babies there's no point. In fact just go out and buy a 9mm so the Sun + Mother Earth doesn't have to bother killing you". Not very productive.

Oil prices just one of many symptoms driving U.S. into recession {Autoblog Green}

Mar 10th 2008 2:04PM Prices are crazy right now. It's a treat to have orange juice in our house.. ORANGE JUICE.. W.T.H. ? Thank God my wife and I live less than 3 miles from our jobs.