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A Tigole flashback to Legacy of Steel {WoW}

Oct 16th 2007 1:21AM The lack of insight and perspective here is piled deep enough to bury the earth to the depth of a mile.

If you didn't play EQ - you don't get it. Period.

If you think that WOW is World of Raids - you're basically clueless - in EQ, the raid content was even ACCESSIBLE to less than 2% of the game - forget WoW's little league 'everyone plays' rules - these guys changed the paradigm. You giving them a ration over it is pathetic and reprehensible. They put their money where their mouth is - by making the raid content POSSIBLE for anyone who plays and levels up. You don't have to worry about cock-blocking of uberguilds and spawn-domination.

And if you think WoW has timesinks - then you sir, are a whiner. You make Luke Skywalker look like Siddhartha. Ok, WoW has a few multi-hour timesinks. Rep farms that take 30 mins a day for a month - so what? There are big rewards along the way. Everquest back then had quests that required at-the-keyboard timesinks that required SCORES of hours in a row. That's right - to get the equivalent of a CoT exalted dagger - you had to sit in one spot putting down hundreds of basically lootless monsters to get ONE STEP done in a quest.

Clue in - Tigole's presence advanced pretty much every MMO that followed. Who cares if his name was a banal joke made by a 20 yr old guy? How much have you changed in 10 years?

Other Uses For In-Game Titles {WoW}

Aug 25th 2007 5:21PM Virtual mob rule is never ok. Shame on you for suggesting it.

Stratics interviews Awake from Nihilum, too {WoW}

Jun 26th 2007 7:57PM Why do we keep seeing these 'interviews' which are much closer to 'infomercials.' WoWInsider's interview read like a propoganda script (I could see Jeffery Tambor's character from 'Hellboy' delivering Awake's lines). The one at Stratics is bullet points - it is not even an actual interview. The results of these 'interviews' are amateurish nonsense making large of what is essentially cultural backwash.

Refighting the Second War {WoW}

Jun 25th 2007 3:50PM First and foremost - the scenario presented is absurd. It is an unlikely war based on ridiculous premise. More likely wars would be Ironforge/Gnomergan and The monster-horde (orcs, trolls, tauren) against Lordaeron (Undercity) and Silvermoon (over aggressive behavior) or any 2 of Darnassus, Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar vs the 3rd (over territory - Ashenvale Forest or Stonetalon).

But in the absurd scenario - if the 'race war' broke out again, the clearcut winner would be the Alliance.

As soon as war broke out between Stormwind and Orgrimmar, Kul Tiras and possibly Gilneas would join in (Killing Orcs? sure ok we'll help, twist our arms), giving the humans alone a statistical advantage in numbers plus a clear-cut logistical advantage (orcs aren't sailors).

Additionally, while the Blood Elves would side with the Undead/Horde, the surviving High Elves would very quickly glom to the Alliance, knowing that throwing in their lot with the alliance would mean a possibility of a return to their homeland.

Undercity is undefendable. Period. It sits next to a lake and below its surface level. Any commander with two brain cells to rub together would just punch a hole through the lake bed and empty it into Undercity. the end. That leaves Four races (plus the scourge) to deal with Quel'Thalas. Don't think for a moment that the Humans won't extend a hand of friendship to Kel'Thuzad in return for him keeping the Blood Elves busy.

On Kalimdor, forget any pretense of the Night Elves being weak. The bulk of the Horde Army is Orcs. Orcs who are alien to Azeroth. They will be fighting against Night Elves in their ancestral lands. Taking this land would be expensive beyond what the Horde could pay - they are not established enough to supply a long war against a foe in asymmetrical warfare. Moreover, the Tauren have no real reason to fight against the Night Elves - they would simply negotiate a separate peace as soon as they saw the Orcs haemmoraging people. Honor doesn't mean anything if you lose a generation of your people in its name.

With 4 races of Alliance landing in Theramore and surging north and the Orcs/Trolls unable to make meaningful gains on the Night Elves - this would be a short war.

And Steamwheedle joining the Horde? HA! This is wishful thinking. Lets think about this - you live to make money - do you go with long-established customers with a track record of winning or the 1-2 Orcs who are perrenial refugees?