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Official class forums to be replaced with role forums [UPDATED x2] {WoW}

Oct 30th 2008 5:16PM It's probably so they can cut back on the staff required to monitor the forums. 8 less forums to moderate.

The plague is gone, zombies dropping like flies {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 5:43PM Unfortunately, as this blog site becomes more popular you will also get more useless, ignorant and illiterate posts. Especially, when you allow people to vote on comments.. Just moderate them.

All the World's a Stage: So you want to be a blood elf {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 1:55AM @Wasuremono

(I don't think he meant they liteally "forgot" their history like amnesia but that it just wasn't important to them. It's kind of like australians, the japanese, or even many citizens of the u.s. We came from other places but the place we came from isn't really important anymore and some of us don't even know about the places we came from.)


Me read good and know lots bout stuff. Me no lots on world things and tell dem all how it dis! I no I was best in my histree shcool cuz I tell u how croc dundeerz and japz r! Me so smart cuz movys are reel!

Dinner with the multiboxers {WoW}

Oct 18th 2008 12:23PM At least your multiple personalities now have a manifestation within the game and not only your mind.

Breakfast Topic: The long run {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 1:48AM @15 Just use the Westfall flypoint. You'll save about 5 minutes of walking.

2.4 gives tanks some love {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 12:49AM This guy writes the warrior column? ROFL!!

Extended maintenance and you {WoW}

Jan 29th 2008 4:50PM For people on the Oceanic servers we would expect a maintenance time that has less impact on us instead of during our peak times. Oh how we wish the servers were based in Australia....

AFK punishment is still just a band-aid {WoW}

Jan 13th 2008 11:07AM @1 you hit the nail on the head!

Breakfast Topic: Your class role {WoW}

Jan 13th 2008 11:01AM Too many DPS spoiled the broth

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 17th 2007 3:45PM The Horde laptop looks so sexy, I have always loved the horde tribal art. The lion Icon for the Alliance doesn't really suit the laptop case art.